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Tom Sandell (born: September 20, 1987 (1987-09-20) [age 32]), better known online as Sandell, is a British YouTuber that makes gaming, challenge, prank and comedy videos.

Gaming History

Tom started gaming at a very young age on the NES, but it wasn't until his highschool years that he started pushing gaming to the next level.

He would frequently play Counterstrike 1.6 with his closest friends in online tournaments eventually winning their respective league on 3 seperate occassions.

In late 2004 Tom then decided to pick up World of Warcraft, scrapping his days as an FPS player and moving into the world of MMORPGs. He made numerous Player Versus Player [PVP] videos on his infamous warlock character "Sparkellius" [coincidentally this was his username on an old website called Faceparty], he allegedly still plays WoW to this day.

However, Sandell (to most) is better known as the guy who never hit Legend Rank in Hearthstone. In most seasons he would place in Ranks 1 - 3.  He quit playing Hearthstone in 2016 after an online rant over the cost of acquiring cards. Unfortunately the rant cannot be found on Youtube anymore.


When Tom isn't producing videos he works a full time job as a Courier, but was previously a Security Administrator and Hotel Manager.


2GG : 2nd Generation Gaming

FK.CS : Fight Klub Counter Strike


  • Sandell has an older sister who is a tattoo artist
  • Sandell's favourite colour is Orange
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