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Callum Knight (born: May 1, 1992 (1992-05-01) [age 27]), better known online as SeaPeeKay, is a British gamer who is popular for his Minecraft gameplays. Rising YouTuber whose channel features Minecraft, GMOD, and vlogging content. He started uploading daily on October 31, 2012, creating over 1,000 videos in a two year span.


Callum had a girlfriend named Jess Hedley. He proposed to her at the Hogwarts castle at Universal Studios on June of 2017. They broke up late 2017 but got back together again in 2018. However, in April 2019 Callum and Jess broke up again. His current girlfriend is named Mich.


Callum usually streamed daily on his Facebook page. He usually played Spiderman, Crash Bandicoot and many other games he doesn't play on his main channel. He has now moved to Twitch to do his live streams.


  • Callum has a dog and a cat named Lily and Bella who are both named after Harry Potter characters Lily Potter and Bellatrix LeStrange.
  • Callum is most famous for the word "yeet"
  • Callum has 3 GWR titles behind his name.
  • Callum is most famous for his pranks in the Minecraft series that he does. There was even the Prank War in CrazyCraft which was started by him after he falsely accused TheOrionSound of pranking him.
  • His ship name is Seapeesound. It is between him and TheOrionSound
  • Seapeekay started out as a horror game channel but later found out that his first Minecraft video did better than most of his horror game videos and removed most of them from his channel.
  • He is known by his friends and himself to be a terrible builder in Minecraft. Ironically, two of the world record titles he has behind his name is for building in Minecraft
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