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Sanic2566RB, Sanic2566, or simply Sanic, is a Gaming YouTuber well-known for his Roblox, Minecraft, Dead By Daylight, and Geometry Dash gameplay videos. Sanic currently has over 9,000 subscribers on YouTube. He is most famous for his Roblox gameplays and livestreams; but used to play Dead By Daylight, Minecraft, and Geometry Dash; too. Sanic2566RB has also has collabed with another YouTuber named Sky in the past.

Second Channel

Sanic2566RB has a second channel, titled "Sanic2566". There, he posts random, and sometimes memey, videos.


  • Sanic2566RB is often well-known for his orange and blue hair and hoodie on his Roblox avatar.