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―SMG4's classic slogan

Luke Lerdwichagul (born: May 24, 1999 (1999-05-24) [age 25]), better known online as SMG4 (short for SuperMemeGuardian4 or SuperMarioGlitchy4, briefly known as SMG4 // Glitch Productions, and originally known as ṧღ64 ♭ℓ◎◎℘εґṧ), is a Thai-Australian YouTuber, director, animator, and voice actor. He is known for creating animated/machinima videos based around video game characters, most prominently from the Super Mario franchise.

Lerdwichagul is also the co-founder of the animation studio Glitch Productions (formerly known as Glitchy Boy) along with his older brother Kevin Lerdwichagul (born: June 21, 1994 (1994-06-21) [age 30]). The studio's productions are uploaded onto the GLITCH channel (formerly on the SMG4 channel), including YouTube original series Meta Runner, Sunset Paradise, Murder Drones (created by Liam Vickers), and The Amazing Digital Circus (created by Gooseworx).


SMG4 began its adventure on YouTube in 2009, but began publishing videos in 2011. His productions mainly include the game Super Mario 64. Initially, he was not that famous. 2014 marked the beginning of its immense popularity. Since 2014, the productions enjoy great popularity and recognition. SMG4 managed to get 1,000,000 subscribers in 2016, and reached 5,000,000 subscribers in 2021. He streamed a goal to get 5,000,000 subscribers, but got 5,100,000 subscribers even before the stream started.



Luke usually publishes a video every Saturday (Sunday in some time zones). While not the first to, he is currently the most subscribed Super Mario 64 Machinimist/blooper maker on YouTube, and the setting of most of his bloopers are either original SM64 maps and Garry's Mod maps.

Most of his recent animation comes from Garry's Mod (abbreviated as GMOD). He frequently uses sound clips from internet stars such as Smosh and uses many YouTube Poop sound effects.

Some of his notable SM64 series include SSENMODNAR, Retarded64 (now known as R64), the normal Super Mario 64 Bloopers (renamed SMG4 after branding), , Guards N' Retards and SMG4 Crew.

A lot of his comedy is based around ridiculous humor, spaghetti, internet humor, rage comics, drugs, and naked people.

Starting on April 21st, 2021, the character, Meggy would start making live streams in which she does a variety of content, including playing video games, answering questions, and singing. There hasn't been a Meggy stream since November 2021, and it is unlikely they will return, due to the departure of Meggy's original VA.

SMG4 Gaming[]

SMG4 Gaming, formerly known as SMG4's Second Channel, was SMG4's gaming channel. It involved him playing games (mainly Wii games) such as Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, etc. The channel has since been replaced by Hobo Bros.

Hobo Bros[]

Hobo Bros is Luke's gaming channel, where he plays games, and reacts to memes, with his older brother, Kevin Lerdwichagul. They mostly play Nintendo games, specifically Mario games, but they react to meme videos more often. Currently, this channel is inactive, with Luke and Kevin saying that they wish to work on their animated content, and do not really have time currently to post anything there, although they did say they will eventually post new content in the future.


TheAwesomeMario, formerly theawesomario, is a channel that was supposedly owned by Mario. It is based on a video called "YouTube Mario?". The channel became the center of two SMG4 video called "MarioTube". The first version showed the main cast creating their own YouTube channels and the second version showed everyone's channel getting banned and them making new ones, only to get banned again. It was SMG4's second channel until it became inactive after its latest video "Boopkins and Bob: The New Years Resolution", making Hobo Bros SMG4's second channel.

Frequent characters[]

Many characters featured in SMG4's videos originate from different video games, most of which the Mario series. However, they usually are portrayed with an alternate, more satirical personality. Some characters are YouTubers that are a part of the same community SMG4 started in, but have appeared in very limited quantities after 2014.

He usually uses models from the game Super Mario 64 in videos.

