Sam O’Nella Academy has more than One Million Subscribers
Sam O’Nella Academy is an Artist
Sam O’Nella Academy makes Educational Videos
Sam O’Nella Academy is an Animator
Sam O’Nella Academy creates skits and sketch videos
Sam O’Nella Academy is from the United States
Sam O’Nella Academy is male
Sam O’Nella Academy created their account in 2016
Sam O’Nella Academy is a Content Creator on YouTube

Hey, kids.

―Sam's intro

Samuel O'Nella Miller (born: 1998 [age 22-23]), better known online as Sam O'Nella Academy (or simply known as Sam O'Nella), is an educational American comedic channel that uses light to heavy swearing. According to his Reddit AMA, his first name is actually Sam but his last name, O'Nella, is "up to interpretation". However, he contradicts this in the same AMA by stating it was an old Xbox Gamertag. He studies Chemical Engineering.[1]


The Sam O’Nella Academy account was registered on June 13, 2016. That same day, O'Nella uploaded his first video The Fire — Miscellaneous Mondays. In this video, O'Nella told the story of a giant fire he saw as a kid.

Originally, O'Nella meant to upload one video every day. In this short period of daily videos, O’Nella uploaded informational videos, stories, and rants. However, on June 24, 2016, O'Nella uploaded a video on poisonous foods, and this was his last daily video.

On June 28, 2016, O’Nella uploaded a video on "Dog Breed Deformities". This is his most popular video he has created.

His last video was uploaded on Jan. 29, 2020. He disappeared from the internet for the following year, until he made this Reddit thread stating an intent to return and asking for video ideas.


O’Nella’s videos all follow a similar pattern: O’Nella plays the channel introduction, introduces a topic, after a usual "Hey kids," he then explains the topic in a comedic way, gives a comedic conclusion, and then plays the channel introduction again.

All of O’Nella’s videos are drawn as opposed to being filmed in real life. The drawings consist of stick figures and crudely drawn props.

O'Nella also has a second channel known as Sam O'Nella Vlog which he uses to upload song mashups as well as other miscellaneous content.

Surrealism Video

As a april fools joke, Sam made a video about Surrealism. In which there was buzzing noises in the backround, unusual filters and random changes in sentences. Viewers said that it made them uncomfortable and many described it as watching a creepy pasta.

He mentioned in The Official Podcast, that he wanted to make a video that was completely random as an April Fools joke. But his friend told him to try to make a Youtube Poop in the style of a Sam O'Nella video.


  • His name is a play-on words of "salmonella".
  • He has 2 deleted videos (one about Freud and the other about the Crimean War) and 2 unlisted videos. One is about Surrealism, and the other is a livestreamed Q&A. The Freud video was deleted due to racial slurs being used[2], the Crimean War video for alleged bias, and the Surrealism video unlisted for making viewers uncomfortable.
  • He is about 6 feet and three inches tall[3]


  • “Hey, kids.” (Sam's Intro)
  • “With enough harassment, you can achieve anything.”
  • “Smell you later, deliberator.”
  • “Swiss Miss Instant Piss.”
  • “Tarrare, look at me, did you eat a fucking baby?!”
  • “Saint Jerry the Goat Fucker, who, as the name implies, fucked a lot of goats.”
  • “Just kidding, white people can do whatever they want”
  • “When I go to the National Air and Space Museum, I expect a lot of air and a lot of space. But no all I get is a bunch of dumb planes”.
  • “All this time, you humans thought you ruled the earth, when in fact, we are merely the servants to our cow overlords.”
  • “Hey maybe I should start covering more relevant nuance topics in my videos. Anyway let’s talk about chickens”


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