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Richard Masucci, Jr. (born: July 15, 1981 (1981-07-15) [age 39]), better known online as ReviewTechUSA, is an American gaming journalist and YouTuber, well known for having controversies surrounding some of his videos. He mostly covers gaming news, but also sometimes covers tech and real life news/drama.

His style is mainly commentary over video gameplay footage, with occasional face commentary and is well known for his persona of him licking cucumbers for his fans.

Rich also has a channel called "RLM Corp", in which that focuses on world issues since November, 2014, which had been inactive since August, 2015, but recently started uploading the Rich and Red podcast on it in May, 2017.[1]


On November 22, 2008, Rich Masucci started his ReviewTechUSA YouTube page.[2] He started YouTube in July 2008, due to Rich's ex girlfriend breaking up with him, thus giving him the idea to start "RLMAudio" (based off of his dad's initials and occupation), then eventually ReviewTechUSA. Despite this, he was more active on the Blip.TV video service from 2008-2009.[3] He later left That Guy With The Glasses (now Channel Awesome),[4] and focused on his own YouTube channel, ReviewTechUSA.

His channel started kicking off around mid May 2010 with roughly 1,000 subscribers.[5] His early videos mostly consisted of him reviewing technology products (mostly game related). In 2011 onwards, Rich decided to focus more on gaming news, resulting in his channel's growth.

On November 3, 2012, Rich did a face reveal on his YouTube channel.[6]

Rich's channel grew more throughout 2012/2013. After having had many badly paid part time jobs ever since being fired in January 2009 from IBM because of the 2008 economic recession and on April 7, 2013, he quit his midnight part time jobs to officially focus on his YouTube career.[7]

On July 26, 2015, Rich announced a schedule for his videos (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week) which unfortunately only lasted 13 hours before he broke.[8]

On December 14, 2016, Rich suggested that due to the new YouTube algorithm, which favors YouTubers with daily 10+ minute content, that he would abandon his Twitch channel and livestream via YouTube instead in order to earn his usual income for a living and charity, and started doing so on January 2, 2017.[9][10]

On March 2017, a television host known as Liana Kerzner approached ReviewTechUSA for an interview based off the Ashley Judd video that Rich did a few months back and that lead to Rich and Liana wanted to start a podcast called The Rich And Red Podcast with the support of Patreon. According to Rich this will help to stay ads free and gain exclusive access to the the podcast earlier than YouTube and also gain access to an audiable mp3 file for only $1 per month or more.[11]

Rich has experimented with his second channel in the past called RLM crop where he solely upload contents that aren't related to ReviewTechUSA such as his hip-hop music. Then all his content got replaced with real world news due to fan request of not to upload anything other than tech & gaming content into his main channel.

Later on he decided to remove all content once again from his second channel and upload The Rich And Red Podcast content there.

Fans have requested Rich to upload all streaming content away from his main channel and Rich deiced to rename his secondary channel from RLMCrop to RTUStream then do his livestream there. But due to unsuccessful channel and visits, he has decided to abandoned RTUStream and livestream back to ReviewTechUSA channel.

In 2018, Rich's basement in his house got flooded. While he was visiting his family due to power outage he came back to grab his laptop to only found out the basement was socked in water. 

Ever since he moved house, he brought a new studio and he made a promise that by asking fans for donation will result in better production value and uncensored content.

In October of 2018 he announced that he will no longer be doing live recording showing his face, instead he went back to gameplay which gain mix reactions from his fans due to past practices. Some even suggested Rich to refund his Patreon supporters [12]meanwhile others claims that Rich is pulling of the ebay camcorder scam once again.

Since then he has returned to showing his face and has stopped gameplay footage completely.

Personal life

Rich was born on July 15, 1981, in Bridgeport, Connecticut as an Italian-American[13], and currently lives in Carmel, New York with his fiancé Lauren Baldanza Giacomelli (born 1980). Lauren's ex-husband is named Anthony G. Giacomelli and they had four kids together before they separated.

