RaV3n is a Musician
RaV3n plays video games
RaV3n is from India
RaV3n is female
RaV3n created their account in 2016
RaV3n is a Content Creator on YouTube

Paridhi Khullar, better known online as RaV3n (pronounced Raven), is an Indian gaming YouTuber who uploaded videos mainly based on PUBG; she stopped uploading videos after PUBG, along with 58 other Chinese applications were restricted from India.

Personal Life & Childhood

Paridhi was born in Indore, a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Since childhood, like most YouTubers, she was a shy person, unwilling to meet anyone. She was never too interested in studies. He was raised alongside his older brother, who used to own a classic PC setup and had an internet connection. She states that "it was a big deal that time". His brother had games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA, WWE and some games from the Grand Theft Auto series. Thus, she was inspired by her brother.

They competed; they used to bet with each other on treats and food. But she'd lose often as her brother was a better gamer than her. Unlike most gaming YouTubers, she was excellent at outdoor sports like Cricket, too. She even won a national sport association program representing her state at the national level. She was good at Hockey, Basketball and Judo.


She started playing PUBG after passing eleventh standard. She had a friend, who used to play games and used to recommend her different games. This is when she came to know about PUBG, and started playing PUBG soon thereafter. She learned how to play, slowly. But she felt she was wasting her time, so she uninstalled it. But later, when she got some more free-time, she got it again. She was not so good at PUBG, so she was nicknamed 0.1 by the other players, only because she'd give exactly 1 kill in each match.

At the beginning, she used to enter custom PUBG rooms created by various YouTubers, and killed them instead. She received backlashes from his family and relatives as well, since they were completely supportive of the discriminative mindset of the Indian society. But then in 2016, she started her YouTube channel, and this time, she gradually learned how to play PUBG professionally, and rapidly gained subscribers and fame. She has collaborated with another Indian PUBG YouTuber MortaL.