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Nicolas "Nico" Kenn De Balinthazy (born: September 8, 1998 (1998-09-08) [age 25]),[2] better known online as SNEAKO, is an American internet personality.

Through his main channel "SNEAKO" and second channel "SHNEAKO" on YouTube, Sneako amassed over 2,000,000 subscribers, up until his termination from the platform after repeated community guideline violations. He now posts content on the alt-tech social media platform Rumble.

YouTube career[]

2013-2022: Main channel[]

On his main channel, Sneako started out uploading gameplay commentary videos[3], before switching to commentary with his popular series known as 'Internet Rant.' He eventually started making more motivational content, with many different topics relating to life. He is most famous for his video "Would You Say the N-Word for 1 Dollar" where he went around doing a street interview to random strangers and asking them if they would say the N-word if he paid them $1[4]. He would conduct similar videos like this like "Is It Okay To Be Fat"[5] and "Why Men and Women Aren't Equal"[6].

He started a series called 'One Minute Podcast' where he would upload sociopolitical commentary and hot takes. He would also upload rants, reviews and political commentaries. He occasionally vlogs, most of which were made while he was still dating his girlfriend.

Sneako is extremely disliked by left-wing people and feminists due to his conservative ideas like "there are only two genders", and for his misogynistic rants and his use of slurs. He also produces homophobic and transphobic content. He's well-known for being a right-wing Muslim, and he has been criticized by tons of YouTubers accusing him of faking his religion and political beliefs for money, without any evidence.[7][8]

His channels received mixed reviews due to his comments towards feminism and left-wing politics.

Other channels[]

In early 2022, Sneako began livestreaming to his second channel, Shneako, and posted clips of the streams as individual, shorter videos.[10] On this channel, Sneako expressed his opposing views on subjects such as feminism and beliefs perceived as "woke", as well as his support of conspiracy theories,[11] heavily inspired by controversial figures such as Andrew Tate[12] and Kanye "Ye" West.[13] His stream with Nick Fuentes, a white supremacist figure, caught the attention of the US Senate, stating Sneako promoted "hateful, dangerous, and extremist content", while showing a clip of him singing Hava Nagila, a Jewish folk song.

On this channel, Sneako amassed a following of roughly 900,000 subscribers, as well as a sizeable following on TikTok.

He has collaborated with FreshandFit, Shannen Michaela and Tristan Tate.

October 2022: Channel termination[]

On October 3, 2022, both of Sneako's channels were terminated by YouTube due to alleged "severe or repeated violations of YouTube's TOS", although his main channel did not have any strikes.[14][15] Sneako later released a statement thanking all of his followers for supporting him in his nine years on YouTube, and moved his videos to Rumble. He gained 100k subscribers on Rumble the next month.

His Twitter account was banned in September 2022 after challenging HasanAbi to a fight, saying that he would "break his face".[16] His account was later reinstated in November 2022.


Sneako worked under MrBeast for a short period of time, but was eventually let go from the team.[17]

Other ventures[]


Shortly after Sneako's termination, he made a Twitch account and announced he would start streaming on the platform, but was permanently banned from the site 2 days after the announcement, despite not breaking any rules. Sneako has since moved to Rumble for livestreaming. He also retains his Instagram account and has regained his Twitter account. Sneako has retained a relatively large following considering the circumstances, but not nearly as large as his following prior to his termination.


Sneako briefly worked with rapper Kanye "Ye" West for his 2024 presidential campaign but he got fired shortly due to, by his own admission "Creative Differences"[18] , collaborating with far-right internet personalities Nick Fuentes and Milo Yiannopoulos.[13]

As of December 2023, Sneako is back on Ye's team. He announced the news on 17/12/2023

The Creativity Kit[]

In mid-2022, Sneako started 'The Creativity Kit', an online course where he and other influencers teach about the basics of content creation.[19]


Sneako stars as himself in the film Unsubscribe (2020).[20]


Main Channel[]

Praising Cuties[]

On September 15 2020 he uploaded the video "I have a confession... Cuties is my new favorite film"[21] where he professed his support for the French film Cuties directed by Maïmouna Doucuré, which repeatedly featured young girls twerking and in sexual situations throughout the movie. He denied that the movie was sexualizing children but it was completely against it because of what social media was doing to kids. The video was mass disliked.


When Sneako was 16 years old, he was hired by Keemstar of DramaAlert to record a voice-over for a video. When Keemstar privately told Sneako the recording was "subpar," they had a falling out. Sneako ultimately missed the opportunity to introduce himself to an audience of over 400,000 people.


During a friendship that developed over the YouTube comment section, Sneako ended up working for MrBeast. This lasted shortly however, as the two had a falling out. The only MrBeast video Sneako appeared in was "I Built a Working Car Using Only LEGOS".[22] Sneako shortly after posted a "MrBeast Exposed" video to his channel after leaving. The video was deleted only minutes later but unfortunately for Sneako, MrBeast was able to see it before it got deleted. Their relationship has never been the same.

