Runforthecube is a Musician
Runforthecube is a Reviewer
Runforthecube is a Vlogger
Runforthecube is from Canada
Runforthecube is male
Runforthecube created their account in 2009
Runforthecube is a Content Creator on YouTube

runforthecube (also known as Koneesha), is a Canadian YouTuber who reviews candy, toys, and does travel vlogging.


Koneesha, in real life, lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada with his wife and kids.

He started uploading word pronunciations on his channel in September of 2011 even though the channel had previously been inactive for 2 years after it was created in 2009.

He almost always uses a childlike voice that cracks frequently since he is usually out of breath most of the time (and for humorous purposes) and pronounces random words based on how they look instead of their actual pronunciation, and often says them twice. (ex. instead of "cube" he pronounces it as "cue-bee").

His most viewed video is his review of a "Jeli Beli Peet Rat Gumi Candi", which has gotten over 18 million views and had even caught the attention of H3H3 Productions, who have made a skit about him and put it on their channel.

He also sings covers of random songs, doesn't use autotune, and directly sings the songs in his trademark voice. He pronounces every word the same way as he does in his reviews and pronunciation videos.



His face is never shown and the only visible part of his body is his green gloves. Despite this, his identity was confirmed to be Canadian gamer Koneesha on a blog post.

There has been time where his skin has been shown, and a very blurred reflection of his face is seen on some keys of a Lamobrghini Huracan that he had reviewed on his way to Vegas during a 2-part travel video.


  • The concept of being faceless with the only visible part of him being green gloves is based on The Onceler from The Lorax.