RagingPixels (born: March 14, 2005 (2005-03-14) [age 14]), formerly known as TheCoolGamer855, is an American gaming YouTuber that grows his fan base off of roblox livestreams, roblox machinimas, and mainly popular for his robux giveaways. He also does collab videos on a garry's mod series where he does prop hunt, deathrun, and all sorts of stuff. He does collab videos usually with YourBoyBannable, CrazedMC, MidnightStormDragon, Carwas, Gary, and TheGamingR2D2. His videos have a lot of comedy, Especially his collab videos on garrys mod or some of the time, minecraft. His channel is mainly grown off a popular ROBLOX video of his.

Personal life

RagingPixels lives in Charleston, West Virginia, USA. He has 3 siblings, a nephew, a niece, a mother, a father, 2 grandmothers, 2 uncles, and other people in his family. He also has 3 cats, Cookie, Coco, and Abby. As of today, he has never to moved to a new house all his life.

Series on his channel

  • Race to the End
  • Minecraft Trolling
  • One Command Creations
  • Minecraft Custom Gamemodes
  • Garry's Mod
  • Roblox Machinimas
  • Minecraft Snapshots
  • Roblox Minigames
  • Robux Giveaways


  • Today is a sad day.
  • Sad.
  • What's 2+2?
  • Are we friends?
  • You're such a squarehead.
  • You're bad at this game.
  • Hey everyone its TheCoolGamer855!
  • Where were you on the night of the death?
  • DOPE!!!
  • Everybody put a #HYPE in the chat.
  • TCG is handsome.
  • Frickin' crap.
  • Somos amigos?
  • I will delete your roblox account.
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