D'Angelo Wallace video[]

After Sneako revealed he had broken up with his girlfriend as he had cheated on her, D'Angelo said Sneako belonged to the streets (something he took personally and reacted vitriolically to) and called him out for cheating on his girlfriend. Sneako reacted with the video "FORCING MYSELF TO WATCH DANGELOWALLACE", a satirical video where he reacted to D'Angelo's Influencer - 19 documentary[23], and ridiculed him for calling out celebrities who were partying during the pandemic, saying he should just move on.

He mocked D'Angelo's appearance and tone, called him "gay" and "a snitch", and said he was "the sort of kid who sat with the teachers table at lunch" (despite the fact that D'Angelo was homeschooled). His video was criticized by many of D'Angelo's fans. Sneako later said in a stream that he over exaggerated his reaction to make the video funnier.

Open relationship[]

During a podcast in 2019, Sneako admitted that he had an open relationship with his then girlfriend and attended swinger parties to take part in couple swap sessions, which traumatized him.[24] He claimed the reason for the open relationship was because he was guilty for cheating on his girlfriend and ex girlfriend.[25]

This podcast led to him being relentlessly mocked by other YouTubers and called a "cuck" or "cuckold".[26] He later said that he regrets going to swinger parties and urged his audience not to do so.[27]

Relationship with Andrew and Tristan Tate[]

Sneako is heavily associated with Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan, and would often collab with them. The Tate brothers are known for their controversial, intolerant, and racist views regarding women and minorities, as well as their harmful and toxic views on masculinity.

Sneako visited Romania with FreshandFit and other figures, and also made an appearance on Emergency Meeting, a podcast hosted by the Tates. Andrew originally didn't want Sneako on the podcast due to him being 'a risk' but then later decided to bring him on the show. After both brothers were arrested following a sex trafficking investigation while in Romania, Sneako repeatedly argued that they were innocent, despite video evidence of the Tate brothers shouting at and beating a captive woman.

Nick Fuentes and Ye24[]

In November 2022, Sneako joined the Ye24 campaign with Kanye 'Ye' West as well as Nick Fuentes, a right-wing political streamer he frequently collaborated with before and after his termination.[28]

Nick Fuentes has made racist and antisemitic statements (as well as participating in the capitol riot), which resulted in him being banned from social media. Many YouTubers have called for him and Destiny (though in Destiny's case he was invited on so that he could debate him rather than to endorsement him) to be banned due to their associations with him.[29][30]

All of Sneako's videos with Nick were deleted and his streaming channel was banned for a week. Despite this, Sneako doubled down on his support for Nick, and said that he would vote for him if he ran for president.[31]

Fabricated assault[]

In mid-2022, while Sneako was filming the short film "SNEAKO" (2022), he posted a picture to social media with makeup on from the movie, deceiving people into thinking he got "jumped." He cleared this up later in the following live stream, and shamed people on social media for "praying on his downfall."[32]


While watching a street interview during one of his livestreams, Sneako started mimicking the sounds of Islamic prayer because of the "Haram" behavior happening in the video.[33] After heavy backlash from the Muslim community, Sneako formally apologized for his actions. Sneako has since converted to Islam, stating that "Islam is the strongest force resisting wokeness." It is possible Sneako believes this because Andrew Tate recently converted to Islam.[34]

Feud with HasanAbi[]

In early 2022, left-wing political streamer HasanAbi reacted to Sneako's main channel video "HOW TO VIEW WOMEN", and claimed Sneako was an incel.[35] Once Sneako saw that HasanAbi's video got more views than his video, which he spent months working on, it led him to ditch his more artist style of content, and focus on streaming content.[36]

Sneako and HasanAbi have repeatedly insulted and criticized each other since this incident. Sneako then gave him the nickname "Lasanabi".

Feud with KSI[]

After Andrew Tate was deplatformed in August 2022, KSI tweeted "Thank God Andrew Tate got banned", which he received criticism for because him and the Sidemen made videos praising Tate that past month. Sneako responded to KSI, and called him a bot. They had a few back and forths, KSI even challenged Sneako to Spar (which Sneako declined), but after since Sneako's cancellation the feud has died down.[37]

Feud with Brandon Buckingham[]

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Feud with Penguinz0[]

In May 2022, Penguinz0 made a video titled "Most Embarrassing Alpha Male Ever", where he made of the hosts of the Fresh&Fit Podcast. Sneako responded to this video on a stream saying, "The reason that you’re so able to have this much happiness that you would call him 'a pussy bitch' is because you never leave your room."[38]

In November 2022, Penguinz0 uploaded a video titled "I Didn't Want to Talk About This", where he called out Sneako for making fun of his girlfriend, as well as criticizing him for defending the movie Cuties.[39]