Rich also has a son named Matthew Giacomelli Masucci (born October 7, 2016) and a younger brother, Zachary Masucci (born 2002),[14] who also made a few guest appearances and also has a YouTube channel since September, 2015.

Rich has an associates degree from Dutchess Community College, class of 2002,[15] and has worked various jobs in the past, such as: at a furniture store, Filene's, HP, IBM, Staples, Circuit City, and a physiatrist office. He mentioned he was fired from his manager at Staples for 'no apparent reason'.[16]

In one video, Rich mentions that his dad, Richard Lewis Masucci, Sr. (born 1957), was/is an electrical engineer[17] since he was 16 years old, and he is the main reason why Rich got interested in technology and games in the first place. His mother, Roseanne Tunno Masucci (born 1957), used to work for Q-Search.

As Rich is overweight, he goes to the gym to lose weight, and as a result has made several videos about his catastrophic incidents in public gyms,[18] public bathrooms,[19] and on his dating nightmare stories. Such as a claim that he was once catfished by a 61 year old woman he meet on an online dating website. However, as of March 2019, Rich announced in a YouTube video titled "My Weight Loss And Why I Decided to Make The Change" that he decided to start losing weight, and in June 2019 he confirmed in another video that he finally lost weight and is under 300 pounds for the first time in 13 years [20] since that video, Rich has been ambassador of encouraging people to lose weight, such as posting videos against the notion that being overweight is okay such as "Being Fat is Not OK"[21] and "The Fat Acceptance Plague Is Now Hitting Retailers, and It Scares Me".[22]

Rich was once doxed by a troll named "ReviewHellUSA" (Paul K. Scott, another "TheRTUCritic" account) on November 10, 2015, which revealed much of his personal information such as his date of birth, parents and wife's ex-husband. In December 2016, Rich mentioned of his grandmother's passing.[23]

In 2018 Rich was once again getting doxed only after he moved to his new address. This time his brother's information was also leaked.

Rich has bosted on Twitter claming that he will move to a new state meanwhile this wasn't the case given the evidence was provided.



In February 2013, Rich posted a video called "I need your help" with a PayPal logo for the thumbnail to get his fans to donate money so Rich could buy a $350 Sony HDR-CX260V camcorder promising to pay back his donators and even though Rich did pay back his donors later that month,[24] YouTuber "BlackBusterCritic" (BBC),[25][26] Jamin Williams, from Texas accused Rich of e-begging from his fans.[27][28] Rich later sold the Sony camcorder.

Shuhei Yoshida

On October 28, 2013, Rich uploaded a video called "PS4/Xbox One Launch Disasters Imminent! (Please Share)",[29] where Rich speaks about why the online versions of PS4/Xbox One games such as Watch Dogs, The Crew, Driveclub, and Call of Duty: Ghosts were 720p instead on 1080p or higher, claiming it was to prevent online lag due to DRM. In response, the president of Sony, Shuhei Yoshida, called his video, "so stupid" via Twitter the same day.[30][31]

Big Cheese Gaming & The Big Cheese Crusaders

In December 2014, Rich got into a failed agreement with a fellow YouTuber named "Big Cheese Gaming" (BigCheeseVG),[32][33] Jakeem Johnson. Jakeem lent and let Rich borrow his computer months prior in July 2014 in return for three weekly advertisements for Jakeem's channel for a 6 month period at the end of Rich's videos and demanded $200 dollars via PayPal in return to help his wife, who was sick at the time, which Rich initially denied.

