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Hey, what's up dudes, it's Pat and welcome back to another video!

―PopularMMOs' intro

Patrick Thomas "Pat" Julianelle (born: November 25, 1988 (1988-11-25) [age 35]), better known online as PopularMMOs, is an American YouTuber who uploads Minecraft videos and vlogs. He used to play Roblox and Fortnite on his channel. Pat played with GamingWithJen (his ex-wife) in almost all of his videos. He currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with his cat, Cloud, but he is originally from Connecticut. He is one of the 32 YouTubers to be featured in Kris Madas' YouTuber Intro Challenge, and also one of the YouTubers to have their intro in it.

As of December 2022, Pat hasn't uploaded any public videos but based on his latest community post on his YouTube channel after he was released from jail, he is planning to come back this 2023 but he will make videos with his friends and his girlfriend, Liz. On September 23, 2023, Pat published his first video in over a year, titled "I went to jail".[1]


PopularMMOs is best known for his Minecraft series with Jen such as "The Challenge Games”, "Epic Proportions", and "Lucky Block Races". He and Jen also did other challenges, roleplays, mod reviews, and comical commentary. In 2018, he and Jen published a book together, titled "PopularMMOs Presents A Hole New World", featuring illustrations by Dani Jones. This book was the beginning of a 5 book series, the final one being released in November 2022.


