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Kakae (Formerly Known as Ralrith) (born: May 26, 2005 (2005-05-26) [age 15]) is an arts and animation YouTube channel mainly revolving around the hit sandbox game Roblox. Most of their videos consist of her pictured versions of popular animation memes. Kakae has made several OCs of their own to help fill in the blanks of these videos. Their animation style largely correlates with traditional-Japanese and Korean style animation techniques.

Kakae's longest video as of March 17, 2020, is a QnA video, of which is nearly 5 minutes long. In said video, they answers any of the questions their fans might have asked them (whether that be within the Community Tab or within the comments of their previous videos).

And in one of Kakae's most recent videos, titled, “You look so good | Animation meme / Collab with Nick95421” is another animation meme video featuring a YouTuber by the name of Nick95421. In said video, it features both Ralrith and Nick in various shots, whereas we are to conclude that they are complimenting each other.

On February 16, 2020, they announced and released a PicCrew (of which they designed on their own) that allowed their fans to create their very own Roblox starters that could support as a profile picture or channel banner. Kakae's reasoning for this was so fans who would not stop asking them to get their Roblox avatars drawn could now design it both easily and efficiently.

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