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Jeffy, stop it!

―Marvin’s most iconic catchphrase

Logan Austin Thirtyacre (born: November 17, 1994 (1994-11-17) [age 27]), better known online as SML (formerly SuperMarioLogan) is an American YouTuber who's well known for making puppet videos. From 2007 to 2021, he was known for using plushies from Mario games and also used toys which are non-Nintendo as well. As of 2021, after Nintendo sent a Cease-and-Desist letter to Logan, he has put more emphasis on making puppet videos instead of plushies and toys to promote his online store where you can buy them. Logan is most famous for the puppet character Jeffy who was first introduced in January of 2016. In addition to his main series of videos, Logan also does reviews, vlogs, behind the scenes videos and updates and has also made reaction videos and let's plays in the past as well. He has been making his last videos of his first channel on 2019, and the puppet videos.

His reaction videos were on his SuperLuigiLogan channel which was once his new main channel after his original SML channel got demonetized in late 2017. This would continue being the main channel for uploads until July of 2019 when Logan moved the videos over to SuperBowserLogan, a channel originally meant for let's plays but became the current home for uploads of the main SML videos due to SuperLuigiLogan itself becoming demonetized. The first plush video uploaded to SuperBowserLogan was on July 14th, 2019, known as Jeffy's Pet Shark, which Shark Puppet is starred in. In March 2021, Logan moved the videos once again to a channel formerly owned by crew member Elaina Keyes. In May 2021, Logan made a community post on the original SML channel stating that he plans on deleting the channel on June 1st, 2021. It was later confirmed that SuperLuigiLogan & SuperBowserLogan would be deleted as well. In July 8th, 2021, the original SML channel got deleted.


Personal life

Logan was born in Sarasota, Florida to Kelly Fay Thirtyacre and Jennifer Nichole Grant. Logan and his brother have Irish decent, which mostly comes from his father. At the age of three, his mother and father divorced, his mother met a new man named Brian Grant and they got married. This made Brian Logan's step-father. Brian also introduced the famous Nintendo character Mario to him.

Logan once got West Nile Virus from a Mosquito and was cured after two weeks. For most of his life, he couldn't eat most food as he would feel extremely ill. It eventually got to the point where he had to be injected with a feeding tube to gain weight. After struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide, Logan eventually went to a professional and was diagnosed with superior mesenteric artery syndrome. On June 20, 2012, Logan received surgery and was cured. After slowly recovering, he met Jamarcus Mitchell who had leukemia and both of them got along before his death in October 2012. After leaving the hospital, he became a Catholic and got his driving license at 17 years old.

He attended J.M. Tate High School in Cantonment, Florida. He graduated on June 4, 2013. He currently lives in Pensacola, Florida, United States. On November 4, 2020, Logan tested positive for COVID-19. His brother Lance as well as multiple crew members also tested positive. They have all since then recovered from it.

YouTube Career

Logan discovered YouTube when Lance introduced him after his friend had a YouTube account. He first joined YouTube on December 8, 2007, as SuperMarioLogan1994, but Logan closed the channel due to it containing the year of his birth. He later started another channel, simply titled SuperMarioLogan, with his first video, a recreation of the 1996 Super Mario 64 "Got Milk" commercial. On December 8, 2017. Logan uploaded a remake of the video, celebrating the 10th anniversary of his first video and of his channel.

In February 2021, Logan received a cease-and-desist letter from Nintendo, informing him he is no longer able to use or reference any Nintendo properties on his channel as a result of the controversial content as he created. As of February 11, 2021, all Nintendo themed characters have been replaced with puppets made in their likeness. On July 8, 2021, Logan Thirtyacre closed the channel due to the Nintendo Situation.

Age restrictions and demonetizations

Starting on December 12, 2017, Logan's videos had been getting age-restricted. Fans initially thought that this was related to the Elsagate scandal. On February 28, 2018, Logan confirmed on his Instagram page that YouTube revoked monetization tools and features from the SuperMarioLogan channel, making it unable to receive money from his videos, so he announced that he would be putting the SuperMarioLogan channel on hiatus until he got monetization on the channel again and switched to SuperLuigiLogan. During this Logan also said the reason SML got demonetized was Craig, which got Logan heavy backlash for blaming a popular character when it was actually Jeffy who got the channel demonetized.

On April 24, 2018, Logan said that the SuperLuigiLogan channel got partly demonetized, and only two SuperLuigiLogan videos were monetized. Fans allegedly discovered that the demonetization of Logan's channels were the result of SkipDip, a YouTube moderator and a former fan who claimed he did this to force Logan to admit he had “scammed” people on Patreon (due to the delayed time it usually took for Logan to do Patreon shoutouts after receiving the donations), as well as to force him to stop using the characters Jeffy and Junior in his videos. SkipDip would allegedly later go on to terminate Mumkey Jones in December.

On July 5, 2019, Logan posted on his Instagram that YouTube wasn't confirming his videos for monetization on SuperLuigiLogan. Logan thought this was a glitch but as time passed by and as Logan tried to upload more videos, YouTube still wouldn't confirm his videos for monetization. Logan announced on July 12th, 2019, he moved to the channel SuperBowserLogan due to the major upheaval following SuperLuigiLogan. He once again announced a new channel on March 15, 2021 simply called SML where he would be remaking older videos as well as uploading new videos. Logan explained the reason for this was to not get into any legal issues with Nintendo and to make videos with their original characters.