Rich returned Big Cheese Gaming's computer before the 6 month period promise and didn't think he should need to pay $200 at all nor continue advertising his channel anymore. Despite the disagreements, Rich apologized and made a video of him giving Jakeem the $200 dollars in January 2015.[34] As a consequence Rich inherited a community of trolls named "The Big Cheese Crusaders" who still taunt Rich over the $200 dollar CheddarGate scandal, which later became a meme.[35]

Rich was suggesting disabling his comments because of "The Big Cheese Crusaders", which got criticism and Rich was labeled as being pro-censorship, but decided to filter out keywords such as "Big Cheese" and "$200" in order to continue having the comment section open instead, although later on he decided to remove this and encourage jokes and memes about this situation.[36]


In April 2015, one of Rich's trolls called the "TheRTUCritic" (a portmanteau of ReviewTechUSA and "BlackBusterCritic"), who associates himself as one of "The Big Cheese Crusaders" started excessively spamming on Rich's Facebook page, scaring off Rich's sponsors,[37] prank calling Rich while at his local gym,[38] revealing family photos,[39] calling Rich's wife's ex, tried buying the trademark to ReviewTechUSA, and even stalking Rich via GPS tracking Rich's every move (to the point where Rich was on a 2015 summer road trip and "TheRTUCritic" Tweeted to Rich his exact location), all in an attempt to end Rich's YouTube career.

On May 9, 2015, Rich received a death threat on his Facebook page from a user called "Tony Mlgmaster Dutch"[40][41] (another "TheRTUCritic" account) and therefore was uninvited to attend the Too Many Games gaming convention. On November 10, 2015, "TheRTUCritic" doxxed Rich and leaked his personal information to the general public.[42][43]

On February 21, 2016, Rich challenged TheRTUCritic to a boxing match to settle their differences, though they never accepted Rich's challenge.[44] Later that month, TheRTUCritic was doxed back and exposed by one of Rich's friends, a YouTuber by the name of "BlackB0nd", Ryan Galiber,[45][46] as a Scottish man in his late 20s by the name of Jason Falconer[47][48] from Edinburgh[49], whom had ties to other YouTube accounts; "18T220",[50][51] "ReviewHellUSA" (an English man Paul K. Scott,[52] another TheRTUCritic account), "PolyHertz",[53] and a supposed dozen others. Despite TheRTUCritic being exposed, he still continued taunting Rich, though to a lower extent. Rich later blocked TheRTUCritic in May.[54]

In July 2016, Rich attempted to file a lawsuit against TheRTUCritic.[55] On August 9, 2016, Instagamrr, known by her YouTube persona Becky Boop, invited both Rich and TheRTUCritic onto her show to discuss the situation, though TheRTUCritic didn't accept her invitation because he didn't want Rich to get "what he wants".[56][57] That same month, Rich temporarily took down his Twitter for 14 hours. Ever since being exposed in February 2016, TheRTUCritic's presence decreased dramatically, yet tensions still remain strong between the two.

TheRTUCritic took down his Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channel in December 2016 for unknown reasons, after his YouTube channel was already taken down because of YouTube's Three Strike System and ultimately having to start fresh on a channel with a slightly corrupted name.[58]


On January 23, 2016, Rich got into a heated debate on Twitter with Keemstar, who criticized Rich for proposing to create a Patreon donation account on a Twitter survey,[59] which Rich's fans said no to.[60] Keemstar claimed that Rich was making at least $10,000/monthly and didn't need a Patreon, claiming that Patreon's are normally for small YouTube content creators. Rich then claimed that Keemstar's livestream account had a donation box and that it was basically the same thing, which Keemstar denied.[61] Keemstar later blocked Rich on Twitter.


On February 14, 2017, Rich made a video talking about PewDiePie and his anti-semitic joke. However he didn't do his research and solely relying on the article that WSJ made which gained tons of backslash. Two days later, Rich made an apology video[62] and removed the original video which was later re-uploaded by another user.[63]

Rich And Red Podcast

On March 2017, ReviewTechUSA created a podcast with Liana Kerzner named Rich And Red Podcast.[64] In order to support the podcast Rich started a Patreon which gained a lot of backslash. Many of his fans claims due to unsuccessful podcasts from the past, Rich will likely quit after a few episodes, yet profiting from his fans.