Sneako responded to this on a Rumble stream and criticized Penguinz0. Penguinz0 was also live at the time, and they had a back and forth between streams. Penguinz0 told Sneako to watch his clips to see what he was saying about him, and Sneako responded by taking out a gun and dancing while saying, "You want me to watch your clips? Watch my clips!" while holding up magazines. About 20 seconds after this, he corrected his terminology mistake and claimed he was joking around and not actually threatening Charlie.[40]

On March 12, 2023, Sneako tweeted an image of a collage of left-wing YouTubers who made videos about him, such as Nickisnotgreen and Hasanabi. He added Charlie to the collage, which led Charlie to respond with a series of tweets.[41]

On March 15, 2023, Charlie made a video titled "Sneako is Horrible" where he corrected Sneako on his gun terminology, saying they were 'mags, not clips' and demonstrating by pulling out actual magazines. He also criticized Sneako on several things, reiterating the points of his previous videos. This video influenced hundreds of others to make tweets and videos talking negatively about the former YouTuber.[42]

In reponse to the backlash, Sneako challenged Penguinz0 to fight him on both Twitter and Adin Ross' stream, but Charlie kept declining the fight, saying "Sneako will beat the fuck out of me and is probably taller than me, no doubt, but I won't fight him until he challenges Brandon Buckingham." (Who is one of Sneako's former fans and friends). Sneako then later replied by saying "You can't challenge me to a fight because you know you are going to fold when you see me eye to eye." and "You are such a pussy that you can't show my stream on Twitch because everyone will know you are full of shit".

On March 30, 2023, Sneako made a response video on Rumble titled "I LOVE THE NEW SNEAKO", where he apologized to Charlie for insulting his girlfriend and explained his side of the drama.[43] Sneako followed this up by calling out various streamers when they didn't react to his response, such as Kai Cenat, JiDion, YourRage, and Adin Ross.[44] Sneako has since reconciled with Adin Ross and JiDion.[45][46]

On April 1, 2023, Sneako and Charlie met for a one hour debate, essentially 'squashing the beef'.[47][48]

Influence on fans[]

In September 2023, Sneako met up with some kids who were fans of his content at a Miami Marlins baseball game. The kids yelled out inflammatory statements such as "all gays should die" and "fuck the women" to which Sneako responded with, "No, we love women" only for a kid to respond back with, "but not like transgenders". Sneako then looked surprised and stunned at the way his fanbase acted. After the incident, Sneako claimed that the boys were joking and proceeded to blame LGBTQ+ acceptance in schools and male emasculation for the way children act today.[49]

Feud with Mikey Musumeci[]

In January 2024, Sneako reacted to a video which featured Martial arts competitor Mikey Musumeci, which he made fun of Musumeci calling him a "Soy Boy".[50] A few days later, Mikey posted a brief video challenging Sneako to an MMA fight.[51] However, it seems that Sneako isn't quite ready to accept the challenge just yet. In his latest Rumble stream, Sneako reacted to Mikey's response video; "It's really funny. The reason he declined it is because I said that I would need to talk to Mark Zuckerberg about Zionism and he trains with Mark Zuckerberg, so he could just get it up. The reason he declined is because Mark Zuckerberg can't talk about Zionism."[52]


  • "Seek truth through funny"
  • "A lot of you need to wake up! Wake up! Come back to reality! Get off of TikTok! Get off of Instagram! You're so stupid!"
  • "Strike the iron while its hot"
  • "Deep down, we all know the truth, but we choose to ignore it because it's easier to stay ignorant than to be a truly good person."
  • "The truth is controversial in a world of lies."
  • "We don't care about others yet we desperately need their attention."
  • "Hard work beats talent every time."
  • "If you don't like someone, and still watch everything they do, you're still a fan."
  • "Watch my clips."
  • “I’ll shoot at your head so many times your hair will be styled!”
  • "How underage though?"

Personal life[]

He is of Haitian and Filipino descent.[53][54][55][56][57]

Sneako's father is from Haiti, and most of his family lives there, while his mother is from the Philippines.[58] However, his father grew up in France, before moving to the United States.[59] Sneako’s father also has Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry via his grandfather, who fled France to Haiti, and converted to Catholicism.

He is affiliated with the streetwear brand Quality Clothing, which is ran by his brother.[60]

He used to date Lily Fofana.[61]

He has a tattoo of the Kanye song "Runaway" on his arm.[62]

Prior to YouTube, Nico had a short-lived career in Stand-Up Comedy. This caused lots of hate in his community.

In April 2023 he converted to Islam.[63]


  • Sneako is a fan of NY Drill music.
  • Sneako lost his virginity in a church at 17.
  • Sneako has two siblings named Vincent and Julie.[64]
  • Sneako's name used to be TheSneako, he later changed it to Sneako for a "cleaner look"



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