On October 20, 2021, an official SML store opened at the Cordova Mall in Pensacola. Like their online store, they sell puppets, shirts, and a variety of other merchandise. They also provide an interactive area for kids and TV screens that play SML videos. Logan has said that if the store does well, more locations will appear in different malls.

Patreon & GoFundMe

Logan opened a Patreon page for fans to donate to him so he could keep continuing videos, with his promise for more content. Logan had also opened up a GoFundMe to help support his channel with the goal being $900,000. These were both eventually closed down due to Logan not giving out Paterson rewards and not giving out shoutouts, claiming the actors “were too tired”.

Main characters

Characters who are the main staple of the series and appear most often.

  • Marvin: The main character of the series, Marvin is Jeffy's father, and often has to put up with his antics. (He was originally Mario prior to the C&D)
  • Rose: Marvin's Wife, she's known to not be the smartest person, and that lands her and her family in Trouble. (She was originally Rosalina prior to the C&D)
  • Jeffy: Marvin's 17-year-old son, Jeffy was raised by his abusive mother named Nancy, and met Marvin after she abandoned him. Jeffy always keeps a Helmet on due to the death of his sister FeeBee. He also has a pencil in his nose, keeps a diaper outside his pants, and has a burning hatred for Green-Beans.
  • Braxton Junior: A 13-year-old boy who loves trains (especially Thomas), Doofy the Dragon and hanging out with his friends, Joseph and Cody (He was originally Bowser Junior prior to the C&D but mainly went by Junior, which is why his name wasn't changed, up to “Meeting Charleyyy”, which is when Bowser got his name changed to “Braxton”, now making him “Braxton Junior”)
  • Braxton: Junior's strict yet lazy father, doing nothing except watching his favorite show, Charleyyy and Friends. He's also shown to be very mean, especially when it comes to Chef Pee Pee. (He was originally Bowser prior to the C&D)
  • Joseph: Junior's homeless friend who loves basketball and playing video games, Joseph is shown to not like Cody being in love with Ken, as he'll usually point out how that he's a doll. He also used to think that his mother died on Halloween, until it was revealed she left him to live a better life. (He was originally a Koopa who became a Paratroopa prior to the C&D)
  • Cody: Junior's nerdy friend who's in Love with a Ken doll he found at Toys R' Us. He's the smartest of the three and is shown to be able to create inventions like a shrink ray or the C-C-C-Cloning Machine (Cody's Crazing Cool Cloning Machine). (He was originally a Magikoopa prior to the C&D)
  • Chef Pee Pee: The stressed, underpaid chef of the household, who is constantly tormented by Junior and his dad. Chef Pee Pee hates his job a lot and wants to quit it. He's also shown not to be good at cooking, despite calling himself "a professional chef".
  • Brooklyn T. Guy: A busy and sarcastic guy from Brooklyn. He's works at all the jobs in the SML series. He's also depressed due to his stupid wife or troublesome customers.
  • Mr. Goodman: The main antagonist of the series who used to take up the role of working at every job. But Goodman inexplicably became a greedy Businessman who demands Marvin's house payments.

Recurring characters

Characters who show up every once in a while.

  • Shrek: The Dreamworks star who became a massive lover for cheesecake, and joined the main cast when Logan made a voting session for a character to join the main SML cast. He's always on the toilet eating the dessert and because of that his veins are entirely cheese. According to Shrek himself, he's eaten over 12 billion cheesecakes. (It is currently unknown if he'll get a puppet despite no C&D coming from DreamWorks)
  • Duggie: Marvin's black roommate who loves drinking Koolaid, playing Call of Duty, and chowing down on chicken from KFC. He is expected to return to the series in July, after a year long hiatus. (He was originally Black Yoshi prior to the C&D).
  • Harry: Cody's arch nemesis from London who moved to Florida due to constantly being bullied. During Pablo's quarantine, Harry was the main replacement for him. After Cody returned, its unlikely Harry will not return unless something happens to Pablo. Back in London he was called "Taco Head" because his head is shaped like a Taco.
  • Richard Goodman: Goodman's older son, who acts almost exactly like him. However he is shown to be on good terms with characters like Junior.
  • Cameel Habib Habab: A camel who's similar to Goodman, However he asks people to pay for their doorknobs. He's also a singer as he sung Mary Had a Little Camel in the episode, Scooter's Parents.
  • Booger: Jeffy’s pet dinosaur who was found under the garden unhatched for millions of years. It is currently unknown how the egg got stuck down there.
  • Pumpkin: One of Logan’s cats who occasionally inserts himself into videos intentionally.
  • Super D: One of Rose's many exes. Super D is actually a super villain and covers it up by pretending he's a superhero. He and Marvin are usually shown fighting over who's better for Rose.
  • Jonathan: Brooklyn Guy's annoying and nerdy younger brother, who lives in their mother's basement.
  • Bully: A mean kid who often bullies Jeffy, only for him to get repeatedly beaten up by him. (He was originally a Bullet Bill prior to the C&D)

Minor Characters

These characters are like recurring characters, however, appear less frequently.