  • Captain Cookie, is a bossy captain that orders Pat and Jen to do his work or send them on quests. He first appeared in Season 8 of the Epic Proportions. During Pat and Jen's Lucky Block Race series, he states that in the future, he becomes king of Earth. He has also made a recent appearance in The Crafting Dead. So far, it is unknown if he is a protagonist or antagonist in it.
  • Nomis and Simon are two characters from the custom mod challenge that are dwarfs with red beards.
  • Candy Man used to live in the candy palace until Pat and Jen stole it from him. He now lives high in the mountains in a burning house of lava Pat and Jen made.
  • Elsey an ice princess that continuously appears in the series until she... I dunno.
  • Lost Miner is a probably not lost miner from the custom mod challenge.
  • Fred, the skeleton head Captain Cookie put on a body made of fence posts, and later mysteriously appears in Chad's chest.
  • The Cow Whisperer is a random slime from Epic Proportions Season 8 that can talk to apple cows. He has one line in the entire series and is never seen again.
  • Friendly Zombie is a random zombie from the Crafting Dead that was just standing there, an Pat and Jen killed it for no reason.
  • Sally is an ogre from the crafting dead that nearly died in lava.
  • Crayzee is the leader of the ogre group from the Crafting Dead. He too nearly died from lava.
  • Rex is an ogre that speaks like this: Me no like fire. He died in the lava.
  • Brown is a doctor that works with the other ogres of the defenders of chaos (Sally, Chewy, Crayzee, and Rex). he says Great Scott! A lot, an Pat and Jen thinks he's Dr. Brown from Back to the Future. He died in the lava.
  • The Disguised Man, is a man dressed as a zombie during the Crafting Dead who helps Pat and Jen in the beginning. He now lives inside Notch's house with Pat, Jen, and the other members of the group.
  • Carter is Jen's favorite character in the Crafting Dead and often has little intelligence on the topic of conversation. His favorite weapon is a pickle.
  • Jelly Bean, a self-proclaimed genius who helps out Pat and Jen with the mystery of the killer.
  • Skittles, Jelly Bean's more cautious cousin who currently resides in Honey Boo Boo's house from the Crafting Dead. But now he is dead, having been accidentally killed by Jen.
  • Honey Boo Boo, an Iron Golem who has a love for her Box o Cookies and the Disguised man. She lives in a house with Bomby, the Disguised man, Skittles, and Jelly Bean. Outside The Crafting Dead, she resides at Jen's house.
  • Boulder, the large leader of the base in the Crafting Dead. Now that the base has been evacuated due to an attack from Herobrine and a clone of Bob. He currently guards the entrance to Notch's apple house.
  • The Mayor, mayor of the village that Pat and Jen exploded and now lives at the base of the Crafting Dead. Now the base has been evacuated due to an attack from Herobrine. The rest of the villagers were captured by Herobrine.
  • Lenny, a villager who as a hatred for Jen and claims that she is the killer in the Crafting Dead. Because of this he went insane and joined Herobrine. He recently died from Jen poisoning him to free their friends.
  • Chad, a weird villager who keeps the skulls of his family and washes them In the Crafting Dead.
  • Chewy is Chad's uncle. he died and became an ogre, and finds Chad washing skulls creepy.
  • Valentine, an elf-like archer who believes that Jen is always checking him out in the Crafting Dead. He was originally one of the prime suspects for being the killer.
  • Hoss, the base's Doctor who uses a phone as a diploma as far as we know in the Crafting Dead. He dislikes Carter due to the fact that Carter is likely a real doctor. Recently it was revealed that he was with Herobrine.
  • Evil Jen, a Jen look-alike who as lips four times the size of Jen's. She works for Herobrine. She is the sister of Jen, Bob, and the daughter Bob's Mom in the Crafting Dead. She later joined the good guys.
  • Bob, originally believed to be one of the bad guys in the Crafting Dead. It has since been revealed that he was really a good guy, and the Bob who was committing villainous acts was really a clone created by Herobrine. He is also Jen and Evil Jen's brother.
  • Bob's Mom, is a giant zombie. She appears in a lot of series mainly in the crafting dead or in any lucky block games. She is a giant zombie who is the mother of Jen, Evil Jen, and Bob and might be the wife of Herobrine. She was killed by Pat and Jen in the Nether.
  • THE BEAST is a guy who leads a huge gang and works out a lot. He recently started helping Pat and Jen in their new base after breaking them out of jail.
  • Lisa is a man who recently gained back his memory after Jen almost drowned him from above when she was trying to stop the zombies from taking over their new base.
  • Ally is the chef at the base in the Crafting Dead. Jen eats all her food, but blames her.
  • Dr. Pain was the doctor at the base until recently, when he joined THE BEAST's gang. Pat and Jen pronounce his name "Dr. Paaaaaaaaaiiiiin".
  • Dr. BOOM is the explosives expert in THE BEAST's gang.
  • Prison Weirdo. 'Nuff said.
  • Greedy Prisoner stole a lot of ore from the prison he broke out of. Pat and Jen stole his crowns, and left him and the Prison Weirdo at a temporary base.
  • Herobrine, the main antagonist of the Crafting Dead series. He is also the "father" of Jen, Evil Jen, and Bob, which she denies. He recently stole the core from the apple house that contained the power.
  • Notch is a man who lives inside a giant apple house. He has helped Pat and Jen ever since they rescued him from a prison within his own home. Unfortunately, Pat and Jen recently trapped him up on an island in the sky.
  • Kylie Jenner (Villager), is villager that trades Golden Apples, an Enchantment table and Super Lucky Blocks in exchange for diamonds during his Challenge Games.
  • Chuck Norris (Villager), is a Villager that trades strange items for Emeralds, and sometimes for odd stuff that is cheaper but slightly worse than what they can't afford from Ted (If they have bad luck opening blocks in the challenge games). He also trades items for diamond horse armor, Ender chests, and TNT. His name in the Trolling Games is The Strange Item Collector.
  • Ted (Villager), is a Villager that trades items for weapons, emeralds for armor and diamonds for emeralds. He also appears in the Trolling Games as Ted the Battle Strategist.
  • Troll Trader is a criminal from Orespawn and a new trader they made that has a lot of troll items that Pat and Jen can buy to troll each other.

