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R-Siam, also known as RsiamMusic, is a subsidiary of RS Public Company Limited. R-Siam has separated from RS Promotion to become a luk thung, Mor Lam and traditional music label. It was established on December 6, 2002.


In 2002. Surachai Chetchotisak, the head of management of RS Promotion Music at the time had the idea to separate the luk thung music of the label into a separate subsidiary For the convenience of doing business and in keeping with the fierce competition of the luk thung music business. Therefore, R-Siam was formally established on December 6, 2002 with Mr. Supachai Nilawan managing the position. Its managing director is R Siam Company Limited

In 2004, RS ​​became a listed company, therefore the music team in the company is divided into 5 units which are

  • Raks Thai, supervised by Jirawat Panpan
  • Song Chaiyo, supervised by Mr Rueangyot Pimthong
  • Me Derek Records, supervised by Mr. Sanong Sotthilak and Khun Sangsang Rueangsri ( Nu Meter ).
  • Can Record, supervised by Mr. Surasit Sangkhamphra
  • Twin rabbits, supervised by Achan Mon Nuea

2548 of Siam Ltd. was merged with the parent company, which is the music of Siam by Supachai Nilawan management positions.

In 2006, Achan Maung Nuea resigned from the company, therefore collapsing the double rabbit unit.

In 2008, there was a reorganization of the internal structure according to the Music Segmentation guidelines of the parent company. Therefore, Can Record Records, Chaiyo Music Unit and Raks Thai Unit but still have D-Record records with strengths in the section. Southern country music Which has become the hallmark of R Siam Camp 2009 The Phoom Thai unit was set up and maintained by Mr. Sangsang Rueangsri (Nu Meter) in May 2009.

On July 1, 2009, R-Siam created a satellite TV station of its own, called "Sabaidee TV".

In 2011, the Home unit set up has been established, managed by Mr. Phisit Thititanaphan (To Charan) until 2017, when Mr. Phisit Thitithanaphan resigned to work at Top Line Music.

From July 1 , 2012 - December 31 , 2015, R-Siam created a radio station of its own, called "Sabaidee Radio", broadcast via the radio station from the Naval.

On September 1, 2017, Mr. Supachai Nilawan resigned from RS Public Company Limited.

Currently, R Siam Music Label produces all types of music and is no longer limited to luk thung music.

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