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Roblox Battles is an American YouTube channel owned by RussoPlays, and the musical and gaming duo TeraBrite (SabrinaBrite and DJ Monopoli). The channel uploads Roblox videos in which the hosts (sometimes Roblox YouTubers like Jayingee and KonekoKitten) battle each other. They ran a tournament operated by Roblox named the "RB Battles Championship".


The channel uploaded its first video on March 1, 2019.[1]

The channel formerly ran a tournament alongside Roblox called "RB Battles Championship".[2]

The RB Battles championship was a tournament where sixteen Roblox YouTubers competed for one-million Robux. The winner of the RB Battles championship was KreekCraft.

The sixteen Roblox YouTubers were: Preston, Brianna, Leah Ashe, Cybernova, SeeDeng, MIKEYDOOD, Denis, Sub, KreekCraft, MyUsernamesThis, Sketch, Bandi, Hyper - Roblox, Ant, Poke, and Tofuu.


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