Pets in Minecraft

  • Kitty: From his Epic Proportions 1.0 based off his real cat that passed away.
  • Sparky: A dog that Pat found and tamed. He has a whole dungeon to himself.
  • Destroyer: From series 5 & 6 A dragon from the OreSpawn mod that was thought to be dead but lived. He appears again in Season 8 and lives in the Castle of Super Madness. The name 'Destroyer' was inspired by Deathwing the Destroyer, a dragon in the MMORPG World of Warcraft, which Pat used to play.
  • Bomby: Probably Pat's most famous 'pet,' a baby creeper from the Mutant Creatures mod. He's in a lot of Pat's series, most notably Epic Proportions and the Crafting Dead. He also appears in most Mod Showcases that feature explosives.
  • Kami: A sheep that was dyed green that lives up in Kami's Lookout otherwise known as the Fansion. (season 6 & 8. In season 7 they had Twilight Forest's big horned ram edition and lived in the battle tower Fansion.)
  • Popo: A sheep that was dyed black that lives up in Kami's Lookout otherwise known as the Fansion. Eventually, Kami and Popo had a child (it is unknown which sheep is which gender). Pat and Jen were trying to decide between the names Kopo or Poko.
  • Banana: Captain Cookie's pet crystal apple cow who turned into a mooshroom and lives in the Fansion. She died by falling off the fansion, but was resurrected via Ender Dragon egg.
  • Jake: Technically Bellie's pet, until Pat killed him.
  • Lucky Chicken: a chicken who sacrificed himself for Jen when Pat was playing with his bubble gun in the Fansion. They have adopted another Lucky Chicken, Clucky, but it is still held against Pat. Also, Jen killed Clucky.
  • "Poko": One day Jen and Pat were at the fansion and they noticed a 3rd sheep came and at the end of the season they named him Poko.
  • "Potty": is a parrot found in Jen's new house.
  • Ticket Lion: the first ticket lion was killed by Pat. they have another now.
  • Other pets in the Pet Palace such as a wooly mammoth, an owl, Rafiki, Timon, Puumba, Simba, The Questing Ram, etc.
  • YouTubers that spawned in the world in Season 9 of Minecraft: Epic Proportions that are kept in the "Youtuber Sanctuary" (Totally not a prison) YouTubers include DanTDM, Stampy, and Captain Sparklez, plus Dr. Trayaurus, Notch, and pets like Bomby and Grim.


  • Vlogs
  • Vlog challenges
  • Bath Challenge
  • Custom Maps (Minecraft)
  • Hide And Seek Challenge (Minecraft)
  • The Crafting Dead (Minecraft)
  • Epic Mob Battles (Minecraft)
  • Lucky Block Hunger Games (Minecraft)
  • YouTuber Challenge Games (Minecraft)
  • Upside Down Survival (Minecraft)
  • Lucky Block Race (Minecraft)
  • The Challenge Games (Minecraft)
  • Epic Proportions Seasons 1-9 (Minecraft)
  • Explosive Challenge Games (Minecraft) (presumed retired)
  • World of Warcraft
  • Explosive Games (Minecraft) (retired)
  • Minecraft: Story Mode
  • The Heist (Minecraft)
  • Five Nights at Freddy's franchise
  • Tallcraft Dropper (Minecraft)
  • Mod Battles (Minecraft) (retired)
  • Mod Showcase (Minecraft)
  • Minecraft Mini Games (Minecraft)
  • Minecraft Mods Vs Maps (Minecraft) (retired)
  • Trolling Games (Minecraft) (retired)
  • Epic Jump Maps (Super Mario Bros, Catch Mr. Troll, Christmas Trolling, Halloween Candy)
  • Henry Stickmin series
  • Would you Rather (Minecraft)
  • Crack the ? Series (Minecraft)
  • Find the Button Maps (Minecraft)
  • 10 Ways to Die (Minecraft)
  • 100 Ways to Die (Minecraft)
  • Minecraft Story Mode
  • Minecraft Theme Parks (Notch Land, Skytastic, Woosh Games, PopularMMOs Theme Park, P&J Theme Park)
  • Titanic Roleplay (Minecraft)
  • Burning Maps (Minecraft)
  • Runescape
  • Antlantica
  • Tera
  • Pixel Art
  • Rift
  • Roblox
  • Minecraft Fortnite (Minecraft)
  • Custom Commands (Minecraft)
  • Do not ? in Minecraft Series
  • Training School (Minecraft)
  • Minecraft Simulators
  • Lucky Block Bedwars (Minecraft)
  • Lucky Block Reviews (Minecraft)
  • Fortnite
  • Lucky Block House Invaders (Minecraft)
  • Noob vs Pro (Minecraft)
  • Bedwars (Minecraft)
  • Build Battle (Minecraft)
  • Spot the Troll