  • Charleyyy: The host of the TV Show “Charleyyy and Friends”. He is Braxton’s favourite celebrity
  • Lil' T: A minor friend of Junior and a rapper. He is often naive and energetic, but mostly nice to his friends. He sometimes makes raps with his partner, Ray Cheesy. Lil' T will sometimes be killed or hurt by other people. (He was originally Toad prior to The C&D)
  • Simmons: Brooklyn Guy's best friend, and associate at the Police station. He hails from Australia, and for a time was an exotic animal hunter.
  • Jackie Chu: A smart Adult from Asia who has a PHD In Calculus and is a teacher at Y U Dumb Elementary, where he teaches Junior and his friends. Despite being one of the smartest in the series, Chu is stupid when it comes to things like Spanish, as he thinks everything starts with El and ends with an O.
  • Judy: Cody's Mom that is constantly made fun of and called a either a pig, whale, or cow by other characters, mainly Junior and Joseph. She is also Jewish but has an unusual idea of the faith as she thinks Jews were oppressed by the Nazi cheeseburger for one.
  • Tyrone: Judy's husband and Cody's black dad. Tyrone cares a lot about his family but despite this he has cheated on Judy countless times.
  • Nancy: The biological mother of Jeffy and Feebee as well as the widow of painter Jacques François. She is an alcoholic who abuses her children, but she was later arrested after being caught by Marvin. Nancy is the main antagonist of the SML Movie where she attempts to inherent Jeffy's money as he's worth his father's fortune.
  • Loan Dolphin: A dolphin scam artist. Despite being a villain he can sometimes be a good guy such as in "Black Yoshi's Chicken Sandwich!" where he helped Marvin get a chicken sandwich to save Duggie.
  • Penelope: One of the few female students in Y U Dumb. She is attracted to Cody because apparently his face reminds her of pizza. However, Junior is always seen simping for her. She is the daughter of Brooklyn T Guy.
  • Craig: The Devil himself, Craig is portrayed as a nice guy, despite being the literal Devil. He does help out people on occasions. He was also accused of being the reason SML got demonetized, but some say this was an excuse to keep Jeffy around.
  • Dr. Fredrick Finkleshitz: A mad scientist who is responsible for many catastrophes the killer shrimp and the alien in "Alien Jeffy". Like Doofy, He was retired after SML's age restriction but returned in Alien Jeffy but hasn't appeared since. Although he made his return to the series in “The Hypnosis Ray” to the delight of fans.
  • Mr. Winkle: A minor antagonist of the series, whose implied to be a Pedophile. He debuted in the first grade series, where he constantly sexually harassed the students.
  • Bubbles: A rapist who constantly loves to rape people
  • Does Bad Things Guy: Brooklyn Guy's evil twin brother who took over for him in 7 months. He was shot by Brooklyn Guy later
  • Kody: Cody's evil look a like
  • Mr. Meaner: A serial killer who kills people for a living
  • Judge Pooby: A Judge who sentences people to jail until proven innocent
  • Barbara Guy: Brooklyn Guy and Jonathan's rude mother. Who respects the latter more than his brother.

Forgotten/Retired/One-time characters

These are characters who have either being retired from the series, forgotten entirely, or just made one appearance.

  • Mama Luigi: He was a former main character who was a clone of Luigi. He is idiotic and didn't usually take situations seriously. He would end up sacrificing his life protecting his friends from Junior's Dad. Mama Luigi did reappear in the remake of Toad's Mistake but hasn't returned since.
  • Chaz and Junior Junior: Two babies who Have the head of Chef Pee Pee, they were made with Cody's B-B-B-Baby Machine. Their only appearance was in the video Chef Pee Pee's Kids!
  • The Angry Birds: A group of birds consisting of Big Red, Speedy, Blue, Taliban, Toni, Chad and Puff. They were some of Black Yoshi/Duggie's friends and are currently living in an unknown Location after the finale of Black Yoshi and The Birds.
  • Benjamin: Goodman's baby son who sounds exactly like him. He first appeared in Mr. Goodman's Baby and then returned in Bowser Junior the Babysitter.
  • Woody: A former main character of the series, he hunts for shrimps in the wild or as he calls them, "Shrimpo's". He has been highly requested to come back.
  • Mickey Mouse: The previous host of American Idol who would introduce the contestants.
  • Minnie Mouse: A former supporting character of the series, she is the girlfriend of Tony the Tiger & Mickey Mouse.
  • Tony The Tiger: Another former main character who was originally the deuteragonist of the series. He is very stupid and apparently hates his Own Cereal (Frosted Flakes). He also likes the taste and smell of poop.
  • Mr. Pig: Another former main character who was one of Marvin's best friends early on in the show, appearing mostly in 2007 and 2008 and only a few times during the first 2 seasons of SML Movies. He later became an antagonist in his final appearance. He was also friends with Duggie as well.
  • Princess Peach: The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom who used to be Marvin's wife. She was often annoying and arrogant, only caring about Marvin's appearance, divorced and broke up with him for being bald, and is hated by people due to her personality.
  • Luigi: Marvin's biological brother who is mostly shy and easily frightened. He sometimes works to suck up ghosts in his Poltergust. He used to have his own series called Luigi's Mansion, where he had to save his friends from staying as ghosts.
  • Doofy the Dragon: A retired character of the series, he was Junior's Favorite TV show character. A running gag was that Doofy found a way to kill himself in every episode he appeared in. He was retired due to SML getting age restricted.
  • Principal Steinbeck: The principal of Jeffy and Junior's School who is a huge jerk and hates everyone. After First Day of School, he has disappeared from the series. Although he did make a comeback in Cody Goes to College after an almost 5 Year absence.
  • Scooter: A former one-time character then recurring character, Scooter is Jeffy's dumb clone who calls everyone "fat boy". Due to Matthew's (Scooter's Voice Actor) fake charges, he won't appear anymore starting from Rich Scooter.
  • Screwball: A clown who is Joseph's ex-husband who occasionally lives alone in a box. He's a registered sex offender and likes to give candy to children.
  • Super Big D: Another one of Rose/Jeffy's Mom’s ex-boyfriends who like Super D, is a superhero. But unlike Super D, Super Big D is actually a good guy. The two have a big rivalry. But despite this they became a gay couple at the end of Jeffy’s Crayons.
  • Dewey Donedidit: Often considered the worst and most hated one-time character in all of SML, Dewey is a scam artist and TV producer who used his work to scam Marvin, Rose and Jeffy into their own TV show. As mentioned before, a large portion of the community hates Dewey and Tito actually regrets playing him due to all the hate he got.
  • Big Daxter: The 2nd ex-boyfriend of Rose. He is a football player who was meant to replace Tom Brady after Chef Pee Pee accidentally knocked him out. However, he isn’t that good at it and constantly makes excuses for doing bad.
  • Precious: Logan’s favorite pet cat who appeared in videos until she sadly died to Stage 4 Kidney Failure.
  • Mr. Potato Head: A popular toy who got Papa John’s sued because he lost his limbs in a pizza and money.
  • Muriel: The School lunch lady. She has a crush on Jeffy and is one of Brooklyn Guy’s ex-girlfriend.
  • Billy: A serial killer who likes to play games AIDS related (He is a parody of Jigsaw from the Saw franchise)
  • Officer Cuddlesworth: Brooklyn Guy's other partner who was a replacement for Simmons when he "died"
  • Lucifur: A cat owned by Craig who lost 8 of his lives
  • J.R: A huge fan of Charleyyy & Friends like Braxton, who claims to be Charleyyy’s “Biggest Fan”.

