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Aap sabhi ka swagat hai

―Sanjaybadlor's Intro

Sanjay Kumar Dhar (birthday: October 3), better known online as Sanjaybalor, is a New Delhi-based Indian YouTuber known for his mysterious, educational and knowledge videos on his YouTube channel.

He also has a music channel called Balor Music.

Sanjay is an anime fan, and wants to promote the anime community, so he created a channel with name "Anime shikaari." where he posts anime videos with hindi subtitles.


  • "Aap sabhi ka swagat hai." − Intro
  • "Aaj ham baat karne ja rahe hai." − Before he plays a clip
  • "Video Pasand Aayi Toh Like Maaro Na Ho Toh Yaar Subscribe Maaro." − Like and Subscribe/Outro


  • Fake love
  • Scary Night
  • Happy Dream
  • Happy Dream 2 (Bass version)
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