Main characters[]

  • Mario: The main character of the SMG4 series, Mario is portrayed as extremely unintelligent and insane, with a love for spaghetti. He is usually the source of conflict in each episode, to the annoyance of other characters. His voice is provided by archival clips of Charles Martinet, and voiced by David Phillips in rap battles.
  • Luigi: Mario's cowardly, but caring brother. He is presented as the butt of jokes and a bisexual who gets horny at the mere sight of men. His voice is provided by archival clips of Charles Martinet, and also voiced by David Phillips in rap battles.
  • SMG4 (SuperMemeGuardian4): A self-insert of the video's creator, initially designed as a blue and white pallet swap of Mario who is seen as the straight man of the chaos caused by the characters around him. In later videos, this is phased out and he is now seen as being obsessed with memes. He was redesigned after the Lawsuit Arc in 2022 to have a closer look to Luke's real life appearance. This model was given a visual upgrade in 2023 following community backlash. Luke also provides his voice, though he did not originally.
  • Fishy Boopkins: A sensitive sea creature who lives in the ocean and is obsessed with anime. He was redesigned in 2022 following the conclusion of the Lawsuit Arc, and was later redesigned again in 2023 following community backlash. He is voiced by Kevin Lerdwichagul.
  • Bob Bobowski: A Garo from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (formerly), who is self-entitled and obsessed with fame and fortune. He's frequently seen having sketchy jobs, including a scammer, a rapper, a hotel manager, a pawner, and a carnival owner. He was redesigned in 2022 following the conclusion of the Lawsuit Arc. He is voiced by the text-to-speech program WillFromAfar
  • Meggy Spletzer: A human girl who is tomboyish and athletic, but also straightlaced and compassionate. She was introduced as an Inkling from Splatoon, but was transformed into a human in SMG4: Final Hours, and later having a upgraded human redesign in 2023. She used to be voiced by Lizzie Freeman, before departing the role. She was replaced by Elsie Lovelock for all future appearances.
  • Tari: A blue-haired humanoid cyborg with social anxiety who loves rubber ducks. She was given a redesign in 2023. Outside of SMG4, she serves as the protagonist of the Glitch Productions original series, Meta Runner. She is voiced by Celeste Notley-Smith.
  • Saiko Bichitaru: Fishy Boopkins' former girlfriend who doesn't know her own strength, and previously an antagonist. She came from a video game called Kevin's School, but was brought to life by Boopkins with Kamek's wand. She is tough, very irritable, and has a singing career. She was redesigned in 2022 following SMG4: The Meme Games 2022. Her voice is provided by various anime voice actresses. Her singing voice is provided by Ellyn Barclay, and later Elsie Lovelock.
  • Melony: Originally a standard watermelon and Meggy's counterpart for SMG3's Anti-Cast, Melony was transformed into a human girl in Late 2020, who is frequently seen sleeping, has the mentality of a child, and has Fierce Deity powers. Axol also had a huge crush on her, and briefly became her boyfriend. She is voiced by Wolfychu.
  • SMG3 (SuperMemeGuardian3): SMG4's arch-nemesis, who was formerly a therapist. He was the main antagonist in the YouTube Arc and the overall main antagonist of the series before being redeemed in the Genesis Arc. He was redesigned after the Lawsuit Arc in 2022 to resemble the appearance of his voice actor, James Bailey. This model was given a visual upgrade in 2023 following community backlash, notably giving him a goatee.

Recurring characters[]