Crew members

Current Members

  1. Logan Austin Thirtyacre
  2. Lance Ashton Thirtyacre
  3. Lovell Stanton
  4. Chris "Pablo" Netherton
  5. Elaina Marie Keyes
  6. Matthew Scott Reber
  7. Anthony Fitzgerald Miller
  8. Audrey Ann ÓMáille
  9. Tito Jimenez
  10. James Campbell

Former Members

  1. Rachel DeLuca (may return)
  2. Zeke
  3. Lucas (Luke)
  4. Chilly Jimenez (does help out with props occasionally such as in Jeffy's 17th Birthday but no longer plays a part in actual SML Videos, currently only plays a part in vlogs)
  5. Monica


FroggyCompany drama

When Logan first began doing YouTube in December 2007, he was inspired by an early Mario plushtuber going by the name FroggyCompany to make his own plush videos after watching a few of FroggyCompany's videos. Logan later contacted and started talking to Froggy who gave Logan advice tips on making plush videos. Not long afterwards, however, FroggyCompany stopped doing plush videos as he felt he was getting too old to make them and moved on to doing other content such as YTPs and stopped socializing with Logan. When Logan started getting popular in the "plushtubing" community around 2008, FroggyCompany became jealous of Logan's success as he was now more popular than Froggy.

This lead to Froggy demanding Logan the SuperMarioLogan channel as Froggy felt he deserved it. After failing to convince Logan to give him the SuperMarioLogan channel, Froggy began to take Logan's videos and redub over them. This was seen as harassment by Logan who reported the videos. Froggy's channel was then terminated by YouTube as a result of this. FroggyCompany is now known as the animator FroggyTheFries.


Much of Logan's videos have been criticized for many years. Most of the criticism is directed at repetitive and boring plots, overused and horrible characters, as well as terrible morals and messages. Some of the criticism started sometime around 2014 and 2015, mostly towards Junior who was bashed for his bad behavior and no karma given when deserved.

However, most would argue that Logan's content got worse starting from 2016, when Jeffy was introduced. While most fans didn't mind him, several people bashed Jeffy for stereotyping the mentally impaired, his intentional bad behavior, and repetitive jokes. This would make Logan be criticised for his incredibly offensive humor, mostly jokes about racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism. Several YouTubers would continue to criticize Logan's content including Dabhdude, MλFDOMiNUS, Siejax, Daniel T. Gaming, CDusk and InternetAjay.

One example of a poorly received video is the infamous video Jeffy's Bad Word, which involves Jeffy saying a slur he heard from Marvin, resulting in Marvin being the one getting punished instead of Jeffy.

The episode was polarized by fans, criticizing it for the use of what they called "Marvin torture" and how horrible Jeffy, Rose, and other characters acted towards Marvin. The word “Marvin torture” would start a trend of videos being referred to as “torture videos”, when used to describe Marvin or other characters like Cody being punished in videos, instead of the character(s) that caused the problem, or when said character has a lot of bad things happen in a video. Jeffy’s Bad Word, has gone on to be known by fans, as the worst episode in the SML series.

The 2016 Thanksgiving Special, Turkey Tyranny made a self-aware joke about another heavily bashed episode, Locked Out. Logan stated that he wouldn't get rid of Jeffy because it's what helped him become popular as well as making him lots of revenue. In 2018, Logan promised that if he got his ad revenue back on the main SML channel, he would burn Jeffy. When YouTube gave him his ads back, he made a video saying that YouTube had a deadline to which they didn't make, although many argue this was just an excuse by Logan to get away with lying about burning Jeffy. Tito was also used to mock Jeffy haters in the same video.

