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Roel Van de Paar makes technology videos
Roel Van de Paar is from Australia
Roel Van de Paar is male
Roel Van de Paar created their account in 2012
Roel Van de Paar is a Content Creator on YouTube

Drink more apple juice and eat more mango.

―Roel Van de Paar

Roel Van de Paar, also known as Roel's Technical Help, is an Australian YouTuber known for uploading a video almost every minute.


He joined in December 14, 2012 and uploaded his first video nearly two years later. He had four videos during his hiatus. Then, from May 31, 2019 onward, he started uploading videos regularly.

On March 30, 2021, he reached 1,000,000 total video uploads.

He is currently moving towards 2,000,000 total video uploads and continues to hold the number #1 spot of most uploaded videos on YouTube.


On his channel, Roel uploads tech tutorials videos, which are generally two to five minutes long.


  • "Why should we drink more apple juice and eat more mangoes? Well.. because I noticed they are good for your brain."


  • He is the third channel to reach one million uploads besides PS3codMW3 and CODblackopsPS.
  • He surpassed CODblackopsPS on April 10, 2021.
  • He continues to hold the number one spot of most uploads.