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I'm a gamer born in the 80's, I love art, and I have a passion for finding obscure, overlooked, and wondrous indie titles and showing them to the world.

―RockLeeSmile's YouTube description of what he does.

Nick Reineke, better known online as RockLeeSmile, is an American (currently living in New York) with an immense passion for independent video games.


In a stream of Firewatch (part 4 on YouTube), he has stated growing up on Long Island with birch tress.

He makes a daily show called "Indie Impressions", where he looks at independent games that have recently been released. He often ends up covering games from the Ludum Dare competion when it occurs as well.

He gained popularity for creating unique custom levels on Super Meat World, one of which was featured on Northernlion's YouTube channel. Aside from his Indie Impression series, he also does a few Let's Plays , the most notable being his playthrough of Terrarria, which is also his longest running let's play with 81 episodes and counting. He began to do a let's play of Dark Souls 2, but he quit when met with negative reception.

The Northernlion Live Super Show!

Rockleesmile commonly stars in a live-stream on Twitch named the Northernlion Live Super Show along with his fellow YouTubers and close friends, JsmithOTI, and of course, Northernlion. On the show as of May 20 they discuss news and address fanmail for an hour and then they play chosen games for the rest of the stream. Those games often include Family Feud 2010 Edition, Spelunky, and The Binding Of Isaac. Click here to check the times of the show.


  • His username comes from an Japanese anime series called Naruto.
  • He is well versed in Japanese culture, and seems to admire it quite a bit.
  • A running joke was formed about Nick claiming he likes a certain indie game named Bad Rats. He states he dislikes the game a great deal, however, he is a poor liar, and clearly adores the game.
  • His favorite style of indie game is commonly an abstract game, with first person exploration elements.
  • He felt Dark Souls 2 was a very poor sequel, and didn't like the game much at all.

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