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Saintttimmy, or simply Saint, is an American YouTuber who primarily uploads uncut videos of obscure games with commentary, sometimes without. He is also known for liking absurdist humor and is a part time lost media hunter.


On July 23rd, 2014, Saint uploaded his first "Let's Play". A day later he uploaded his famous "Lostboy" video, where he nonchalantly plays an infamous maze game which was known as a virus. Previous to this video, there were no other gameplay videos of this game on YouTube. This is a common theme of his videos.

His subscriber growth has been relatively constant. Ever since late 2014, talk of obscure games on 4chan and 8chan's /v/ boards have led users to discovering him. He's even featured near the bottom of one of the latest gaming "Iceberg Tiers Parodies", listed as "The Pioneer".

Homage to Kubus

On February 17th, 2015, Saint uploaded a let's play of a game called "Johnny". In the video, he explained that the maker of the game (Kimberly Kubus) had recently committed suicide, and that he was determined to play all his 36 "Johnny" games. Since this video was made, he has been a man of his word and completed all the games. Some of them are horribly frustrating and the videos can be hours long. Interestingly enough, Kimberly Kubus's games influenced the game Revenge of the Sunfish, which has been played by some prominent YouTubers.

Comment Meme

One time, Saint decided to take it upon himself and compliment all of his videos by commenting "nice vid saint", and then replying "thanks" on all the ones existing at the time. When a video is uploaded, subscribers like to mimic this comment as a sort of inside joke or a meme. Even popular YouTuber Vinesauce couldn't resist when Saint made a comment on his Goblet Grotto video.

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