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Rawxia, also known as RawxiaOfficialSebulique or simply Seb, is a YouTuber who has returned under a new alias. 

Rawxia is known for his comedy videos online, based purely on Gaming and sometimes Reaction videos as well as Livestreaming on, Rawxia streams online on where he has 100+ viewers on a regular basis, playing a variety of online games which includes Call Of Duty titles where he's been known to play professionally in his past career. 

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Rawxia attending Insomnia Game festival in the UK

Rawxia, met fans and viewers at the most succesful UK gaming festival. Here at the festival were many other UK YouTubers including Pyrocynical.

Rawxia is widely known for his witty behaviour where many people believe he is intelligent.

He tends to have extremely quick reflexes versus many other players and shows the game that he plays to its full potential. 


  • Rawxia actually started YouTube at a extremely young age with a channel called  IS3BI which has been long deleted and no longer exists. He had accumulated over 90,000 subscribers before quiting officially late 2013.
  • Rawxia had more subscribers in 2010-2011 than Pewdiepie 
  • Many famous YouTubers used to watch IS3BI back in 2012, including one famous YouTuber known as "Angelzkid" better known as Deji 
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