  • Axol: The world's greatest manga artist, born in Inkopolis. He had a pen referred to as "Inkweaver" that can bring anything else he desires to life, but is powered only by Inkling ink. He was killed in War of the Fat Italians 2021, as Melony had to take his life in order to stop Zero from destroying the universe. He was voiced by Kevin Lerdwichagul.
  • Shroomy: A sentient mushroom Boy Scout. He was originally a vile demon hunter before getting bit in the head and turned into the compassionate Boy Scout we know. He is voiced by Luke Lerdwichagul.
  • Old Man Hobo: A Pokémon NPC who is usually seen in a bathtub.
  • Toad: An apathetic, grouchy Toad who hates his girlfriend, Toadette, and is frequently dragged into situations he does not want to be a part of.
  • Bowser: An anti-villainous Koopa who specializes in cooking and neglects his children.
  • Wario: A greedy fat man who is obsessed with money and scamming people.
  • Waluigi: Wario's brother and partner in crime. He was the focal character of the Waluigi Arc, where he becomes an incredibly powerful being due to being constantly rejected from Super Smash Bros.
  • Yoshi: A criminalistic dinosaur who is often on the run from the police for committing tax fraud.
  • Teletubbies: The main characters of the children's program of the same name. Depicted as a crazy and uncontrollable species from another planet, usually welding crowbars.
  • Steve: The main character of Minecraft, who loves chickens. He has an alter ego known as Captain Steve.
  • Swagmaster6969696969: One of the two stars of the retired Guards 'N Retards series. Swag is much stupider than his friend Chris, and usually gets the duo in trouble. He is voiced by the text-to-speech program Microsoft Sam.
  • Chris Gordman: One of the two stars of the retired Guards N' Retards series, Chris is the reserved and logical of the starring duo, and often gets him and his buddy Swag out of tricky situations. He is voiced by the text-to-speech program Microsoft Mike.
  • Sergeant Mark: The former boss of Chris and Swagmaster6969696969 who works at Fresh Spaghetti Tubbie. He is a major character in the Guards N' Retards series, and also minor character in the SMG4 series.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The protagonist from the Sonic series, the blue blur used to appear in SMG4's retired "Sonic the Derphog" series.
  • Toast Guy: a Shy Guy with a love for toast.
  • Jeeves: A sentient fork who is portrayed as temperamental, posh tycoon.
  • Hal Monitor: An original character from the SMG4 universe, he's a police officer who despises anything illegal, and will go to extreme lengths to prevent illegal activity. He is voiced by the text-to-speech program Speakonia.
  • JubJub Boopkins: Fishy Boopkins' younger brother. A small, innocent creature who is unable to properly speak, only able to say his name. Mario enjoys kicking him for fun. He was Fishy Boopkins' counterpart for SMG3's Anti-Cast. He is voiced by Luke Lerdwichagul.
  • Desti: An Octoling, who is Meggy's arch-rival and competes in the Splatfest. Desti was killed in the Anime Arc whilst fighting Francis.
  • Rob: A Scarecrow obsessed with corn. He was Bob's counterpart for SMG3’s Anti-Cast. He is voiced by a text-to-speech program.
  • Whimpu: A weeb who is on a constant quest for a girlfriend, who he usually refers to as "his queen". He was Saiko's counterpart for SMG3's Anti-Cast. He is voiced by a Japanese text-to-speech program.
  • SMG1 and SMG2: Super Meme Guardians from another universe that come to the SMG4 universe to help them stop SMG0. After stopping Zero, they help train SMG4 and SMG3 in mastering their powers as Super Meme Guardians. They are voiced by MediExcalibur2012 and Robyn Barry-Cotter, respectively.
  • Karen: An anthropomorphic cat who works as a barista at Starbucks and is unamused by most things. She has a strong dislike for Mario. She is occasionally voiced by Elsie Lovelock, while most of her lines are Female Scout voice lines, provided by Sandra Espinoza
  • Kaizo Koorumaniru: Saiko's old friend from Kevin's School, who becomes a minor villain after seeing the change in Saiko's personality. Eventually, they make up and reform their band KS-2.
  • Mr. Puzzles - A humanoid television obsessed with creating the perfect TV show and getting a 5 star rating. He was the main antagonist of the PuzzleVision Saga, responsible for the events of "IT'S GOTTA BE PERFECT", "WESTERN SPAGHETTI", "WOTFI 2023" and "PUZZLEVISION". He was voiced by Brendan Blazer.

Real life characters[]