  • "I can hear you crafting right now."
  • "There's some sacks over here if you want any. Some ball sacks." (Jen)
  • "You will live today" (then types it wrong in the chat)
  • "As you know dudes, its all for fun." (reaction when losing to Jen)
  • *types in chat* #loveeeeeeeeee <3
  • "The sink could be shipping!!"
  • "Hey what's going on guys, it's Pat, and welcome back to another Minecraft video! And today, ..." (Intro)
  • "Sup dudes!"
  • "oh no!"
  • "...over 9000..."
  • "Jen, they say you ballin' at this. They also say you fallin' at this."
  • "Today is a very important today."
  • "Jen had a victory..... (a long time) ago."
  • "Jen has to spawn the mobs in."
  • "Three lives?"
  • "For a beacon, which cannot come from a well, ..."
  • "I'm luckying up my blocks."
  • "No wet beacons!"
  • "I believe I can fly…"
  • "I can't hit its testicles." (Jen)
  • (When Pat fell in a hole) "I pulled a Jen."
  • "It is too late to turn back now. I am foxy now."
  • "Oh my god..."
  • "Oh my gosh! Captain Cookie is fighting my girlfriend!"
  • "We all know that Jen watches Dora."
  • "(Gets a beacon from a lucky block) A BEACON!!"
  • (Jen gets a beacon) "You drooled on it."
  • "Jen, I found your mom!"
  • "Jen, guess what mob we're fighting for today."
  • "My Tiger JOOOOONES is ready to come out and play."
  • "To the swamp!"
  • "I'll give you a hint. (Gives not so helpful hint)"
  • "Oh my god, you got it wrong!"
  • "Look, it's Doctor Trayaurus!"
  • (When Jen Wins) "As you guys know, it is all for fun."
  • (Gets put into water trap but glitches out) "Daver Copperfield-ed it!"
  • Pat: *gets lava hole* "OH MY GOD JEN BEST CHEST EVER! TELEPORT TO ME!" Jen: "I can see you..." *peeks down hole* Pat: "Oh."
  • "Opness." (Jen)
  • "You killed yourself!"
  • "You want to hear a cheesy joke?" "I've go cheese.."
  • "I'm sorry mom!"
  • "Did you just fart?"
  • (Bedwars) "And make sure to use the enchantment table. (In Weird Voice) Please use me!"
  • "I'm going shoopin'!"
  • "Tp to me."
  • "Ring the bell because it gets kind of lonely."
  • (A wishing well appears) "Jump right in!"
  • "I can tell you're lying. You're nose is growing. You're like pistachio."
  • "I'm drawing the boss for today."
  • "#Screwed!"
  • "Jen sneezed me out of the world!" (After a loud sneeze from Jen)
  • (Falls into lava trap) "Oh my god, TP to me! There is/are (various lies) DOWN here!"
  • Jen blows up everything in a Mod Showcase*Pat: "Really Jen?" Jen: "I was just testing it!"
  • (Gets good stuff) "-Lie- Oh no! I'm doing so bad!"
  • "-Cough- Subscribe for (random reason)."
  • "Subscribe/stick around for PROSKILLZ!"
  • "#ProSkills. Subscribe for skills."
  • "Subscroob today!!"
  • "Do you want me do shoot it or do you want me to do it? I mean- wait haha!"
  • "I'm peacefulling it."
  • Chicken dies* "May it live on through it's breasts..."
  • "Jen, I have a gift for you."
  • "Armageddon?! OH NO!!"
  • Gets Ender Dragon from a lucky block*"NO! PEACEFUL IT!"
  • "Let me get my fishing rod. We gotta go fishing for roasted breasts."
  • "You blew up the beds!"
  • "Honey Boo Boo! Dinner's ready!"
  • "Killer bunny? (Gets one-shot by said bunny) OH!!"
  • "We're at Jen's house."
  • "I see how it is, Jen. I see how it is."
  • "It is not luck, guys. It is destiny. (Opens a lucky block and gets a giant)"
  • "I don't wanna go down in history. That's the last thing I want. I don't want to be remembered."
  • "Jen's the killer in The Crafting Dead."
  • "-Cough- You're the killer -Cough-."
  • "So beefy."
  • "Keep it on the d-low."
  • "That was a joke!"
  • "These mobs are farming me!"
  • "How do you like them apples?"
  • "Cloud the Savage!"
  • "The stupid pufferfish put mining fatigue on me!"
  • "Lucky sword for the ow!"
  • (action) (something) into the subscribe button today! (If alive) But don't hurt it!! Don't *hurt the/your (various thing)
  • PopularMMOs says "Button" in a weird way to imitate Jen. (Find the Button Series)
  • (When jumpscared) "AAAHHHH."
  • "I'm panicking so bad!"
  • Jen: "I saw it, it said troll furnace!" Pat: "No it said yellow furnace!"
  • Jen: "Toodles?" Pat: "I typed it on accident!"
  • "You just Kim Kardashianed me of the edge!"
  • "Ice Cream Pen... Pengoins..."
  • "So Just Say Helkfro!!"
  • "Whu..., wut are you doing?!"
  • "You thought that this holiday was all about you?"
  • (Weird voice) "Botton?"
  • "We cannot use lucky potions or enchanted golden apples because they are too overpenis."
  • "Skill in gaming is like skill in cooking. You can always order from a restaurant."
  • "The sink is shipping."
  • "Jen: wait, you have friends?" (Them laughing for about 5 seconds) "Pat: I HAVE SEVEN MILLION FRIENDS ALRIGHT!"
  • "Is that, a hot tub time machine?"
  • "The pressure is on."
  • "Call 911."
  • "You want to hear a corny joke?" "I've go corn."
  • "That's a chunk of real man right there."
  • "Skill in gaming is like skill in cooking. You can always just go to a restaurant."
  • "That's cruel and unusual"
  • "For the lols?"