In late 2019, Logan attempted to redesign the Nintendo plushie characters into puppets which he could call his own original characters. So he created new human puppets of these characters which first appeared in the episode, The Human Potion which was released on November 4, 2019. Several fans disapproved the new puppets calling them creepy and not as appealing as the original designs. One example is the Joseph puppet, which people called creepy for his teeth and the lack of eyebrows. Logan had initially done this to avoid issues relating to COPPA but due to the backlash he decided to make one puppet video per month and more plushie videos as a compromise. However, due to the cease and desist from Nintendo that Logan received in 2021 the human puppets have become permanent. And some of them received redesigns. Most notably Joseph losing his teeth.

SuperMarioLogan Movie

In 2016, Logan announced that he planned to create a SuperMarioLogan movie. And in 2017, it was confirmed the movie was in the works. The plot of the movie would've involved Nancy kidnapping Mario, in order to take back Jeffy, so she can get the money of her dead husband, Jacques Pierre François once Jeffy turns 18. It would then be up to Jeffy and his friends to save him. Logan had stated that the movie would partially take place in a desert.

One of Logan's friends and old cast members, Zeke was confirmed to be reprising his role as Mama Luigi in the movie. With Logan also saying that almost every character throughout the entire series, that appeared up to the movie would be returning, with some contributing to the movie's plot. Which pleased older fans of the series. The trailer was released on July 9, 2017, and screenshots would later be teased. However, the movie was repeatedly delayed while Logan continued to promise his fans that the movie would be releasing soon.

In 2020, Logan's ex-girlfriend, Chilly confirmed that the film was cancelled, with no official response from Logan. Many fans were disappointed that Logan never made an official announcement, with Zeke potentially losing his job due to traveling to film with Logan. However, a rumour spread that the movie would be coming to the SML streaming service SML+ on Thanksgiving 2022. However, Logan confirmed that both the streaming service and the alleged release date of the film were hoaxes. However, in a recent stream by Anthony and Logan. It was confirmed that the video for Jeffy's 18th Birthday, will be the long-awaited movie. But because of the C&D, the movie will be featuring the puppets, and whilst unconfirmed, it may still follow the original plotline of Nancy kidnapping Marvin, to get the money left over from Jeffy's father. However, Zeke has confirmed that whilst he does still support Logan, he has moved on from SML. So depending on the circumstances, Mama Luigi may have to be re-cast, and get a human design, or not appear in the movie at all

Jeffy fan hanging controversy

On March 24th, 2017, Logan uploaded the SML Short, Jeffy's Tantrum. The video received mixed responses by fans, however, the video would soon end up in a massive controversy, resulting in the demonetisation of SML.

The episode itself involves Jeffy flipping out at Marvin due to him not buying him the mobile game “SpongeBob Moves In” from the App Store, and does multiple things to try and get it, such as throwing the couch of the balcony, eventually leading to Marvin hitting Jeffy with the belt. Towards the end of the episode, there was a scene in which Jeffy prepared to hang himself after he fell into a depressed state over not getting the game, although this was stopped after Junior gave him an Apple Gift Card to buy the game, only for Jeffy to become enraged once he learns Marvin sold Jeffy’s iPad to get a new couch, because of Jeffy throwing the first one of the balcony.

On December 12, 2017, an article published by UK tabloid company The Sun, created an article, about how a mother was disgusted by the content Logan was making. She expressed her anger, about how Jeffy’s Tantrum, particularly the scene where Jeffy was about to hang himself, supposedly taught her son to tie nooses. as she found him hanging himself with Christmas lights in his room. The mother has since banned the child from ever watching SML again.

Logan apologized and deleted the video a few days after. But, it would later result in the channel being demonetised entirely. As a result, Logan’s fans criticised the mother for not teaching her son about Internet safety. Later, the same 7-year-old made a viral petition on to re-monetize SuperMarioLogan's channel, however it was ultimately taken down due to defending YouTube’s Community Guidelines, re-uploads still exist, so people can still watch the video.

However, many people have stated that the report was potentially fake, and could’ve been a publicity stunt by the mother, in order to get YouTube to punish Logan for his inappropriate content. The main piece of evidence people point to, is the nuce, Jeffy was going to hang himself with. As it was never shown being tied by Jeffy in the video itself. Instead, being done before the scene was filmed. As a result, this contradicts the mother’s claims of the episode teaching her child to tie them. Raising the question, of how the child did it, without being shown the nuce being tied.

EDP445 Drama

In February of 2018, Logan had shown interest in working with now former YouTube vlogger and infamous Philadelphia Eagles fan, Bryant Moreland, better known online as EDP445. Moreland reciprocated, and the two began to work out a deal in which Moreland would join the SML cast. Moreland would be paid $5,000 a month, and Logan even paid for Moreland's entire trip to the Superbowl. However, the deal never went through, and it appeared as if Logan had ghosted Moreland. On October 14, 2018, Moreland uploaded a video in which he attacked Logan for his ghosting and treatment of him. Further, in the video's description, Moreland claimed that him and Logan were supposed to meet and hang out for two weeks in Los Angeles starting on September 30, 2018. However, Moreland had found out that Logan had gone to Las Vegas instead, without contacting Moreland.