  • Starman3: Leader of the YouTube Rangers, a group of SM64 blooper creators. Starman3's appearances were gradually reduced starting in 2014 after allegations were risen against him.
  • Aaron Rogers / X: A friend of SMG4 who typically hosts the War of the Fat Italians videos. He is also a frequent editor for the series.
  • FM / FightingMario5432 / Cube: A friend of SMG4 who frequently appears in videos, usually appearing as a cop with an obsession for penguins.
  • Roprinplup14 / Enzo: A member of YTR that is often portrayed as an unstable serial killer after his birthday party was ruined by Mario.
  • MarioMario54321: A fellow SM64 Blooper creator who was one of SMG4's own inspirations to create his videos.
  • Pinkolol16 / Pink: A fellow female SM64 Blooper creator who also makes Roblox videos and Chao Series playthroughs. She used to be a co-leader of the YouTube Rangers and is also a minor character in the series.
  • Nathaniel Bandy: A fellow Minus World YouTuber who has collaborated with SMG4 multiple times.
  • Susan Wojcicki: The CEO of YouTube and minor antagonist of the series. She's depicted as a dinosaur lady who attempts to terminate SMG4's channel when he breaks the guidelines. She retired as the CEO of YouTube following the departure of her real life counterpart.
  • PewDiePie: A gamer and famous YouTuber who appears in videos as a hostile meme. He currently resides in the Internet Graveyard.

Series on the SMG4 channel[]

SMG4 series[]

Uploaded once a week, SMG4 creates an animated short using characters from a variety of video game series, as well as his own original characters. The short episodes are partially made with Super Mario 64, as well as other programs such as Source Filmmaker and Garry's Mod.

Within the SMG4 series are a variety of sub-series, including the "Stupid Mario Series" where Mario goes on an adventure in a wide variety of different video games and film universes.


Arcs are a series of SMG4 episodes which all continue from one another and are linked to one larger narrative. This was part of an effort by Luke and Kevin to have a darker, story-driven approach to their work, which became more common with their series on Glitch Productions.

Since 2018, there have been seven arcs that have been produced on the channel.

  • The Waluigi Arc - Following his repeated rejection from Super Smash Bros. and his lack of importance, Waluigi goes on a rampage, using his powers of rejection to exact revenge on the Mushroom Kingdom. The arc began on July 28th, 2018 with SMG4: Waluigi's Time and concluded on October 6th, 2018 with SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018.
  • The Rapper Bob Arc - Bob's rapping career begins to grow. However, his newfound fame goes to his head, and he begins to treat his friends like garbage, which scars Fishy Boopkins. The arc began on November 3rd, 2018 with SMG4: Mario And...The Well and ended on December 22nd, 2018 with SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing.
  • The Anime Arc - Split into two parts, the arc begins with Princess Peach banning anime across the Mushroom Kingdom, causing the gang to try and bring it back. The second part involves the villainous Francis kidnapping Inklings, including Meggy, for his own nefarious purposes. The arc ended with Desti's death and Meggy's transformation into a human. The arc began on March 16th, 2019 with SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge and ended on June 8th, 2019 with SMG4: Final Hours.
  • The YouTube Arc - After being defeated by SMG4 one too many times, SMG3 forms his own cast of characters and plots to use the YouTube Remote to erase the SMG4 Gang once and for all. The arc began on June 20th, 2020 with SMG4: Mario's Spicy Day 🔥 and ended on August 22nd, 2020 with SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020.
  • Genesis Arc - SMG4 tries to find out more about his past. He and the gang then discover his past as a Super Meme Guardian, and come face to face with SMG0, a rogue Meme Guardian that wants to remake the universe in his image. The arc ended with Axol's death at the hands of Melony, in order to stop SMG0 for good. The arc began on March 20th, 2021 with SMG4: Perfectly Balanced and ended on September 18th, 2021 with SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2021.
  • Revelations Arc - A sequel to the Genesis Arc, this arc wraps up the lore that was introduced in the Genesis Arc. It involves Melony coping with her boyfriend, Axol's death and learning to train her fierce deity powers, and SMG4 and SMG3 learning more about their Meme Guardian powers. The gang also runs afoul of the evil Box Club, who are trying to open the mystical God Box. The arc began on December 4th, 2021 with SMG4: Mario Goes To College and ended on April 2nd, 2022 with SMG4 Movie: REVELATIONS.
  • The Lawsuit Arc - The in-universe version of Nintendo take legal action against SMG4, as Lawyer Kong tries to re-claim Mario and the other Mushroom Kingdom citizens for Nintendo so they can make new games. The arc ended with SMG4, SMG3, Bob and Fishy Boopkins getting redesigned to look more original. The arc began on August 20th, 2022 with SMG4: SMG4 Gets Sued and ended on October 15th, 2022 with SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2022.


