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Rafael Di Furia is an Italian-American YouTuber who currently lives in Rovigo, Veneto, Italy. Most of the videos are vlog videos that relate to Italy or his travels such as to countries like Israel airport security even though Israel was not directly mentioned. Some of these videos are educational since they are designed to teach Italians abroad about getting dual citizenship and moving to Italy.

Some videos showcase some things that are not that well known about Italy such as the Italian post office and the Italian healthcare system. Many of the videos showcase green, red, and white which are the national colors of Italy, and there are a couple of original music videos as the earlier videos uploaded to the channel.

Rafael seems to be working on a podcast about Italian citizenship based on his postings in the community tab which is often used. There are images and updates on the community tab as well.

Rafael is of Italian heritage and currently has an Italian and American passport. He is originally from the United States. There are some videos that pertain more towards the European Union such as the Schengen Area.

However, recently, many of the Covid-19 related videos have became more prominent on the channel such as a video with that topic being the most popular video and being featured on the channel trailer.

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