After the video was released, Lovell attacked Moreland and came to Logan’s defense. Lovell stated that Logan only spent half a day in Los Angeles and didn't have time to meet with Moreland. He continued by bashing Moreland for unable to afford tickets to the Superbowl and for not thanking Logan for paying for his trip.


In 2018 Logan and his former girlfriend Chilly announced an event called JeffyCon, which took place outside the Nintendo NY Store. Initially, Logan was only expecting a few people to be there. But was shocked when he saw the giant crowd that gathered there to see him. Which also revealed that Logan’s fanbase was mostly made up of children. The Convention ended up getting so chaotic that the NY Police Department got informed about what was happening, causing Logan and Chilly to be escorted out of the convention for their own safety.

Good Morning America

On May 8, 2018, the TV news program, Good Morning America released a segment about YouTube content for kids, specifically Logan's videos. The show bashed the channel for violent and inappropriate content for his young audience, commenting on how destructive Jeffy is as a role model. Good Morning America interviewed kids who watched Logan's content, calling his videos addictive and attractive.

Many fans bashed Good Morning America for biased news, bad parenting, as well as the children who were interviewed. They also mass disliked the video as well. Logan had explained in his channel description and vlogs that the channel is meant for audiences 18 and older. However, some criticized Logan for being unaware of his young fanbase and harmful content since he attempted to be family friendly around January 2018. In a vlog, Logan reacted to the news article and called Good Morning America manipulative, scripted, and biased.

False flagging incident

In early 2018, Logan found both the SML and SLL channels getting demonetized to the point where new videos were being instantly confirmed by manual review. In late April and early May of 2018, fans discovered the demonetization spree was being caused by a group of disgruntled fans that were reporting many videos on both channels, all led by a user named SkipDip (now named Nikkyboi). SkipDip stated that his motives were to force Logan to admit he had “scammed” people on Patreon and to force him to stop using Jeffy and Junior due to them being the focus of nearly every modern SML video. He claimed that by using those characters and rarely using Shrek, Black Yoshi and other older characters, Logan was "insulting" fans of the older videos and not caring for them, even though Black Yoshi still appeared semi-frequently and Shrek still got a few videos per year. A massive flame war broke out as a result, as some fans actually supported SkipDip's motives. Other independent users also mass-reported videos either to troll Logan or because they were overzealous moral guardians trying to "protect" children. As a result, It would take until August of that year for the demonetization spree to calm down.

Drama and severing ties with the Jimenez family

Following 2 weeks of inactivity on Chilly's YouTube channel after the last video upload was on November 29, 2019, many people speculated that Logan and Chilly had broken up. On December 15, 2019, Chilly's sister, Damaris Chapman, spoke out on both her Twitter and Instagram that Logan had cheated on Chilly with two prostitutes. She also said that Logan had told Tito not to tell Chilly of his adultery, but Tito told her, which led to Logan ripping up all of Tito's plushes. Then, he angrily told both Chilly and Tito to get out of the house. Logan would later confirm on his Instagram that he had been involved in a falling out with both Chilly and Tito for the past month, and it culminated with him ousting them from the house. Tito also confirmed on his Instagram as to why he snitched on Logan. On February 3, 2020, Logan confirmed on his Instagram that he and Chilly had been broken up for a month.

During an Instagram live-stream with Lovell on February 22, 2020, Logan revealed more details in regard to his break-up with Chilly. Having found a new girlfriend shortly after breaking up with Chilly, Logan told Chilly to get out of his house, but despite his mom changing the locks and taking out of all of Chilly's stuff, she broke into the house due to his address being on her driver's license and that she was able to use a locksmith to get back into the house. In addition to this, Logan also confirmed Chilly's infidelity, where he said that she brought numerous other guys with her back to his home to sleep with her. Logan knew of her infidelity due to his neighbors calling him about the whole ordeal. Logan also stated that he would sue Chilly over ownership of her channel due to royalty issues and that he's technically the owner of the channel due to it originally being called SuperPeachLogan. Logan stated that his brother Lance was edited out of all of the Chilly's vlogs due to her dislike of Lance. He added on to this, saying that Chilly disliked his family in general, not letting him contact or see them and instead forcing him to support her family over his own. Logan further stated that he helped Chilly, and Tito grow their channels, citing that his involvement was the only reason why people watched the videos on their channels. Logan then re-iterates about wanting ownership back of Chilly's channel, but then makes a proposition: Chilly can keep the channel, but she must remove every video on the channel that involved him.

Logan states that Chilly was in disbelief of him moving on from their relationship despite posting on Instagram photos and stories of him and his new girlfriend in Hawaii. Logan states that his life was a living hell with Chilly for the last few years due to her being abusive towards him and using him for her own personal gain (For example Logan couldn't do videos with Elaina due to Chilly placing cameras around the house and strictly telling him that he couldn't do videos with her). Chilly officially left Logan's house on Monday, February 24, 2020. Logan then says a couple of last things before leaving the live stream. He confirms Chilly had been cheating on him for over a year, in which he didn't believe Lovell at first when he told him about Chilly's infidelity. He also stated that if he doesn't get back ownership of Chilly's channel, he'll start his own vlogging channel and show the SML crew in a more positive light. This would be a stark contrast to Chilly's vlogs, in which the members of the SML crew were rarely seen in or mentioned in a good manner. Logan then summarizes the drama, stating that he was used by Chilly and her family for his wealth and fame. Logan concludes that his content won't change and that the format of his videos will remain the same, while expressing that he's never seen such ungrateful people in his life.