Sometimes, a number of arcs can be turned to a saga, like for example, the Cosmology Saga, which a combination of both the Genesis and Revelations arcs.

Since 2021, there have been only 2 sagas in SMG4.

  • Cosmology Saga (2021-22) - A combination of the Genesis and Revelations Arcs, this saga focuses on the Super Meme Guardians’ past and Melony still grieving on her boyfriend, Axol’s death. During this saga, they have to fight an eldritch monster named SMG0, being controlled by Niles, trying to get the perfect universe hold-on. The saga started with the Genesis Arc’s SMG4: Perfectly Balanced on September 18th, 2021, and ended with the Revelations Arc’s SMG4 Movie: Revelations on April 2nd, 2022.
  • PUZZLEVISION (2023-24) - Even without any arcs, PUZZLEVISION focuses on it’s antagonist, Mr. Puzzles, and 3 other antagonists. During this saga, parts of the SMG4 crew, particularly SMG4, SMG3, Meggy, Tari, Bob, Boopkins, and Mario are brainwashed to create shows for a streaming service called Puzzlevision. This saga has 4 chapters.
  1. Chapter 1 having SMG4 as the antagonist, starting with SMG4: SMG4… Are you Ok? on February 18, 2023, and ending with SMG4 Movie: IT’S GOTTA BE PERFECT, on March 18th, 2023.


SMG4 Movies are an annual tradition on the channel. SMG4 Movies are videos that are longer than a typical video, ranging from 40-50 minutes in length. SMG4 Movies typically tie into or finish off an ongoing storyline / arc.

Since 2020, there have been 5 movies released.

  • Meggy's Destiny - Meggy tries to fulfill the promise she made to the late Desti and win the Final Splatfest with Mario, Luigi and Tari as her teammates. The movie ends with Meggy's team winning the Final Splatfest and Meggy finally moving on from Desti's death. The movie finishes an ongoing storyline of Meggy's transformation into a human and her training for the Final Splatfest, following the end of the Anime Arc. The movie premiered on February 29th, 2020.
  • 10 Year Anniversary Special - SMG4 gathers all his current and past characters, ranging from friends, memes, and enemies, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his YouTube channel. However, the gang's celebration ends up getting them caught in the crosshairs of the villainous SMG0, who could spell doom for the SMG4 universe. The movie ends with the gang seemingly locking SMG0 away, as well as SMG1 and SMG2's apparent death. SMG4 remains shaken, but optimistic after 10 years of adventures. The movie ties into the Genesis Arc, being the 3rd video on the official playlist. The movie premiered on May 8th, 2021.
  • REVELATIONS - The SMGs and Mario try to stop a Niles-possessed Melony from opening the God Box and unleashing the power within. The movie ends with SMG0 and Niles being killed for good, the God Box getting destroyed once and for all, and Melony graduating from Omnia Academy. This movie marked the end of the Revelations Arc. The movie premiered on April 2nd, 2022.
  • IT'S GOTTA BE PERFECT - SMG4 goes insane trying to create the perfect video, and this insanity leads to him being corrupted by a demonic keyboard, he has purchased. Evidently, it's up to Mario, SMG3 and Meggy to save him, all while the others prevent Swag, Chris and the Military from destroying the castle. The movie ends with the destruction of Peach's Castle and the gang deciding to build a new one. It also marks the official debut of SMG4, SMG3, Meggy and Boopkins’ new designs. The movie finishes an ongoing storyline where SMG4 tries to make a perfect, high-quality video, but goes insane trying to get that done and ends up lashing out at his friends, while marking the first storyline of the PuzzleVision Saga. The movie premiered on March 18th, 2023.
  • WESTERN SPAGHETTI - SMG4, Meggy and co. arrive in the town of Western Spaghetti in the Wild West to find Meggy's idol, One Shot Wren. Despite all the shootouts, horse-back riding, and potato eating, Meggy and Tari learn that things aren't as they seem. The movie ends with the gang escaping One Shot Wren's simulation and the death of One Shot Wren. Meggy continues to be a coach and is assisted by Tari. The movie finishes an ongoing storyline where Meggy tries to prove to the world that One Shot Wren is a legend and didn't fall off, while tying into the PuzzleVision Saga. The movie premiered on July 8th, 2023.
  • PUZZLEVISION - Mr. Puzzles throws the kidnapped and brainwashed SMG4 cast into numerous popular TV shows, in the hope of finally achieving a 5 star rating. The movie ends with SMG4 making a TV series better than Mr. Puzzles, causing him to lose his relevancy and is finally defeated. The movie ends the PuzzleVision Saga, which had been building up since early 2023. The movie premiered on April 20th, 2024.


