Sam Small is a Minecraft animator for Black Plasma Studios. He loves tea. His characters are Troll and the second Old Man, and he animated Build Battle, TNT Tag, Tea Time and Tea Trouble.

Appearances in animations

In Skywars, he is teamed with SpaceBuddy17 and is killed by CJKIES and CordlessJet.

In Survival Games, he is teamed with Arbiter 617 and fights Lynna. His fate is unknown until Lynna reappears much later, proving she won the fight. He is the only character to die off-screen.

In VampireZ he holds a torch.

In Skywars: Mega he gets a kill but then dies. He would have done well but his team didn't do too good up until he died.

In Tea Trouble he is wretched at the lack of tea.

In Tea Time he kills Danichu and claims the tea.

In Build Battle he is teamed with the Derp. He doesn't finish and is saved by the Derp's good build.

In Murder he is killed after offering Arby tea.

In TNT Tag he makes enemies with the Troll. He tie-wins.

In Mystery Warfare he gets stuck by Entity 303.

In Galaxy Wars, he is shot in the chest.

In Don't Touch! he is in various scenes.

In Paintball Warfare by NinjaCharlieT he makes cameos.


  • All of his animation names so far have alliterated except Bed wars
  • Although he loves tea, he has only ever had one kind.
  • He once said that he would never animate Minecraft. However, this may have been a joke.
  • In Survival Games, he is the only character to die off-screen.