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Rachael, better known online as Rae Kohai, is a YouTube gamer and former commentator. She also, along with Agan Naga and Larry Mycinoge, form up what she refers to as "The Meme Team". She is also the former founder of Bunch of Psuedo Intellectuals.

On January 7, 2017, Rae released a video titled Leaving The CC.exe explaining that she is leaving the commentary community and apologizing to those who watch his content solely for commentaries and anyone who gave money to her on Patreon. Stating that "In a community like a commentary community, where we are very argue based, very debate heavy. It becomes a problem when you say something it becomes too gospel". Her channel is still continuing through with Let's Play videos still being released, and a steady subscriber base.  However, Rae later came back to the CC, realizing her video was the same as the yungtown video she criticized in episode 48  of her commentary series. In January 2019, Mills came out as transgender, she later quit commentaries due to not having fun with them anymore.

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