Video Title

On May 2, 2020, Pat uploaded a video called Minecraft: BEDWARS WITH ELENI & EX WIFE JEN VS ME!. The video caused major controversy due to the title and it being the first collaboration with his ex-wife Jen, and his at the time girlfriend, Eleni. Pat made a video talking about this and said that he did not expect this to happen, which he questioned in a later video. Pat made two more videos before bringing Jen in for the fourth video to tell everyone that they shouldn't attack Eleni.

Manipulative Ex-Girlfriend

On September 21, 2020, Pat uploaded a video called Eleni Is A Liar, in which he talked about how Eleni had been posting lies about him on Instagram. In the video, Pat goes into detail about how Eleni had been telling people that Pat had lied about her and was making her life worse. Pat also talked about how she and him were in a relationship, although Eleni denied it. The reason they broke up was because Eleni was mistreating Pat in the relationship and Pat couldn't take it any longer.

On September 27, 2020, Pat uploaded another video called Eleni Tried To Control & Manipulate Me..., where he talked about how Eleni had manipulated him into thinking that he should cut off all other girls from his life. He said that Eleni was very jealous of Pat being friends with other girls, and he got evidence from other girls to confirm this. He also showed a text conversation in which Eleni said that Pat was cheating on her. At this point, he had debunked everything she said.

On October 1, 2020, Pat uploaded a video called Is Eleni A GOLD DIGGER?, where Pat talked about how Eleni was a possible gold digger. He showed a long text message where Eleni was accusing Pat of being a slave owner because he forgot to pay her once.

On October 11, 2020, Pat uploaded a video called Goodbye Eleni...The END. In the video he answered questions from fans about Eleni, and was going to be the last video about her.

All of these videos have since been privatized, later un-privatized, and privatized again.

Vulgar warning
Trigger Warning!
This section/page has content/or references to content that people may find unsettling/triggering or disturbing, read at your own risk.
This page/section has references to: Mentions of Abuse

Abuse Allegations

On May 18, 2021, Jen liked a tweet that mentioned Pat likes to abuse women. After that, some pictures surfaced that Pat supposedly being warranted an arrest. Jen later responded by saying the tweet like was on accident and that Pat, in their 10 years together, had never laid a hand on her. Eleni also made multiple tweets against him.[2] It later came out on a article that both Pat and his girlfriend "Liz" were arrested for giving "opposing stories."

