Sc0ut has more than One Million Subscribers
Sc0ut plays video games
Sc0ut is from India
Sc0ut is male
Sc0ut created their account in 2018
Sc0ut is a Content Creator on YouTube

Tanmay Singh, better known online as sc0ut (pronounced Scout), is an Indian gaming YouTuber.


Since childhood, Tanmay was a so-called last bencher at his school. He describes himself as unstable at classes and would often bunk classes along with his close friends, mainly P.T. Classes. Not much has been revealed by him about his personal life yet.



Some of the first games Tanmay played were Blue Cops and Duke Nukem 3D. He got his first computer when he was in third standard. He would have two games in it — Road Rash and Midtown Madness 2. He started playing his first modern game, Counter Strike, when he was in fourth standard. He learned playing the game from his seniors. He loved that game specifically because it was considered the first battle royale game in the history of gaming.


When he started his career as a YouTuber in 2018, PUBG was not so famous in India. At that time, the only Indians uploading PUBG videos were some of the first ones to do so, like sc0ut himself, and BeastBoyShub. He decided to encourage the PUBG spirit in Indian gamers, and started his YouTube career as a PUBG gamer. sc0ut created India's first PUBG clan named Team Fnatic, which was followed by MortaL's clan Team Soul Mortal.

During his career, he has collaborated with various Indian gamers, including MortaL and Tanmay Bhat.