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Rin-senpai, also known as Rin, is a crossplayer and fashion vlogger who also does Let's Plays and makeup videos. While he is primarily known for crossplay, his most popular video is an Overwatch video of somebody with a voice like Junkrat commentating.

Rin-senpai's YouTube channel begun as a makeup tutorial and vlogging channel but has shifted more toward gaming in recent days. He does multiple streams each week on his Twitch channel, playing mostly Love Live! School Idol Festival, BanG Dream! , Fate/Grand Order and a multitude of other games such as Danganronpa and Valkyria Chronicles 4.  

Rin likes to crossplay as characters from the anime Love Live! School Idol Project and Love Live! Sunshine!!, specifically Kosaka HonokaKurosawa Ruby and most recently, Mari Ohara. However, not every one of his crossplays is a cosplay as he has numerous non-cosplay looks. When asked why he crossplays, Rin cites a desire to expand his personal fashion style outside of the realm of men's clothing. He has been crossplaying since 2008 and overtime has drastically improved his styling and makeup skills in crossplay. Unfortunatly, Rin's public prescence as a crossplayer has subjected him to a number of negative responces from people online. He has also shown a distaste towards the use of the word "Trap" to refer to crossdressers, which he details in his video Are Traps Gay? | Meme Review.

Most of Rin's gaming videos are him "scouting" in mobile game gacha systerms where players spend in game currency for a chance to earn high rarity cards. As a result, Rin spends a lot of time and real life money gaining in game currency to film his highly edited videos. Rin makes plenty of references to Pewdiepie's style of humor, both in his videos and on his twitch streams. He also has many friends in the Love Live "scouting" community, which includes YouTubers such as ErynCerise and Umidah who also make mobile game based content. 


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