Swatting and coverup

On December 16, 2019, Logan received a call from the Escambia County Sheriff's Office, telling Logan to come out with his hands up, however, The Police Force was not at Logan's house right away. Later, Logan told Lance to get out of the house, so he didn't get involved. However, a SWAT team encountered Lance and asked for Logan. Logan later came out of the house and was handcuffed by police, where Logan claimed that he was likely being swatted after a police officer said that someone called the police, saying Logan was shooting his neighbor's windows with an AK-47. Later, Chilly exited the house and the police figured nothing was going on, which according to Logan made them annoyed, due to there being a lot of crime in the area. The footage was leaked on September 6, 2020.

Two days later on September 8, Logan released a video in which he, along with Lance, explained the situation. He did not break the news initially but did now to clear up some questions people had. Logan and Lance also stated that no one should swat others due to how dangerous it is. The video would become #2 on trending before the trailer of the Xbox Series S. It's currently unknown who truly got Logan swatted in December, as the footage wasn't released and confirmed for 10 months, so any evidence would have been lost. Many fans suspected Chilly and Tito were the ones responsible for getting Logan swatted as revenge for the breakup, despite Logan and Chilly not breaking up until a week later and Chilly getting escorted out of the house. Some fans also suspect Chilly and Tito's older sister Damaris Chapman as the person who got Logan swatted as revenge for him not wanting to lie about having an affair he didn't do.

Within a few days of the video of the swatting being leaked, fans found an old message from November 2019 warning the SML community about SkipDip plotting to swat Logan. The link also included an Instagram page that was posted by SkipDip, but the Instagram page had already been taken down. This supposedly confirmed that SkipDip was the one responsible for the December 2019 swatting. However, there is no way to truly confirm that he was responsible as SkipDip has vanished from the internet and hasn't been seen since early 2020.

Cease and Desist from Nintendo

In February 2021, it was revealed through a Twitter DM that the licensed Nintendo plushies that were used in Logan's videos since the start of the channel in December 2007 would no longer be used in videos following a cease and desist that Logan got from Nintendo. Nintendo said they didn't want their family friendly characters being associated with Logan's insulting and dark humor. Although Logan has claimed his content was meant to be a parody of Nintendo and Mario, he decided to stop using the plushies in favor of original puppet characters. These puppet characters had already been becoming more prominent on the channel since they were first introduced in 2019.

At first, many people speculated it was fake such as SML Fandom User Bearbro57, who theorized how the letter could've been sent from someone like SkipDip or Tito in order to troll Logan and get him to use the puppets. Others thought the letter was sent from an angry fan who didn't like the direction Logan had gone with his content. One fan believed Chilly sent the letter as revenge for having her main source of income (mooching off Logan) cut off. Logan later confirmed the letter was real, first through a comment on one of Dabhdude's video on the topic and later through an update video he made on Lance's channel which ended up on the trending page.

On March 16, 2021, Logan uploaded a channel trailer on a channel formerly owned by crew member Elaina Keyes where he talked about having to move the SML content to that channel. In addition, he also said he would start to remake older SML videos using the human puppets as the original videos used the Nintendo plushies. Logan also said he might have to delete the original videos as well as the channels they were uploaded on including SuperMarioLogan, SuperLuigiLogan, and SuperBowserLogan despite all three of them being renamed. This was due to Logan not being able to change the URL name to the channels which retain their original channel names and appearances.

On May 2nd, 2021, Logan made a community post on his original channel saying that the main channel would be deleted in 30 days due to the Nintendo conflict. It was later confirmed on May 15th, 2021, that the SuperLuigiLogan channel would be deleted too, with SBL also being revealed to be meeting the same fate. As a result of this post, many fans started reuploading Logan's older videos in an effort to archive his past content. Despite this, it took Logan two months to actually delete the channels. Why he waited this long is unknown. But, on July 8th, 2021, the channels were deleted.


On July 7, 2021, Logan uploaded a final video on the SML Plush Show channel in which he tells his fans that the channel is going to be deleted 100%, the following day all Logan videos were deleted, and the channel was gone, Logan also confirmed that the SuperLuigiLogan and the SuperBowserLogan channels were also going to be deleted later in the next couple of months until the end of 2021. This ultimately caused a large portion of SML's fanbase to turn against Nintendo for suing a YouTuber all because he used their plushes for his videos. However some have argued that this is due to Nintendo being very protective of their properties. However, on November 1st all the SML episodes were re-uploaded on SBL, for unknown reasons. Also, all of Logan's videos were reuploaded on a different channel called SML Reuploaded.

Subscriber Milestones

Note: This is just for the main SML channel which has been inactive since 2018.

