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Samuel Mensah-Djan (born: November 28, 2001 (2001-11-28) [age 18]), better known online as SamDjanReviews, is an English YouTuber who uploads unboxing videos.

Early life

Samuel was born on November 28, 2001 in the United Kingdom. He is the youngest of the three siblings, his older brother and sister, Annabel and Freddie. His parents Ruth and Jonas are from Ghana. Sam currently resides in Dagenham, England.

Notable Series


Unboxings are the main videos on the channel its about Samuel who unboxes movies he has purchased.

My Collection

My Collection is about Samuel showing his movie collections.

Movie Reviews

Movie Reviews is about Samuel doing Reviews on Movies.


Updates are videos about Samuel telling his fans about what's happening to the channel.

DVD Haul

DVD Haul are videos about Samuel discussing a movie he has purchased.

Let's Talk About

Let's Talk About are videos about Samuel discussing his movie collection.

Live Discussion

Live Discussions are live stream videos where Samuel talks about movie topics.

Other Channels

  • SamDjanLive: is a YouTube channel in which Sam uploads live streams.


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