Hitbox is an Australian live action-comedy web series written, directed, produced by, and starring Kevin Lerdwichagul, and co-starring Luke Lerdwichagul. It is produced by Glitch Productions and Invincible Worldwide, a martial arts company. The episodes are normally narrative-based, with the actors dressing up as characters and telling a comedic story. The action scenes are arguably the highlight of the series, with these scenes and the stunts being actually performed by members of invincible worldwide. Kevin also does his own stunts, since he is an athletic individual. The series is currently on hiatus, having not had a new episode since December 2019, but Kevin Lerdwichagul said that the series isn't dead.

Dumb Stories to chill and relax to[]

In a style similar to YouTubers such as TheOdd1sOut, Luke Lerdwichagul talks about different events in his life, as well as any relevant topics to him and the channel. The videos have a very relaxed vibe to them. There hasn't been a new episode since April 2020.

SMG4 Crew[]

SMG4 Crew focuses on Mario and sometimes other members of the cast reacting to memes, doing pranks or recreating famous internet trends. The series was originally called "Mario Does Things" before changing to "SMG4 Crew", following the reveal of the SMG4 Castle.

Series on the Hobo Bros channel[]

React videos[]

The primary series on the Hobo Bros channel as of today, Luke and Kevin relax on the sofa and react to memes, old episodes of SMG4, and much more. Reaction videos became far more common on the Hobo bros channel as they are easy to make, and the brothers needed to spend more time on their projects such as Meta Runner.

Gaming videos[]

Originally the most common series on the channel, Luke and Kevin would play a huge variety of video games, both modded and un-modded. The brothers commonly played hacks and mods for games like Mario Kart and Super Mario 64, but also have done full playthroughs of a variety of games, some examples being New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Cuphead, and the entirety of Super Mario 64 using the 2 player co-op mod.

10 YouTubers vs 1 Speedrunner[]

One of the most famous series on the Hobo Bros channel, the 10 v 1 series pits a group of YouTubers against a speedrunner. The YouTubers are allowed to all play in the same user on the game and must work together to collect all the stars in the game before the speedrunner can. The YouTubers can play in the same game of Super Mario 64 together thanks to the Super Mario 64 online mod by Kaze Emanuar.

A few episodes into the series, the hobo bros and a selection of the guests that appeared on the series formed the YouTuber group Minus World, consisting of Nathaniel Bandy, NicoBBQ, SimpleFlips, TetraBitGaming, DpadGamer, Nintendrew, SwankyBox, Charriii5, and the Hobo Bros. The group made lots of collaborations on each other's channels and became a very close group of friends outside of YouTube whilst working with each other. Despite the Hobo Bros being too busy to consistently appear on the Minus World channel now, due to projects such as Meta Runner, the group still upload consistently on the Minus World channel.

Alongside the original SMG4 crew, (Luke, Kevin Harry, and Martin) the show featured a huge lineup of special guests, including Nintendrew, Nathaniel Bandy, Charriii5, Muselk, TheAMaazing, TimTom, Nicobbq, TetraBitGaming, AttackingTucans, SomeThingElseYT, Lockstin & Gnoggin, SwankyBox, DPadGamer, DreamcastGuy, HelixSnake, TJ Henry Yoshi, and Haedox have appeared on the show, playing on the YouTuber team, whilst speedrunners SimpleFlips, Cheese05, and BlueBob have appeared on the speedrunner team.


