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John Rambo, better known as STAYBALLSY (formerly JohnRamboPresents), is an American YouTuber who hosted the show JohnRamboPresents: The Show which was an internet podcast that aired each Friday on YouTube. As of 2018, it is unknown if the channel will return from hiatus after Rambo's departure from social media and the removal of the official website.

Good Friends on YouTube

Current Good Friends on YouTube

  1. John Harrington (OJ)
  2. Howard

Former Good Friends on YouTube

  1. DSPGaming (Phillip Burnell)
  2. PandaLeeGames (Leanna)


The podcast premiered in September 2011, and is hosted by John Rambo (not to be confused with the fictional character John Rambo) and John Harrington (commonly referred to as "OJ"). The Show has no real main discussion, instead, the hosts discuss a variety of random topics ranging from Video games, Real-life, Movies, TV, Books, recent news topics, reading comments from fans, and featuring special guests. Fans of The Show (The Ramborgia) create intro music, artwork, supply comments and questions, create catchphrases and are a large part of The Show. Notable guest appearances on The Show include: Ellen McLain,[1] best identified for her role as GLaDOS in Portal and Portal 2, voice actor John Patrick Lowrie,[2] most noted for his role as the sniper in Team Fortress 2, voice actor Alicyn Packard who voiced the female blood elf in World of Warcraft, lead vocalist of Godhead and voice actor Jason C. Miller, and writer Ben Paddon[3] (who wrote the internet series, "Boomer's Day Off").  John Rambo was also formerly good friends with YouTube Let's Player DarksydePhil. John and Phil used to do a discussion show known as Smark Guys, a pro wrestling commentary show. When Phil moved across the country, however, the show was discontinued, and coupled with an audiolog released years after Phil moved, of John and Howard describing in length of how their friendship with Phil ended in such a acrimonious manner, it not only marked the end of John Rambo and Howard's affiliation with Phil, it also ruled out the possibility of them being friends ever again.


John Rambo had created a YouTube channel in order to post videos of his 2010 trip to Japan for Tougeki, the final of Super Battle Opera (a fighting video game tournament). Afterwards, John discovered that he had a large following of subscribers, but no future plans for the channel and no reliable way to entertain the growing fanbase. Two months prior, as result of being involved with DarksydePhil's YouTube Channel[4] and gaming playthroughs, John found himself unlawfully reprimanded at his sales job at a GameStop outlet store. Rambo chose to walk away from his employment and engage in a legal dispute with the store. The presiding Judge in the case ruled that the store had acted unlawfully and John was awarded benefits. Ten months after the incident, GameStop became involved in a scandal regarding the "trashing" of OnLive coupons for the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.[5] This, in concert with the unfair treatment he'd received at the hands of his former employer, caused Rambo to create a short series of YouTube
John Shoots on GameStop 1

John Shoots on GameStop 1

John Shoot's On GameStop

videos called "John Shoot's on GameStop" (A shoot, is a term that refers to an unplanned and unscripted, though legitimate, attack). The videos, containing firsthand inside information on GameStop store practices, resonated with fans and remain the most successful and popular of John's videos to date. His "Shoot" series had no video or visuals, aside from a single still frame mockup. John had found, what he considered, a winning formula for a podcast.

John Rambo has stated that he was a "huge fan" of Howard Stern, Opie & Anthony and Conan O'Brien during his high school years, and as an "outcast teen", had a love of the talk show format. Fans appear to enjoy listening to John and he in turn, claims to enjoy getting subjects off his chest. The idea of a podcast show, he says, was a natural next step. John ("OJ") Harrington lived next door to Rambo during their teenage years and they attended the same High School. Being a close friend, Harrington (i.e "Other John") has shared the spotlight with Rambo in many of his earlier videos and became involved with the podcast following a brief telephone conversation. Rambo reports that conversation as a simple one, where he had just asked: "Hey, you wanna do a weekly podcast?" and OJ's response is said to have been an easy: "Sure".

The Show aired it's first episode to a favorable audience on September 23, 2011.