As searchable by Duval County records, it is shown that Pat and Liz were both indeed detained, with Liz being released on ROR and Pat receiving bail. Pat and Liz both had charges dropped against them not very long after the initial arrest.

On June 20, 2022, Pat was arrested for a second time for assault with a deadly weapon. According to a commentary channel named Jadyn, he and his girlfriend were drinking, but then Pat ended up sleeping outside. After his girlfriend got scared and locked the doors, he took out a knife, banged on the doors, and slashed one of their tires. Then his girlfriend opened the door and ran away from Pat. She got chased by Pat and ended up finding a security guard to protect her. That's when Pat was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Third Arrest

On November 8, 2022, Pat with two other men were arrested and charged after one of them ran onto the field during a football game.[3] Pat announced later on in his community tab that he and his friends were released after a day in jail, but one of his friends has an ongoing case. He also claimed in a news video that he was wrongly arrested after his charges were dropped. He later was booked on two charges of criminal conspiracy (a 3rd degree felony), and breach of peace by three or more persons. While charge of conspiracy was dismissed, the latter charge was upheld, and Patrick plead no contest. He was sentenced to two days in Duval County Jail and two days of unsupervised probation.

Vulgar warning
Trigger Warning!
This section/page has content/or references to content that people may find unsettling/triggering or disturbing, read at your own risk.
This page/section has references to: Mentions of abuse/self-harm

Addressing everything

In May 2023, in a now-deleted YouTube community post, Pat shared his perspective with regards to his arrests and Liz's behavior.[4] Pat asked his audience to not be hard on Liz because of her BPD, PTSD, and depression. On the first arrest after "having a night out at the bars", Pat mentioned that he had tried to hold Liz after she got upset and started to break things. The two were then arrested and sustained injuries on their bodies.

On an added edit later made, Pat explains Liz was then arrested separately a second time for "hurting" him and a third time for driving while intoxicated. The second time Pat was arrested he states he slashed their tires to prevent Liz from driving while intoxicated but was given a felony charge for "assaulting her with a deadly weapon". Pat then confessed the stress of the situation "changed" him and he started drinking heavily, even being hospitalized for 2 days and losing 15 lbs. Pat ends the post professing his love for Liz and asking for emotional support.

In follow-up comments, Pat would post the concerning comment "I'm just suffering so much." Pat later explained that someone called the police where he used to live. Pat then apologized if his posts sounded like a threat of self-harm and he intended it to just "get some feelings out."

On September 23, Pat and his best friend Mike told their "interesting" experiences in the jail on a video.[5]


On October 21, 2020 Pat uploaded a video called So...I Have COVID!. Pat said that he had been a little sick for the past week and decided to get tested for Covid-19. To his shock, it came back positive. Pat told his fans not to worry about him, since he was young and his symptoms were not serious but rather, they should worry about other people.

On October 29, Pat uploaded a video called Update On My Covid Sickness.... In the video, he stated that he no longer had Covid-19 and also answered a few questions about how he was doing. He also talked about Jen's boyfriend, Andy and expressed interest in making a video with him.

Subscriber Milestones

  • 1 million subscribers: June 10, 2014.
  • 2 million subscribers: October 1, 2014.
  • 3 million subscribers: January 15, 2015.
  • 4 million subscribers: April 8, 2015.
  • 5 million subscribers: July 15, 2015.
  • 6 million subscribers: October 26, 2015.
  • 7 million subscribers: February 22, 2016.
  • 8 million subscribers: June 10, 2016.
  • 9 million subscribers: September 19, 2016.
  • 10 million subscribers: December 28, 2016.
  • 11 million subscribers: March 11, 2017.
  • 12 million subscribers: July 11, 2017.
  • 13 million subscribers: December 11, 2017.
  • 14 million subscribers: March 17, 2018.
  • 15 million subscribers: July 20, 2018.
  • 16 million subscribers: January 1, 2019.
  • 17 million subscribers: May 16, 2020.

