Rare Americans is a Musician
Rare Americans is from the United States
Rare Americans is from Slovakia
Rare Americans created their account in 2018
Rare Americans is male
Rare Americans is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Rare Americans is a Slovak-American band that is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that was founded by James Priestner and Jared Priestner in 2018. Their most popular song is "Brittle Bones Nicky" with over 40,000,000 views as of 2020. Other then their music videos they also do videos on vlog like topics or cooking tutorials. Most of these type of videos always have James in it.

Band members

  • James Priestner (Sing, guitar)
  • Lubo Ivan (Guitar)
  • Jeff Quinn (Bass guitar)
  • Jan Cajka (Guitar)
  • Duran Ritz (Drums)
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