Employee Mistreatment[]

On February 24th, 2024, the episode "SMG4: The Day My Arm Went Psycho" revealed a new voice actress for Tari, Lottie Bourne, replacing Celeste Notley-Smith.[1] Hours later, Notley-Smith said on X (formerly known as Twitter) that she had not been made aware that she was being replaced.[2] This was received negatively by the fanbase, causing many fans to take Notley-Smith's side. Robyn Barry-Cotter, Meta Runner co-star and voice of SMG2, publicly condemned Glitch's actions and resigned as the voice of SMG2, appalled by how replaceable Glitch made the VAs feel.[3]

A few days later, SMG4 voice director, Jasmine Yang, made a response on Discord that she was at fault for the situation, as she had forgot to notify Notley-Smith that they were replacing her.[4] This response was met with wide-spread criticism, as many fans felt that it was a poor excuse and not the full story. Barry-Cotter released a video on her channel, Anime America, fully explaining her side of the story and everything she was allowed to say. She claimed that Yang's response was not the true story, and that Notley-Smith and Barry-Cotter knew the real reason why Notley-Smith was let go and that it was a poor reason.[5]

Following these posts, numerous reports from past employees came out, explaining the harsh nature of the company caused by the upper management (especially CEO Kevin Lerdwichagul) while also saying the creative heads, such as Luke, were amazing to work with. Upper management would repeatedly make employees work overtime and instill crunch time to get projects done by strict deadlines.[6]

Barry-Cotter would share multiple statements from anonymous past employees, claiming that Glitch cared more about gaining attention through big names and that their positive messaging was nothing but a PR front. [7][8]

Subscriber milestones[]

Note: The following dates are according to Social Blade. Dates may vary by one or two days due to differences in time zones.


  • Coincidentally, Luke voices JubJub, while his brother Kevin voices his sibling, Fishy Boopkins.
    • Additionally, in real life, Luke is the younger of the two brothers, just like JubJub.
  • Some YouTubers, such as Luigikid Gaming, PSINESS99, PrinceCharming , Charmx, and Viger react to SMG4's videos, although Luigikid and PSINESS don't react to all of SMG4's videos.
  • Luke is scared of Teletubbies.
  • His current YouTube icon is a remake of the April 2014 icon but with the new design.
  • Both Kevin and Luke are Thai-Australian.
  • Luke might be of Chinese descent, as some people see him as a Chinese.
    • It's also possible that Luke may be of Indonesian descent. In the video Super Caveman Bros., the Barney video has Indonesian subtitles and the footage probably comes from a DVD Luke bought from Indonesia.
  • Luke has a nephew named Max, who is only seen in "SMG4 Theatre: Mr. Joey goes to the theatre".[9]
  • He grew up working at his parents' shop every day after school, along with Kevin.[10]
  • In a Hobo Bros video called "Sans in smash memes that will give you a bad time", Kevin stated that Luke is actually color blind. The pair proceeded to take a color blindness test which confirmed that Luke is red-green colorblind.
  • He mains Jigglypuff, Peach, Little Mac, and King Dedede in Super Smash Bros.
  • Luke and Kevin were both founding members of the YouTube group Minus World but became inactive members of the group due to projects such as Meta Runner.
  • Kevin performs all of his own stunts in the Hitbox animated series, alongside members of Invincible worldwide.
  • In the episode SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer, the Smash Bros announcer is voiced by Nintendrew, a fellow member of Minus World.
  • In the episode SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2017, there is an animated scene that was created by and features a voice cameo by TheOdd1sOut.
  • There are many references to other YouTubers in the Meta Runner series. TheOdd1sOut and Loserfruit have cameo roles as civilians, and Muselk plays the role of the esports announcer in the first episode of the series. Crayator and Bazza Gazza then play competitors in the tempest video game tournament in episode 8. As well as that, the island that Theo lives on is called Simple Flip island, a very direct reference to the Speedrunner and fellow Minus World member SimpleFlips.
  • Luke and Kevin own a channel known as GLITCH, where all their original series are posted (Meta Runner, Sunset Paradise, Murder Drones).
  • In "The Quest for RTX", he used the Spanish meme "Wey. ¡NOOOOOOOO!" (twice)
    • In that same video something curious happens: When Mario uses the RTX (on the computer) his result is Charles Martinet (Mario's voice).