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Professor Anime is a male YouTuber who makes vlog-style reviews of weekly anime episodes and manga chapters, full manga and anime series, and books. He even does let's plays from time to time.

Featured Channels

  1. Chibi Reviews
  2. Sawyer7mage
  3. BladeNinja
  4. Nire Review
  5. Memory Reacts
  6. Mairuzu


Anime Videos

Anime Reviews

Anime Episode Reviews
  1. The Heroic Legend of Arslan
  2. Seraph of the End
  3. Dragon Ball Super
  4. Baccano!
  5. Prince of Stride: Alternative
  6. Myriad Colors: Phantom World
  7. Norn9: Norn + Nornet
  8. Dimension W
  9. Durarara
  10. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
  11. Erased
  12. Haikyuu
  13. Ajin
  14. Joker Game
  15. Samurai Champloo
  16. Ace Attorney
  17. Boku no Hero Academia
  18. Orange
  19. Shokugeki no Soma
  20. Bungou Stray Dogs
  21. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  22. RWBY
  23. Tales of Zestiria the X
  24. Samurai Jack Season 5
  25. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
  26. Attack on Titan Season 2
  27. Berserk 2016-2017
Full Series Anime Reviews
  1. I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying
Anime Movie Reviews
  1. Kara no Kyoukai Movie 1: An Overlooking View

Manga Reviews

Manga Chapter Reviews
  1. Vagabond
  2. Dragonball Revival of F
  3. Naruto Gaiden
  4. Boku no Hero Academia
  5. Happiness
  6. Dragonball Super
  7. Platinum End
  8. Berserk
  9. Tokyo Ghoul
  10. Kingdom
Full Series Manga Reviews
  1. A Silent Voice
  2. I Am Here!

Gaming Videos

Let's Plays

  1. Final Fantasy 7 (1997)
  2. Life is Strange

Book Videos

Book Reviews

  1. The Metamorphosis
  2. Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Light Novel Videos

Light Novel Reviews

  1. Durarara

The Daily Life of Every Anime YouTuber

The Daily Life of Every Anime YouTuber is a show where Professor Anime parodies various different anime YouTubers.

Anime YouTubers Parodied

  1. Memory
  2. Habit
  3. King of Lightning
  4. Theinsanegamefreak
  5. Chibi Reviews
  6. Son Wukong
  7. Uzumaki Khan
  8. Double4anime
  9. AnimeCentrul
  10. The DRA
  11. Professor Anime
  12. Sloan the Female Otaku
  13. Forneverworld
  14. Danny Anime
  15. Attack on Aric
  16. BlackCriticGuy
  17. AnimeR3con
  18. Otaku Fan Girl
  19. Blake (AIP)
  20. Chris Stuckman
  21. King Recon
  22. ScottReport
  23. ProZypher
  24. BladeNinja009


Professor Anime Patreon Introduction

Hello, the name is Myles, otherwise known as the one and only Professor Anime. I am an anime content creator who mainly focuses on Anime, Manga, & Live Reaction content. Mainly I focus on seasonal and ongoing shows/manga ans they come out in Japan and by the time they are aired or translated I immediately start recording my videos. I've decided to join Patreon as both a way to improve myself & my content creation on YouTube as well as giving my fans & supporters to improve myself & my content creation on YouTube as well as giving my fans & supporters the content they want to see on my channel. I love this community and sharing my passion has made me a happier person and I love making videos for the world to see. I hope to provide my viewers with the best experience possible and hope I can make someone's day just a bit brighter. Thank you all for the support!

Reward Goals

  1. $1 or more per month
    1. A Loyal Viewer
      1. Thank you so much! Even a dollar goes a long way to help me continue doing what I love and it truly does mean a lot. Seriously.
      2. If you pledge $1 you will get access to the patreon-only feed in which you will be able to see what content I will be posting in the future.
  2. $5 or more per month
    1. The Apprentice
      1. Access to everything in the previous reward tiers plus:
        1. Every month I will host a giveaway in which you will be eligible to participate in and if you're lucky, I will buy one manga/light novel of your choosing to whoever wins! (limit is $15 & must have 5 patrons for giveaway)
        2. You can recommend me any series if your choosing (besides Hentai please.....), and I will make a video giving my first impressions on what I thought about the first episode! Depending on the reception I will possibly do more but you will be guaranteed at least 1 video from me.
  3. $10 or more per month
    1. A Student Amongst Many
      1. Access to everything in the previous reward tiers plus:
        1. By the time I'll be able to make a P.O. Box for others to send me fanmail, you will get a shoutout in the beginning of the weekly vlog! If something should occur and you don't get your shout-out, feel free to contact me!
  4. $15 or more per month
  • Your Name* The Wise
      1. Access to everything in the previous reward tiers plus:
        1. Every month I will host a Q&A live stream in which I can help you, as well as others start or improve your YouTube channel. This will be hosted by yours truly and a possible random guest I will pick so that you can also get their experience as a YouTuber and ask them questions on a topic of your choosing.

Stretch Goals

  1. $100 or more per month (NOT REACHED)
    1. This will allow me to open up a P.O. Box and continue to rent it in order for me to read your fanmail!


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