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Charles "Chuck" Martin[1] (born October 22, 1968 (1968-10-22) [age 55]), better known online as QUANTRELL BISHOP (also known as ELPRESADOR), is an American YouTuber who had over 210,000 subscribers on his former main channel and currently has over 50,000 subscribers on his current channel, QUANTRELL BISHOP.


His content primarily consists of sports videos about Cleveland professional sports teams, such as the NFL football team Cleveland Browns, as ELPRESADOR is an Ohio native, currently residing in Youngstown, Ohio. ELPRESADOR (sometimes stylized as Elpresador) is known for his rants in some of his sporting videos, expressing his frustrations for the Browns' constant ineptitude during football games and seems to have a deep hatred for the various head coaches of the Browns, such as Mike Pettine, Hue Jackson, and Freddie Kitchens and owner Jimmy Haslam for not making the Cleveland Browns into a winning football team, as the team has struggled to find success since resuming operations in 1999.

He also used to play video games (mainly 1st-person shooters, like Call of Duty and Battlefield), but has since lost interest.


Elpresador began Youtube in 2008, He was bashing the Xbox 360 and praising the PS3. At the time, a lot of gamers were 360 fanboys that liked to bash Sony. So all these people got mad at him. So he made fun of them and the 360 games in many hilarious videos. He made the group "Trey Brotherhood".

At the time, there was a fun community of gaming Youtubers that interacted with Elpresador. Censorship was almost non-existent so people made funny videos insulting each other. There was several wannabe Elpresadors youtubers. Elpresador also made videos of things such as tackling trees which became a hit and a routine.

Elpresador then become more popular and his number of subscribers took off. He ditched all the other Youtubers from the community group and stopped answering to them. He was making money from this from the views.

He then suddenly switched sides and now liked Xbox and insulted Sony. F1stDaCuFFs started recommending him to do commentaries, Elpresador then became a Call of Duty YouTuber. This was at the beginning of his peak of popularity.

A lot of his fans were pissed off that he ditched the Trey Brotherhood he himself founded, and started insulting him in the comments.

He used his lack of skills at COD to make a lot of "Elpresador rages" videos which people found entertaining.

In November 2010, he provided guest commentary on fellow YouTuber TheSandyRavage's own Modern Warfare 2 match. The clip has become arguably the most recognized, if not the most popular, work associated with both, as it has surpassed 1.9 million page views and still climbing. This commentary was full of El Presador gems like: "Sandy Ravage is visibly upset." and "He seems some dude gettin' a cup of coffee, and makes it his last one."

Personal Life[]

His family status is currently unknown, although he pretended to have at least two sons, which was just himself, using special camera effects back in 2012. He also owns multiple cats.




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Although they have never met, ELPRESADOR had a small online Twitter feud with Boogie2988 in 2014, calling him a "fat tub of cholesterol-hardening arteried slob." [2]


In early 2018, he started a flame war with DSPGaming, which got a couple of his videos taken down for harassment.


On July 30, 2018, his main account was terminated for "Violating YouTube's Community Guidelines."

New Channel[]

Following the termination of his main channel however, ELPRESADOR has since resumed his YouTube activity on another channel, QUANTRELL BISHOP. The channel initially served as a secondary channel of ELPRESADOR, but has now become his new main channel following the termination of his former main channel.