On August 14, 2018, Rich made a poll in the YouTube community whether or not he should talk about MundaneMatt's latest fiasco with flagging channels down that heavily criticized about him [65] and most of people voted yes. But since then he has deleted the poll and didn't listen to any of his subscribers and the video was not made because of friendship between Rich and Matt. Instead he made a live stream talking about it.[66]

False Flagging Allegations

In August of 2018 after the MundaneMatt flagging incident was revealed, ReviewTechUSA was hosting a livestream talking and during the livestream, he spoke about the false flagging controversy surrounding MundaneMatt. Many people in the chat began typing that Rich show his flagging history. This resulted in Rich having an anger outburst and refusing to show his history. Many of Rich’s critics such as Memeology 101 began making videos accusing RTU of being a false flagger. After around two months of endless speculation and drama, Rich agreed to come onto AndyWarski’s channel in October 2018 to address the situation at hand and confront Keemstar and even Memology 101. During the stream, Keem grilled Rich and after enough pressure, Rich showed his flagging history, most of which was 2015 and were slanderous videos against Rich. Near the end of the stream, Memeology 101 came on and brought his opinion onto the subject matter. After the stream was concluded, Rich made a video giving Memeology 101 a shoutout.

SouljaGame Controversy 

In December of 2018, Rich made videos calling out Soulja Boy’s fraudulent Chinese clone consoles that contained illegal ROMs from Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, amongst others. This resulted on several Soulja Boy’s fans accusing Rich of being a racist. This resulted in Rich getting angry and telling those accusing him of racism as “irrelevant”.

Why Women aren’t attracted to gamers (response)

In January 2019 Rich made a video in response to another video someone made titled “Why women aren’t attracted to gamers”. He stated that he agreed with various points made in the video. It received somewhat mixed reception by fans.

List of subscriber milestones

  • Rich hit 100,000 subscribers on October 13, 2013.[67]
  • Rich hit 200,000 subscribers on May 18, 2014.[68]
  • Rich hit 300,000 subscribers on March 10, 2015.[69]
  • Rich hit 400,000 subscribers on October 17, 2015.[70]
  • Rich hit 500,000 subscribers on June 2, 2016.[71]
  • Rich hit 600,000 subscribers on April 11, 2017.
  • Rich hit 700,000 subscribers on November 5, 2017.
  • Rich hit 800,000 subscribers on January 27, 2019.
  • Rich hit 900,000 subscribers on July 15, 2020.

List of video view milestones

  • Rich hit 25 million video views on November 26, 2013.
  • Rich hit 50 million video views on July 11, 2014.
  • Rich hit 75 million video views on December 24, 2014.
  • Rich hit 100 million video views on May 8, 2015.
  • Rich hit 125 million video views on September 19, 2015.
  • Rich hit 200 million video views on December 11, 2016.[72]
  • Rich hit 300 million video views on November 28, 2018.
  • Rich hit 400 million video views on July 28, 2020.


