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ProsafiaGaming, or just Prosafia, is a German gaming YouTuber who makes videos about him fighting all the bosses in particular video games without commentary. His first channel was Playtendo and was created a few months prior to his main channel, but hasn't been updated with any new content in over a year.


Prosafia's content consists of various compilations of bosses, characters, levels, power-ups, minigames and more primarily on Nintendo games.


Prosafia created his main channel on October 24, 2010 and began to upload frequent Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and Kingdom Hearts videos until May 17, 2012, where he took a long break before coming back on March 28, 2015. Afterwards, he began uploading several more non-commentary videos and established himself a fanbase among many Nintendo fans. He received his 2nd play button (1 million subscribers) in 2018. He had a channel before called Playtendo[1], it was created on April 24, 2010. Playtendo has been inactive since 2020.


Thumbnail Spoilers[]

ProsafiaGaming has received criticism for displaying major spoilers of a video game (especially a recently released video game) in the thumbnail of his videos, such as the final boss and/or ending. This has led to many people disliking his content, due to how blatantly he puts the spoilers of the video games he plays in the thumbnail of his videos, and ruining the surprise to those who haven't played said video game. He has also received criticism for having clickbait in several of his videos, such as with a video he did of Cuphead on Nintendo Switch, the thumbnail shows Cuphead and Mugman dressed up as Mario and Luigi, but there is no such costumes available for them to wear in-game.

When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was leaked, data-mined and pirated 2 weeks prior to the game's December 7, 2018 release, many people were worried that he would start to upload videos of the game before the game's release, and that he would spoil the game in the thumbnails as usual. The hysteria of the situation led to many people to actively petition to take down his channel, but some people took it too far and began sending death threats towards him.

In response to the situation, ProsafiaGaming uploaded an apology letter on his Twitter, acknowledging the situation, and saying that if people want to avoid getting spoiled, they should either block his channel or use a video block extension on their internet browser.[2]

Prosafia had also received controversy from his reactions on Kazuya in Smash on Twitter. As a result, Prosafia had to write another apology letter.[3]

Attempted shooting []

On March 27, 2020, ProsafiaGaming posted on his Twitter that somebody had shot a bullet through his window at his home, which narrowly missed his head. It is possible it might be related to the death threats, as he deduced.[4]

After the death threats from 2018, I really hope that this isn't related to my channel. Today somebody shot a bullet through my window and it narrowly missed my head. My wife and kids are scared and terrified. Also can't record now since the whole room is scattered with glass

―Prosafia's Twitter Post


ProsafiaGaming's window during the shooting


A big chunk of these series are compilation videos.


This series shows people how to find an easteregg, how to do a trick, how to unlock characters, etc.

Secrets/Easter Eggs[]

Prosafia showcases super secret things in games.


This series shows a full or part-by-part gameplay of a certain game.


This series shows game intros, boss intros, character intros, and more.

All Bosses[]

Prosafia's most well-known series to date. This series will show people how to defeat the bosses in a game, without dealing damage. He receives several major controversy due to spoiling the final boss in most of the thumbnails.


Prosafia reuploads every single Nintendo promotion video.

Final Bosses and Endings[]

Prosafia shows the final boss and the game's main or alternative ending. This series was originally started by Master0fHyrule all the way back in 2007.


Prosafia's 2nd most well-known series to date. This series will showcase some mods people have created for games. He receives several controversy due to these features not actually existing in the game.


This series shows the various cutscenes/talking scenes in a game.

All Minigames (Party games only)[]

This series shows the many minigames found in Mario Party, WarioWare, and more party minigames.

All Levels/Worlds[]

This series shows every single level and world in a game, as well as all locations of a specific item.

All Costumes/Clothes/Alternate Costumes[]

This series shows every single costume/alternate skin the main character/player can choose from.

All Tracks (Racing games only)[]

This series shows the many race tracks found in Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing, and other racing games.

All Characters[]

This series shows every playable character the player can choose from in the game, plus how they work.

All Items[]

This series shows every weapon, potion, power-up, and other item the player can use during gameplay.


Prosafia shows off his big collections of game items in this series.

Full OST[]

Prosafia shows every single song that can be heard in gameplay in this series.


This series shows how video games, intros, characters, items, and more evolve over time. Prosafia's 3rd most well-known series to date.

All Animations[]

This series will show every single playable character's animations in gameplay, such as death animations, idle animations, attack animations, etc.

Luigi Wins By Doing Absolutely Nothing[]

Originated by Nintendo Unity in 2015, Prosafia will show many minigames where Luigi will win without moving at all.

Ways To Die (One-off series)[]

Prosafia shows off the funniest ways to die in games. This video is the only video in this "series."

Game Over Screens[]

This series will show every character's unique game over screen.


In addition to mods, Prosafia also showcases some of the most interesting hacks in games.

Who Can (One-off series)[]

Prosafia figures out which character can jump over a pit, survive an attack, etc. This video is the only video in this series, as well as the only video to show Prosafia's outro.


Prosafia compares character's appearances, gameplay, and more.

Subscriber Milestones[]

Note: The following dates are according to Social Blade. Dates may vary by one or two days due to differences in time zones.

  • 3 million subscribers: October 19, 2020
  • 4 million subscribers: 2021 - 2022


  • ProsafiaGaming's profile picture features Sora.
    • When Sora was released in Smash, he seemingly claims that he is in Smash on his Twitter.
      • However, someone replied that they can now beat Prosafia up for spoiling games.