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Sam Zien (born: August 7, 1959 (1959-08-07) [age 60]), better known online as SAM THE COOKING GUY, is a Canadian-American YouTuber and Chef. He is known for his YouTube channel of which he shares a a variety of different recipes usually in 4k quality. He's had a cooking show on the platform since 2011, first premiering his early series known as The Sam Livecast. Throughout the years it transitioned to his current show format.

Before Fame

Sam worked as an executive for a pharmaceutical company prior to his work on television and cooking. He quit that job to work on travel television which was quickly derailed due to the events of 9/11. He then focused on a cooking show. After completing his own screening with different television states in and around the San Diego, California area he successfully landed a spot on a FOX channel for a 2-3 minute unpaid segment. When his segments nominated the station for a Regional Emmy, this changed and Sam started getting paid for his work.

Television Career

In January 2005, Sam moved to County Television Network (CTN), Sam Diego's public access television that offered him a 30 mintue segment on their station. Through different comapnies and sister channels of CTN, his show reached different regions and became a sensational hit with viewers. In 2008, Sam appeared on NBC's The Today Show in a segment of which he was continously interrupted by the hosts. His response was as follows 'Please, Can I talk? I watch the show everyday, everybody has issues with a lot of chatter back here. Pay attention, one minute.' The segment appeared on a clip on YouTube which has gained over 2 million views applauding for Sam's stance against the NBC hosts.

YouTube Career (2011 - Present)

On May 23, 2011, Sam launched his first Youtube series knwon as The Sam Livecast, featuring food-related and other related subject videos. After 200 live episodes, the production team switched to a live-to-tape format, which has been carried out every since. Videos are added to the channel three times throughout the week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Unless specifically mentioned, there is never a particular theme or order of recipes that are released, and most are based off viewer requests. Episodes are shot in 4K. 

Restaruants & Cookbooks

Sam currently operates two restaraunts, Not Not Tacos, and Graze by Sam the Cooking Guy located in the Little Italy Food Hall in San Diego, California. Not Not Tacos primarily serves Tacos and Mexican style food while also offering healthy food choices. Grazy by Sam the Cooking Guy primarily serves vegeterian and vegan options while also serving meat friendly dishes. Both of these restaraunts are currently not operating due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Sam also has written three cookbooks over the course of the last ten years. These cookbooks include: Just a Bunch of Recipes (2008), Awesome Recipes and Kitchen Shortcuts (2010) and Just Grill This! (2011).


  • Sam has openly said he smokes Marijuana.
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