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Ray's picture on his t-shirts at Hot Topic

Ray William Johnson
is a 23 year old comedian and video blogger, known for his rapid rise to popularity with his internet-based show '=3' (Equals Three), a twice weekly show where he reviews popular internet videos. He started the show in April of 2009, and became a top subscribed Youtube personality in just under a year. He is currently the second most subscribed Youtuber in history, he is only passed by Nigahiga. In addition, he has a vlog channel called BreakingNYC (ended), a comedic annotation of his day to day life.

Along with reviewing viral videos, Ray is known for inadvertently starting/popularizing internet memes. He popularized the terms "Squaids" and "Doin' your mom". He often mentions the term "interracial gay butt sex" and "fake and gay."


Fake and Gay
Fake and Gay (also called False and Homosexual and Staged and Bi-curious) a phrase often used by trolls to describe a viral video they dislike. Whilst browsing the viral videos he features in his videos, Ray comes across numerous comments stating that the video he is looking at is "fake and gay", so Ray decided to incorporate this as a catchphrase for his "troll" character. Other trolling phrases used include "fake", "staged & bi-curious" and "photoshopped!".
Squirrel AIDS's
Squirrel AIDS's, some serious s*** often also shortened as "squaids", is a new problem Ray William Johnson has popularized - which is quite obviously aids that comes from squirrels. However, it appears there is no stopping its spread as everyone seems to be able to get squirrel aids, especially your mom. There is only one known cure to squirrel aids, and this is to do a mom - preferably not your own - because that would be messed up - and only messed up people do that.
Two Camels in a Tiny Car
A phrase referring to a video in which two angry camels were situated in a very tiny car with no reasoning or explanation. Thus, the phrase "Two Camels in a Tiny Car" can be used to win every known argument.
Cause You're Adopted
The answer to all questions beginning with "why". A variant is "Because you touch your self at night."
You Ain't Got No Pancake Mix
A phrase that makes absolutely no sense, but has the power to win any argument known to man. This is may be the next "Two Camels in a Tiny Car."
It's Foreign
this phrase relates to all videos where you don't know what the f*** is happening in it or if the video is just random.
Work In Progress
Ray doesn't reveal a lot about his entertainment endeavors, but Adult Swim is interested in having him do voice work on an animated series, a series loosely based on Ray's life. He is also talking with HBO about doing a one hour comedy special.
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