Video View Milestones

  • 1 billion video views: October 22, 2014.
  • 2 billion video views: March 15, 2015.
  • 3 billion video views: July 7, 2015.
  • 4 billion video views: November 6, 2015.
  • 5 billion video views: March 6, 2016.
  • 6 billion video views: July 8, 2016.
  • 7 billion video views: November 25, 2016.
  • 8 billion video views: March 20, 2017.
  • 9 billion video views: July 19, 2017.
  • 10 billion video views: December 7, 2017.
  • 11 billion video views: April 24, 2018.
  • 12 billion video views: October 4, 2018.
  • 13 billion video views: June 15, 2019.
  • 14 billion video views: May 22, 2020.


  • Pat's Minecraft username is FuriousDestroyer.
  • Pat got married to Jen in May 2015, after a year of Jen being his fiancé. In March of 2019, they got a divorce claiming "they both deserve to be happy". In late May, they announced this and said that they would continue to record together and find other people in their lives.
    • On May 25, 2019, Pat released a YouTube video stating he and Jen decided to separate for multiple reasons, including that Jen would like to have children while Pat does not. He stated that him and Jen will continue to make videos together, but will no longer live together, and will start to see other people. They had been making this decision for at least one year, until months ago they officially decided to end their relationship, and were prepared to announce it to their viewers when they were no longer upset about the decision.
    • In 2020, he was dating a new girl, by the name of Eleni. She has been seen in a live-streams and more. In one of the live-streams, part of the desc said "HALF DONATIONS GO TO ELENI FOR SCHOOL!" And then the StreamLabs link. On April 1st, he released a video titled "I Asked Her To Marry Me!" In the video she said no, but it's most likely an April Fools prank.
  • Pat and Eleni were formerly part of SeaPeeKay's X Life SMP. However, they left after 5 episodes due to the controversy above.
  • Pat and Jen first met each other during high school when doing community service for a local animal shelter.
  • He and Jen adopted a cat named Cloud after they returned their previous cat Alice to their local pet shelter.
  • Pat earned an undergraduate degree in psychology.
  • Pat's earliest videos featured the game Runescape. He also played Atlantica, Tera, Rift, World of Warcraft, and more.
  • Pat was born in Connecticut and is a Sagittarius.
  • Pat and Jen's favorite YouTuber is NerdAlert.
  • He has a second channel under the username PatVsTheWorld where he competed against the viewers in challenges.
    • Pat also has a third channel called dungeonnoobadventure with his old vids that he was too embarrassed to post on his normal channel.
      • However, on both these channels, he has only 3 videos and has not posted on either in 7 years.
    • He and Jen created a channel called Pat and Jen's Life but after they two separated, they thought that it was a bad idea to continue it and Pat renamed the channel to Pat's Life. He decided not to abandon the channel and took it as an opportunity to show his lifestyle to his fans.
  • Pat's Minecraft skin is based on the Lich King from World of Warcraft.
  • He is a shy person.
  • His intro song is Pink Koeks by Spag Heddy
  • He is allergic to eggs, and he even stated that the smell of eggs makes him grossed out.
  • In a video reacting to funny test answers, Pat had read a racial slur not knowing how it's currently used. He apologized on Twitter and stated that "when he was younger, the word meant 'friend'." However, the clip of Pat using the word did not gain attention that other YouTubers would receive, and many of his viewers dismissed it.
  • Pat started a new YouTube channel with Crainer, as Pat stated in one of his videos. The channel is called Pat & Friends.
    • The channel was later used for working with Eleni, and renamed Pat & Eleni
      • Since Pat is no longer with Eleni, the channel has gone inactive, and been renamed Pat & Friends.
  • Pat is 6'1" (185 cm).
  • Pat's favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.[6]
  • A running gag has been going on in Pat's comment section, based on the time when Eleni said "He's not my boyfriend, we're just dating" (Example: I didn't eat it, I just consumed it). Even Pat is taking part in it, both in his comments and his videos.
  • Before Cloud, Pat has had two cats. The first one shown on YouTube, Kitty, died after a long life. The second cat, Alice (named for Alice in Wonderland, according to Jen), had to be brought back to the shelter because she wasn't adapting well to domestic life after being rescued from the wild.
  • Pat wanted to make a podcast of the experience of what happened in jail and talking to Mike for 5 hours to decide.
  • Pat tells that the news article didn't have Mike's mugshot, so they uses a random inmate mugshot and named it Michael Richmond.



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