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Ryan Agnew (born: May 26, 1999 (1999-05-26) [age 21]), better known online as Scrubby, is an American commentary YouTuber that makes reaction commentary videos about videos/YouTube channels in which he thinks is bad and/or 'cringey', such as child star Lil Tay. He also makes life story videos, mostly about "Karens" and dating.

Many would compare his channel to the likes of LunaLeafyIsHere, JustDestiny, AidenProjects, Benji,  and similar channels. Over his commentary he plays games such as Skate3 and CS;GO.


  • He has three channels called "Scrubs", "Scrubby" and "Scrubae.
  • According to his Twitter, he said that he is like Calvin from LeafyIsHere but less literally.
  • He has a younger brother named Reese.
  • He has a half brother named Benji.
  • He has also been part of a channel called the Reddit Club
  • He has a merch line called "Sorry, Karen"


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