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Victor, better known online as STBlackST, is a YouTuber from Ukraine that makes populair 3d stop motion animation featuring characters from the game Team Fortress 2 and sometimes Overwatch.

STBlackST has over 320,000 subscribers and is one of the most well-known YouTubers in the Team Fortress 2 community. His videos are mostly used in memes and in the game by players as graffiti, nicknames or as sound effects.

His videos are mostly focused on one or two characters with a red line and much random things. He also makes songs in this videos or only musicclips starring the TF2 characters. Mostly they sing not so well-known songs. His videos are full of easter eggs and references to the game or other games.

His outro is always featuring the name of each background music used and a bonus like dancing characters, making off videos or a little joke at the end.

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