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Raya plays video games
Raya is a Vlogger
Raya is from the United States
Raya is female
Raya created their account in 2011
Raya is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Raya Carmona (born: April 23, 1993 (1993-04-23) [age 29]), formerly known as GirlGoneGamer, is an American gaming YouTuber and vlogger. She starred in the YouTube Red series Fight of the Living Dead.

Personal Life

Raya's parents divorced when she was three years old. She has an older sister and a younger brother. She used to work as a waitress at a Mexican restaurant and a sports bar.


Involvement with SSSniperWolf

After a Twitter harassment from SSSniperWolf, Raya deleted SSSniperWolf's post and blocked her. Then, SSSniperWolf made a video titled: "Truth about GirlGoneGamer" supposedly exposing her for using fake footage of people playing games during her videos, and as a lot of Raya's subscribers suspected her faking her Call of Duty gameplays, they quickly took sides with SSSniperWolf. Some believe that around this time that SSSniperWolf "stole" Raya's subscribers to help her reach stardom. However, she continued to grow her fanbase by keeping quiet towards the fake Call of Duty gameplay allegations as Raya started to do vlogs besides gaming.