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Joseph Pisenti, better known online as RealLifeLore, is an American YouTuber from Texas who talks about topics like history, geography, economics and science. There is a collaboration channel about cars called Grand Test Auto with Second Thought and another YouTuber.


Fun With Populations

A series where RealLifeLore has fun with populations by presenting different alternate populations scenarios such as "What If Everybody Lived In the Same Building?"

What if the ___ empire reunited today?

In this series, he explains the demographics, area, and economy of a reunited historical empire along with the history of the empire.

Why ___'s Geography sucks

Why ____'s Geography sucks is a series in where RealLifeLore explains why the geographies of certain countries "suck". This includes the limitations of their geographic position, economically as well as politically.

Strangest Borders

In this series, Joseph mentions borders of countries "that make no sense", such as panhandles (or "chicken-necks") like Namibia and Afghanistan, and islands divided amongst countries, like Papua and Märket.

2nd Channel

Joseph has a 2nd channel called 'FakeLifeLore', that makes the same content as he does on his main channel, but these videos are about video games. Some of these inventions usually include video game facts and pushing games to its fullest extent. The first public release of FakeLifeLore was on RealLifeLore's video about a new channel from RealLifeLore. The logo is similar to its mother channel, but the colors have a more bluish tint. FakeLifeLore has shorter videos than RealLifeLore, but the videos have a darker theme and are more niche than RealLifeLore. The narrator is different than on RealLifeLore, and there are no links on this website. There is less animated footage since most of the videos show stock footage and video game footage. The name FakeLifeLore is a spin of his main channel name and the fact that video games are fake. He has also quite recently made a new channel called RealLifeLore2 where he uploads an array of interesting topics in the areas of Engineering, Science, and Technology.


RealLifeLore has currently released one book, titled "Answers to Questions You've Never Asked". It was released in 2018 and announced on August 2017. It answers questions no suited for video form, and some of these include: Did the Romans ever land in North America?, What happens to the nuclear football if the United States go cuckoo, and What road is most likely to claim your life?


  • RealLifeLore is fluent in Russian.
  • He studied international relations, Russian language, and economics in university.
  • He is of Italian descent and qualifies for Italian citizenship.
  • He is friends with YouTubers Wendover Productions, CGP Grey, and Real Engineering.
  • On 15th August 2017 he announced he was working on a book. It has since been published, and is entitled "Answers to questions you've never asked."
  • He did a face reveal, but only posted the picture to Instagram. This meant that people who did not want to see his face did not have to. Another opportunity of a face reveal was the link to Grand Test Auto in a video about a Toyota Corolla review.
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