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James Haworth (born: August 15, 2005 (2005-08-15) [age 15]) also known as realjamesh is the founder of JEM Media and owner of multiple online entities.[1]


James Haworth started in 2018 when he made his first social media account which has now grown to be part of the 'realjamesh' line of accounts owned by JEM Media Group. He got his first mainstream media attention when a picture of him was on the front page of the magazine 'Bling'.[2] In the summer of 2019 he made a YouTube channel called 'James H' which sparked controversy in his intentions. In November of 2019 he made his first single 'Em Haters' which was his most viewed music video on YouTube until he released Benodge, an actual diss orientated track. Ever since James has been the subject of online faking in his future work. In late 2019 he made a short single titled 'Jamesmas' which got 1000 views on YouTube in the first 12 hours making it his most popular song at that point.


James uploaded a video titled 'I view botted Trump 100 Million views on Triller' which showed footage of him view botting Trump's first video on Triller, a video sharing platform that gained sudden popularity after TikTok's ban in India. This lead to the ban of his account on Triller, which had over 700 followers, millions of views, and had even been trending on Triller's trending page for multiple days as well as being verified for a few days, notably around his birthday.[3]


All four singles released by realjamesh have since been removed, possibly due to copyright reasons or clearing of his online presence in the form of music.


This song was released by James on the 7th December 2019 as his holiday single and grew popular quickly, getting over 1000 views in the first few hours.[4] Jamesmas was just a preview and the full version is yet to be released. Although James refers to the song being a diss he later denied this and claimed it was a festive, fun song.[5] After hate on his previous music video he spoke out in a video titled "moving on".[6] On the 1st of October 2020 the song was removed from YouTube and all streaming platforms.


The diss track name was derived from the two other artists that made songs against him. The first part 'ben' was from the first artist called Ben and the second part of the song name was from the second artist's internet name 'MasterOdg'. This time he did not release the song until he had made the music video which came a week later after he announced the song would be released. When the music video came out it was clear that James had listened to the large amounts of feedback on his previous song 'Em Haters and the new music video was much better received than the previous one. The track is now no longer available online.


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