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Patryk Rojewski (born: September 9, 1981 (1981-09-09) [age 37]), mostly known as Rojson or under his former nickname RojoV13, is a Polish YouTuber who records gaming videos.


  • He also creates vlogs in which he talks about metaphysics, gaming related stuff and comedies.
  • In 2015 his fanbase has grown to over 1 million.
  • He's also known for project SHIELD where he defends video games and motivates other people to do it.
  • He also supports charities and video game creators.
  • He organizes meetings with his fans called Paintball With Rojo.
  • It seems also he have sentiment for his late grandfather, who bought him first Fallout game.
    • The "V13" part in his nickname was a reference to the Vault 13 in Fallout 1.