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Never before have I EVER wanted to see my child, beat up another child.

―Salty during the 'Life and Death of Brassmo the Chao' video

Derek Kelly (born May 28th), better known online as Saltydkdan, is a YouTuber who produces various categories of content, featuring gaming, fandubs, animations, memes, reviews and many other forms of content. Derek started his channel by posting Lets Plays and a review series called "Quicklooks". He didn't gain much fame until his video "【HD】POP TEAM EPIC: Hey Popuko Sweetie (Fake Skit)", which quickly became one of his most successful, currently having 800k views. He also made a series called "A Day in My Life", a vlog series with animated elements.

Derek had soon found his stride with his series "HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT:" where he and his friends, Pastey (SanctoKlinge), and Gerber (Gerbatron16) watch, react to, and talk about something they find weird or funny. The first public episode uploaded is "HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT: Spider-Man Training Studio" . They sometimes have guests on the show like CallMeCarson, and Robobuddies, to join in on the hilarity. 

Before YouTube

Before his YouTube career fully started, he made skits with his friend and fellow Twitch streamer, BinjoMonkey. All of these have been deleted due to the appearance of Derek's face in the videos.

HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT: ??? episodes

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