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Princess Royale plays video games
Princess Royale is from the United States
Princess Royale is female
Princess Royale created their account in 2020
Princess Royale is a Content Creator on YouTube

Hey royals, welcome back to my channel.

―Princess Royale's intro

Sophia (born: October 18, 2006 (2006-10-18) [age 15]), better known online as Princess Royale, is an American YouTuber. She is known for videos that consist of her playing the Roblox game Royale High, mentioning news involving the game such as trading info, new scams, possible game updates, tips and tricks, and challenges.

Happily Ever After series

Happily Ever After is a short Royale High roleplay series, made by Princess Royale, with its debut being September 25, 2020, and the latest episode was made on October 9, 2020. The series is about princesses fighting over becoming the queen to the future king, Prince Connor. The princesses' names are: Allie, Claire, Briana, Sylvie, and Alexa. A character named Macey is also included, however it is revealed early in the series that she is not a princess, but she was mistaken for Rapunzel's daughter because she was wearing purple.


SuperGamerGirl feud

On December 25, 2020, Sophia commented on a "SuperGamerGirl" video. The comment read, "I honestly think Super Gamer Girl made up the Dip Dips[1]😂." Despite most likely being a joke, SuperGamerGirl took this comment too seriously, leading to drama between the two. However, this conflict was resolved privately in Twitter DMs, and Princess deleted the accusation.

Doxxed by Sof loves gaming

On January 8th, YouTube user "Sof loves gaming" doxxed Princess Royale with intentions of posting a video that leaks her private info, such as full name, address, and school name. Sof also claimed to be Princess Royale's friend, however this is false. The video was taken down by YouTube's moderation system, however the controversial YouTuber continues to get hate for doxxing and leaking personal info.


  • She has a sister.
  • She refers to her fans as royals, and refers to her fanbase as the Kingdom.
  • She is good at hula-hooping, as said in her Q&A livestream.
  • In her Royale High IRL video, she went as far as to ask to offer for someone's "Leah Ashe Bear Ears" and said "Smol bean" whenever she saw a small child in public.
  • She is a digital artist and Roblox clothing designer, and posts art on her alternate Twitter account, simplysophia18.



  1. The Dip Dip Girls, or simply the Dip Dips, are a Roblox hacker group who planned to "attack" popular games such as Royale High or Adopt Me in late 2020.