  • The person at the beginning of Rich's video's is his friend Matthew "Matt" Scullin[73] (dubbed by Rich as the "Intro guy")[74][75], a high school friend.
  • Rich got the signature "Skibbidy-bop-um-dada" while at a mall with his friends Mike and Matt in 1999. At the time, Matt would sometimes stutter his words, and after hurriedly mentioning he forgot something in his car Matt made a joke out of the stutter by improvising a small scat riff, which became the inspiration for the intro sound.[76]
  • Rich has admitted to smoking weed in 2002, he was 21 years old at the time.
  • Rich once had an excessive stalker by the name of Ralph, a patient at a hospital, in February 2006.[77]
  • Despite Rich creating his channel on November 22, 2008, he didn't upload his first YouTube video until August 11, 2009 entitled "WHY I GAME (DEADMAN7257 RESPONSE)".[78]
  • Before Rich made his ReviewTechUSA YouTube channel, he once had a channel called "RLMAudio",[79] in 2008 which he had a subscription to,[80] which he later took down because of disliking the name.
  • Rich has a cat.[81]
  • Rich says he despises sexism,[82][83][84] racism,[85][86] etc.[87][88] Even to the point where he apologized for accidentally saying a homosexual slur on one of his Twitch livestreams, though Rich has said so in the past as quotes.
  • Rich also has a music channel called "Flip Diddup" (based on Matt's "Ski-dadon-dada"), that focuses primarily on Hip-Hop beats since August 3, 2013, which was last active on February 26, 2017.[89]
  • Rich has had a "delinquent" persona since September, 2011 known as Sex E. Coco. It features a muscular black man who is often full of himself making comments on his body. Coco's first video was talking about the Playstation game Cho Aniki.
  • Rich has a SubReddit called "ReviewTechUSA",[90] since 2013, with most of the posts often criticism against Rich.
  • Rich has a dedicated community of trolls named "The Big Cheese Crusaders" (such as his troll "ReviewPirateUSARGH!")[91][92] whom calls Rich as "Richbeard", who have been trolling Rich ever since the December 2014 $200 dollar CheddarGate scandal with Big Cheese Gaming (BigCheeseVG).
  • On December 24, 2014, Rich released "The Horse Song",[93] and mentions his friend Matt in the verse, "Why do horses run on courses, say Matt Scullin, flush his sources."
  • Rich has a Twitch account, but after being DDos'd many times, he gave up and decided to never use Twitch again on May 6, 2015,[94] but returned on October of the same year.
  • Rich and Lizard Squad have confronted and had a heated debate on May 19, 2015. The video can be found on Rich's channel and on DramaAlert's channel.[95][96]
  • Rich has a persona by the name HappyTechUSA to contradict his usual hate rants on Nintendo and their marketing schemes (though he loves Nintendo), since June 10, 2015.[97][98][99][100][101]
  • Rich has gotten into several heated discussions on Twitter in the past (most notably "Keemstar" who blocked him), which was over a Patreon donation survey on January 23, 2016.
  • On September 2, 2016, Rich released an "Exposed" song mainly directed towards YouTube drama in general, which consists of Rich singing over Kevin MacLeod's "Electro Cabello",[102] with "Scarce", "PewDiePie", "Keemstar", and "SSSniperWolf" in the video's thumbnail.
  • When Rich's son named Matthew was born, he hired a fellow YouTuber "MundaneMatt", Matthew Jarbo, to host three of Rich's videos in the meantime.[103][104][105][106]
  • Rich is primarily a PC Gamer, but is into classic console gaming as well.[107][108][109]
  • On December 22, 2016, Rich uploaded a ASMR video titled "ASMR: A Look At Retro Tech From A 1990 Sears Wish Book".[110]
  • Rich has a distaste for Apple products.[111][112]
  • Rich's most disliked video in terms of Like-to-Dislike ratio is a video entitled "Oh PewDiePie, There's A Time And Place... LEARN IT! #DemiLovato" published on July 27, 2018.
  • Rich pronounces the name "Mario" differently.
  • Rich has sponsorships to: Dollar Shave Club, GamersGate, and many more.
  • Rich was once sponsored by a convinced criminal of Shadows Government.
  • Rich is friends with "MundaneMatt",[113] "BLACKB0ND",[114] "TheArchfiend",[115] and many other YouTubers.
  • Rich has talked about his Twitter deactivation due to toxic nature of his Twitter and will run by 3rd party.
  • Ever since Rich deactivated his Twitter, many of his followers has criticized that he is still running his Twitter not a 3rd party judging by the Tweets posted.
  • Rich has closed his Twitter temporarily and re-activated before 30 days.
  • A new site for all ReviewTechUSA needs has been created on October 2018[116].
  • During the beta launch of Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Rich told his followers on Twitter that he isn't very excited for the game due to the cod series in general.[117]
  • Rich has turned off his 3rd party persona on Twitter and back to his normal state.



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