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It's juice and jam time.

―RebelTaxi's recurring catchphrase

RebelTaxi (born: January 19, 1992 (1992-01-19) [age 28]), also known as Pan-Pizza, is a Mexican American YouTuber and podcaster who is currently the head of the Pizza Party Podcast. He's a known reviewer who does cartoons and anything animation-related with some occasional life-action stuff and video games.


Rebeltaxi has a wide range of videos and genres to go through and watch making his channel contain a rather diverse roster of content to enjoy. These usually range from Top 10 lists and cartoon reviews, which make up the majority of his videos, to videos for the Midnight Society and reviews of video games and other stuff.


Pan-Pizza has his own podcast which is currently at 143 episodes. It is a podcast where Pan and his friends, as well as occasional guests, get together and usually talk about random things but are all related to Pan's content.

Known Guests

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