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RoA Nitrox is an American Minecraft animator for Black Plasma Studios. His animations more so focus on combat rather than comedy, unlike the other animators in BPS. 

His characters are Naia, Lynna, Risel, the unnamed Swordsman (in fandom, named "Connor"), and two Sith who's names are not yet known. He animated TurboKart Racers, the Mob, The Book Of Enchantment, Blitz Survival Games and Galaxy Wars.

Animation Appearances

  • The main character is The Book Of Enchantment. He teamed with a Swordsman to get the book. He used a bow.
  • A racer in TurboKart Racers.
  • He (possibly) appears in Calamity.
  • He also possibly appears in Farm Hunt.
  • He is teamed with Arbiter 617 in Skywars. He kills Abraham Animations and is killed by the Ender Dragon whilst fighting MooTV. He again, uses a bow.
  • Survival Games where he is the main character. He is teamed with Naia, yet again uses a bow and is FrediSaal's enemy. He ignores Naia at the start, and kills Svetch. He fails to kill Arbiter, runs from Risel, and is nearly killed by her until Naia interferes. He unwillingly unites with her and they kill Abraham Animations. Later they fail to kill Notch and kill Sammito. They fight Doug Gravingston and Queenbluemoon1 and emerge triumphant. When racing for the Blitz Star, they see the bodies of Lynna and FearRaiser and race up. Nitrox takes Notch's sword and fights FrediSaal. FrediSaal is about to kill Naia and Nitrox saves her by jumping onto the sword. He is saved from death as Naia has a health potion and wins.
  • Murder, where he is confused about who the murderer is, so the murderer kills him.
  • Build Battle, where he builds a bridge instead of a house.
  • Don't Touch!, where he makes cameos.
  • Paintball Warfare by NinjaCharlieT, where he makes two cameos.
  • Mystery Warfare where he also makes two cameos.
  • Galaxy Wars where he is one of the main characters, with Naia, Lynna and a Sith.
  • Skywars: Mega where he is obsessive about bridges and is bowed off by NinjaCharlieT.
  • VampireZ.


  • It is unknown to the majority of fans what "RoA" stands for, and why "Nitrox" is in his name.
  • He is the only one in BPS to have a non-Minecraft series planned (MechWarrior Online).
  • Unlike everyone else in BPS, Eagle Empire and NinjaCharlieT, he will never use the Derp. Even the combat-based, brutal NinjaCharlieT's animations feature the Derp.
  • He loves Taco Bell.
  • His favourite game is MechWarrior Online.
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