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rSlash is an American YouTuber that goes over subreddits and reads funny stories sometimes with the accompaniment of his dog Yugo.



Dabbacabb was his first channel that he started in 2015, it was mainly a Twitch streamer on his twitch but he would then later post gameplay highlights on his YouTube channel showing off his gameplay of Overwatch. For a while, it seemed as though it was gonna stay that way until 2018 when his channel began to get demonetized, he would have to think of a new type of content.


In 2019 he started making Reddit videos. He didn't stop at one r/ though he went through tons of them. The most popular of which included r/Prorevenge, r/ChoosingBeggars, and the biggest and craziest of them all r/EntitledParents. People loved these videos because they could get them almost daily and were filled with a wide variety of silly and crazy topics. In under 5 months, he reached 1 million subscribers


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Yugo is rSlash's pet Portuguese Water-Dog. He is mainly shown off in pictures from his Twitter and Facebook. As well as that he has a blooper series that is added to the end of some rSlash's videos called rSlash Puppybloopers which shows off all the goofy times he makes his owner laugh by doing something silly or making a noise that interrupts rSlash.]

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