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SanchoWest (born May 7), is an American gamer, who specializes so far in action, strategy based multiplayer of the Last of Us and other games like WatchDogs, Destiny, co-ops like Day Z, Yo-Check this Out-YouTube series, Outlast and more. Lot of the co-ops are often played with his friend Trevor who also wrote his theme music which opens up most of his videos SanchoWest Gaming Theme'. He is known for his tactic videos trying to give his channel nice piece of comedy and focus on good honest gaming. His patience plays him in cards while showing off his own mistakes and successes, sharing the joy with his audience. Sancho is mostly known for his tactic videos, and that is also how he received many of his subscribers in the first place. Even though his "Harlem Shake: Black Ops 2 HARDEN EDITION!" video got the most views, the ones that later on adapted to making up most of his channel were mainly Weapon, Shiv, Meele, Mode, etc, Tips and Tactics types of videos, which then transferred viewers to his other Last of Us weekly based gameplay videos like Sancho Loadouts, Twitch Streams, SanchoWest compilations or his Friday Fan Loadout series.

Origin of Name

In one of his TLOU:Swiss Cheese Loadout series (3rd episode) Sancho explained history behind creation of his name SanchoWest.

Back in high school he created a character for comedy skit in his acting class. In sancho's words "his name was El Sancho, and pretty much El Sancho was the ultimate ladies's macheesmo man, but he really couldn't put two things together when it came down to it (which is reflection of my high schoo..) anyway, he had a nice little sidekick and nice little theme music on a spanish guitar".

Apparently he used to be also a hilltopper throught out a college which then connected with El Sancho to his first game tag hilltoppersancho which can be seen in few of his first Last of Us videos.

Later on when Sancho moved out to the West he decided he will add that to the name to give it a little spice on top and that's how SanchoWest name was created which sticks with him still today


To record PS3 screen footage Sancho uses El Gato capture card

He doesn't use any kind of face cam or normal camera yet, and wasn't officialy anounced that he will definitely use one, but he stated that he has bigger plans than just face cam, and is right now saving up for a good camera, what kind is unknown so far.

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