  • 1 million subscribers: October 18, 2016
  • 2 million subscribers: May 14, 2017
  • 3 million subscribers: August 27, 2017
  • 4 million subscribers: December 17, 2017
  • 5 million subscribers: March 2, 2018
  • 6 million subscribers: July 15, 2018
  • 7 million subscribers: February 18, 2019
  • 8 million subscribers: September 24, 2019
  • 9 million subscribers: August 29, 2020

Video views milestones

  • 1 billion views: February 22, 2017
  • 2 billion views: October 10, 2017
  • 3 billion views: April 30, 2018
  • 4 billion views: February 11, 2019
  • 5 billion views: November 10, 2019
  • 6 billion views: June 27, 2020
  • 7 billion views: March 19, 2021


  • Logan met Charles Martinet, the iconic voice of Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi.
  • Many videos once had scenes that were recorded, however weren’t included in the video. Two examples being a scene from “Bowser Junior the Babysitter” in which Joseph appeared, talking with Junior after he lost Benjamin, and one from “Bowser Junior’s 10th Birthday”, where Junior burns SpongeBob’s face on the cover of “Nickelodeon Kart Racers”, due to Logan absolutely hating the game.
    • Whilst the first scene didn’t have a reason to be cut, the second one did, as Logan was worried it could cause more backlash to his channel (supposedly mainly from the Nickelodeon fanbase) as around the time of the videos release, Stephen Hillenburg, SpongeBob’s creator, had just passed away, and was worried that if the scene was kept in, many could see it as him disrespecting Stephen’s legacy.
  • The Gordon Ramsay Puppet is referred to as "British Chef" on the SML Merch website due to legal reasons.
  • One of the most believed SML Theories, was that the “Friends” in Charleyyy & Friends, were actually the audience in each episode, as the only character to ever appear in the show itself was Charleyyy. This was officially confirmed in “Jeffy and Junior’s Big Heist!” After Junior asked Charleyyy how they laugh whenever he wants them to.
  • Logan is 5'10" (177 centimeters) tall.
  • Logan has a younger sister named Haleigh, who was the inspiration behind Junior.
  • Brooklyn Guy was replaced by the character of his Twin Brother "Does Bad Things Guy" for 9 months back in 2017.
  • Mr. Goodman's voice used to be reminiscent of Mr. Mackey from South Park. However, he would lose this impression overtime.
  • Logan revealed in his reaction in the episode "The Elevator" that he has claustrophobia.
  • Combining all of his channels, Logan has around 20 million subscribers.
  • Logan briefly had a fight online with another plush YouTube channel. That being the Cute Mario Bros. The argument itself was about wether SML or CMB was the first plush channel on YouTube. Not only that but Logan secretly mocked CMB in one of his fan mail videos.
  • Logan had collaborated with Jason Derulo in the episode “Chef Pee Pee Goes to Hollywood” which is about Chef Pee Pee getting to cook for the famous artist but gets fired for how terrible the dish is.
    • He also collaborated with rapper, Destorm back in 2009 to make a SuperMarioLogan theme song which isn't featured in other episodes.
  • Logan is often criticized for having no character development in any of his videos and having the characters keeping their same traits. This is mostly due the large lack of continuity within the SML universe, which explains why the characters have never developed throughout the series.
  • Logan used to go to college after he graduated high school, but he dropped out to focus on YouTube full time.
  • Logan used to be an artist and showcased his work in several of his videos, such as his Draw My Life video and his paintings.
  • Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures was originally going to end with the second season, where Mario went back in time to the very first episode. This was done just in case Logan would happen to die during his surgery from superior mesenteric artery syndrome.
  • There are multiple copycat SML channels where they'll often reupload the same video but under a different channel and in some cases a different name and thumbnail. With most of the thumbnails being stolen. Some are even identified as music channels by YouTube despite not uploading any music videos.
  • On April 13, 2021, his cat, Precious, passed away due to a stage 4 Kidney Failure.
    • A video titled “Precious’ Biggest Fan!” was made as a Tribute to her.
  • Logan used to express multiple times how his least favorite film was Big Hero 6. This became a recurring joke in the SML series, where Junior shows his hatred for the movie. As of now, Lightyear has become Logan’s least favourite movie.
  • On November 1st, 2021, all the videos on SuperBowserLogan were mysteriously reuploaded. It’s currently unknown why, however fans originally speculated that Nintendo decided to let Logan use the Nintendo characters again. This has been disproven due to the videos still having the puppets. The most likely theories are that Nintendo let Logan reupload them, as long as he keeps the puppets in the thumbnails, or Logan did this without Nintendo’s knowledge, hoping they would think he remade the videos with the puppets.
  • It was once speculated Logan was making 2 apps, one being a thumbnail maker, and the other being a streaming service titled SML+. However, Logan has stated that these are false, and RadSMLThumbnails (the person who lied about them) received a lot of hate and backlash for it, with many also finding out about how mean he is. Eventually, leading him to being banned from Instagram after sexualizing Jeffy in a fan made Thumbnail called “Jeffy’s nudes” as a joke. However, this could make him a pedophile, due to Jeffy having yet to become an adult in the SML universe.
  • The channel was referenced in a now deleted FNAF Fan-Game known as “Ultimate Nintendo Night”, with a mode known as “SML Movie” which both references the channel, but is also due to Mario, Rosalina, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Koopa Troopa and Kamek being selectable antagonists in the game (Toad is also featured in the game, however he strangely wasn’t featured in the mode, likely due to him being paired with Toadette).
  • During Dabhdude’s 10th Anniversary Iceberg video, he mentions that Logan was once a moderator in his streams.
  • Logan and Chilly got back together a while ago. And are now raising their own child, who was recently born, named Lily. Whilst it could be assumed Logan’s friends would have to make videos without him, Logan himself has stated that there are videos that have already been finished, and will be uploaded on the usual schedule, whilst he and Chilly take care of Lily.