John Rambo

John Harrington

Episode List

Year Episode Guests Topics
2011 01 Recaping videos on John Rambo's YouTube Channel, Analysis of Holiday 2011 Video game releases. The first episode of "The Show"
02 Fan comments, Review of X-Men: Destiny, Thoughts on DC Comics' The New 52.
03 DarksydePhil Fan comments, Classic game boxes, Straight Edge, NBA2K12, Dark Souls and DarkSydePhil reviews the Lion King on Blu-Ray.
04 Downloading the Show, OJ's scented candles, On meeting Conan O'Brien, Cyclops, Jean Claude Van Damme, Playstation vs Nintendo 64, Edge of Time/Dead Rising marathon & John and OJ create their schedule for the New York Comic Con 2011.
05 Spreading "Digital Gonorrhea", discovering the Internet, World of Warcraft, OJ’s first Hentai, the future of JohnRamboPresents, Influences and inspirations, Worst meal ever, Marvel vs DC and the aftermath of New York Comic Con 2011.
06 Grog Deluxe[6] Halloween Edition: 80's costumes, Shaving cream debauchery, John murdering Zombie OJ, local haunted houses, Grog talks about the horror genre in Video games and Movies.
07 John moves in with OJ, the October blizzard/electrical disaster, Halloween gets canceled, adventures in Stamford, The end of the world, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Ron Jeremy, Alan Moore, childhood TV memories, the economy of the Pokemon world & OJ's impending trip to Las Vegas.
08 VenomousFatman[7] John finally leaves the couch, OJ's trip to Las Vegas, Meeting up with a listener, YouTube, John’s mosts viewed interview, The holiday gaming season, Kinect/PlayStation Move/iPhone gaming future, Anime, ThunderCats & VenomousFatman's hosting of a giant COD event in FL.
09 Jenny Kelley[8] Skyward Sword, Costco free samples, Panchos y Gringos, Iraqi chicken, The Food Network, Zuppa di pesce, Burgerittoville, Jenny's unique approach to Food Entertainment, Learning to cook, Costumes, Green Screens, Gamer food, New ideas for Thanksgiving dinner, Turbaconducken & Flavor
10 DarkSydePhil OJ unveils his YouTube channel[9] & Twitter account,[10] Black Friday chaos is explained, John tells more stories from his great retail career past. Darksydephil talks Black Friday ads for all major retailers and the Show attempts to find some good deals.
11 John’s recalled burning contacts, Planet Hulk's Thanksgiving story, “You stole fizzy lifting drinks”, Black Friday fun, The 3DS Update news, The new Muppet movie, OJ Simpson meets Anime, Toys "R" Us Intercourse, John's history on YouTube and the first ten episodes of The Show.
12 MAGFest & Saturday’s big announcement, Rambro’s or Rambone’s?, Dashboards/Layouts, The NBA season being back, Ticketmaster repents, Non-digital Gonorrhea distribution, John discusses the 20+ video games played over the holiday season and OJ reads out the next several months of Xbox 360/Playstation 3 releases.
13 Howard[11] Meeting Respectthepact, performing/acting, details on the Project 7 series, Howard's thoughts on episode one, MAGFest,[12] streaming, Ginkgo Biloba, John and OJ talk weddings, New York City holiday run, Home Alone causes taxi accidents, Stealing gloves, A call for drummmers and a list of potential Rambo/OJ fan base names is read.
14 The fan base is named, liquor dungeons, lavish gifts, Liam Neeson, OJ goes shopping, Ramborgia share their holiday stories, John & OJ talk Xmas memories, favorite holiday programming, recap 2011 & thank their listeners for the "unreal support".
2012 15 Howard & DarkSydePhil John & OJ prepare for MAGFest, introduction of The Show merchandise, Christmas/New Years happenings, John upgrades his tech, The complete book of Kong, Ramborgia vs Ramboholics, travel arrangements, the MAGFest schedule, the panel & table, Project 7's debut.
16 The MAGFest experience, The Nature Boy Rick Flair, “Reading Rambo”, the word malodorous, OJ the Auotobot, Search for drummers?, Palisades mall, 90 in a 55, Vomit, candles/shirts, meeting the people, human experiments, 10 man Irish pub, Uematsu, feeling alive again, Honest Abe, clerks/quick stop.
17 Andre of Respect The Pact[13] The debut of Project 7, details on making the series, the toughest scene, Tweet flooding, origins of the robe, reasonable people, OJ launches the official store, John turns his birthday into Ramborgia day, The white mage, Digital Gonorrhea is international, reactions to Project 7, Andre talks about the debut panel, film school in LA, acting, becoming a member of YouTube, real life Pac-Man goes viral, always dying.
18 DulayneM[14] John & OJ talk awesome intros, white stuff, give official store update, Disney loves SOPA, changing the world, OJ loves Belgium, A giant list of Digital Gonorrhea infected areas are read, DulayneM talks YouTube, Videogames and The UK.
19 John Patrick Lowrie Intros are made, stores are almost launched, John's eyes burn, Tax returns are filed, John shoots on GameStop, Ramborgia gets sleep deprived, JPL discusses the name John, conventions, JPL's book Dancing with Eternity, the early days of Video game Voice acting, working with Bungie and Valve, JPL gives a demo of his many voices and explains how to get into acting.
