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Matt Li (born: December 14, 1995 (1995-12-14) [age 24]), better known online as RCAnime, is an American-Filipino Anime YouTuber who makes video essays on anime. In a podcast with Pause and Select, he has noted his inspirations for making videos come from Julian Smith, Otaku-Vs, and Every Frame a Painting. He is also in a podcast with The Canipa Effect, GLENLOVESANIME, and AnimeRuss called AniFix. He has openly said that he is very "picky" about his video topics and it's because of that that his upload rate is slower than his peers. He graduated with an English degree in New York City and now lives in Tokyo, with his wife.

Has Worked With

  1. Kevin Nyaa
  2. AnimeRuss
  4. Otaku-Vs
  5. The Canipa Effect
  6. BaronJ
  7. Gigguk



Anime Galaxy




  1. Anifix Podcast Episode 17: The Miyazaki Scandal
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  7. Anifix Podcast Episode 23: Spring Anime 2016 Discussion (Part 1)
  8. Anifix Podcast Episode 24: Spring Anime 2016 Discussion (Part 2)
  9. Anifix Podcast Episode 25: Anime Bullying 101
  10. AniFix Episode 26: ReZero -Becoming a Weeb in Another Podcast-
  11. AniFix Episode 27: Upcoming Summer Anime 2016 Discussion
  12. AniFix Episode 28: The Anime Roast
  13. AniFix Episode 29: Space Patrolling Anime Expo 2016
  14. AniFix Episode 30: The AX Adventure Begins (VLOG)
  15. AniFix Episode 31: The AX Adventure Continues (VLOG)
  16. AniFix Episode 32: Anime is My Grave and I Dig It Myself
  17. AniFix Episode 33: Glen und Panzer
  18. AniFix Episode 34: Upcoming Fall Anime Discussion 2016
  19. AniFix Episode 35: The Big Anime Apple (VLOG)
  20. AniFix Episode 36: Action on Ice

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