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Rebel Guy or just Rebel, was an Australian Minecraft YouTuber who focused his videos on the popular Minecraft server Mineplex. His channel gained popularity after some drama with an admin of the Mineplex server, his most popular video being about him getting blackmail by said admin.

He was known for his sarcastic nature and he commonly made fun of people, including some of his subscribers. Despite this, he was still a pleasant person and one of his most popular videos is him collaborating with other players in order to defeat a hacker.  He was jokingly referred as "Rebel Gay" and "c*nt" by his fans.

Rebel has been involved in multiple scandals involving Mineplex, such as bad-mouthing certain Mineplex staff members and pretending to hack. Some of these videos have lead him to be banned off the Mineplex server and it has become a joke on his Twitter of how many times he has been banned.

He hasn't updated his YouTube channel and Twitter in a year, and his current whereabouts are unknown. This has led some to speculate that Rebel may have taken his own life, due to the fact that several times during his most recent video, he eludes to being depressed and "killing himself soon". This is further backed up by his total disappearance off of all social media just after the video.

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