20 Ellen McLain John & OJ discuss Project 7 ep 2, pulled pork, The Book of Mormon, another retail giant falls, Star Wars in 3D, The Simpsons Arcade Game, John asks Ellen for an apology, Opera, Ellen talks about being married to another voice actor, GLaDOS GPS, the future of the character, winning the Spike Video Game Awards and Ellen gives a demo of GLaDOS’ voice.
21 John & OJ launch the official store, Twisted Metal, Linsanity, sitcom flashbacks, recap the last 10 episodes of The Show, the Ramborgia is asked to create creeds, John ignores his senior project, “Don’t be the dick”, the details of the creation, filming and future of Schnoz-man and HolePunch: The Justice Lease.
22 Howard & DarkSydePhil John challenges the Post office and gives out personal info, OJ passes his exam and needs privacy, The Ramborgia declare their creeds, Guests detail episode 2 of Project 7, behind the scenes info on the first episode and their experiences making the series.
23 Alicyn Packard John pays tribute to the great Davy Jones and performs a Monkees classic, OJ writes John’s lines?, updates are given about Schnoz-man & HolePunch, Rambo vs Saget, Alicyn talks long distance love, Song writing, the Ukulele, Racy comedy, Animation, Disney afternoons, and performs her song “Less than 3″.
24 Andre from Respect the Pact John ask the fans for musicians, Ramborgia reviews, Virtua Fighter, The Lorax drives an SUV, Rambo Harrington the dog, idiots in schools, comments get translated, John & OJ go into extreme detail on Schnoz-man and HolePunch the Justice Lease #2, Andre gives behind the scenes info on the series, playing the Jerk Zorro and information about Respect the Pact.
25 Greg and Emily from LSDraw[15] OJ flies through the skies & is told be beware the ides of March, John is forced to play Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and watches Wrestlers' vomit, Greg and Emily give Love, Sex, Dating advice and answer submitted questions. Live musical performance from Taylor aka Honored Villager.
26 Ben Paddon[16] OJ’s mind is revealed and analyzed, Mass Effect 3 endings, Shitrix cereal, long distance love, Ben talks about silly police hats, Star Trek/Star Wars, Dr. Who/BBC, overcoming pessimism, Ben's hit series’ Portscenter and Boomer’s Day Off.
27 Jason Charles Miller The Schnoz returns soon, Kobayashi wins the Hunger Games, return to OJ’s dreamland, Shitrix cereal/StayBallsy cologne, Jason talks about breaking into Show business, working with Marilyn Manson, the current state of the Auto-tune Music industry, Touring, Casa Bonita, Anime and odd voice acting roles.
28 OJ talks about PAX, John enjoys a Game of Thrones, Pancakes raise the dead, Ramborgia stays ballsy and the behind the scenes details from their series “Schnoz-man & HolePunch" episode 3 are revealed.
29 Ed Trotta OJ enters the Project 7 arena, conquers PAX east & goes to prom. Rambo becomes Rambo, gets an Eskimo pie & offers some advice. Then “the best Lincoln in the business” Ed Trotta talks about his one man show “Two Miles a Penny”, his roles on Voyager, Babylon 5, MacGyver, World of Warcraft and gives advice to struggling actors.
30 Thomas Troutt[17] John is joined by special guest co-host Howard (filling in for the beloved OJ), to discuss reviving his YouTube channel, his girlfriend in SchnozHole, writing Project 7, what do with $218 million, overcoming fears, Brazilian peppers and getting old. Then the musician that improved Zombie Girl, Thomas Troutt joins to perform an original song for the Ramborgia.
31 (Special) Sturmgeist13,[18] Beatles12345,[19] xHailofBulletsx, tehcrazgaming,[20] TheGadgeteer08, Chris Furtado,[21] CyberDemon531[22] and IHazz3rI[23] In this "Ramborgia Special" episode spectacular, fans are invited to come on to the show with John and OJ to celebrate their fan-base and their success. They talk to a group of fans who have helped, contributed and shown their love for The Show. Guests include: Sturmgeist13 (Who contributed artwork for The Show), Beatles12345 (A long time fan of The Show), xHailofBulletsx (A long time support of The Show and first Canadian guest), tehcrazgaming (A fan guest), TheGadgeteer08 (Who created The Show comics), Chris Furtado (A Canadian fan guest and does playthroughs online), CyberDemon531 (Another fan guest who makes amusing comments on twitter and comments) and IHazz3rI (Who created the official The Show logo and other artwork)
32 The Show gets back to basics as the Hole-wagon breaks down, OJ pays tribute to his Captain America-esque Grandfather, NBA Playoffs are in full swing, no true Ramborgia wear pants, next Schnoz-man/HolePunch episode gets a release date, Avengers unite and the last 10 episodes of The Show are looked back upon fondly.
33 The Show: Summer Movie Blockbuster Spectacular—John & OJ pay tribute to MCA, talk Ramborgia art, preview Schnoz-man & HolePunch's return on Saturday, type "Digital Gonorrhea" into google, go through the big list of summer movies and decide which ones they will see or avoid and then top it off with a spoiler-filled review of the Avengers
34 Cyberdemon531 [24] OJ does interviews and eats food, upcoming convention schedule is revealed, something called E3 is discussed, John gets Sonic 4 instead of Diablo 3, the great Cyberdemon531 returns to answer your queries, retail sucks and then an in-depth behind the scenes look into Schnoz-man & HolePunch #4 is thrust inside your minds.


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