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Adam Seal, better known online as Adam Sealboi (formerly Sealboy), is an English vlogger and a gaming YouTuber.


The channel consists of vlogs and gaming videos. Adam started off his YouTube channel with wacky and hilarious Vlogs his first ever vlog titled 'Sealboy Teasing with a Tasty Teaser' from there he wanted to move and has since expanded to doing gaming videos of games such as 'Amnesia' 'Slender' 'Battlefield' and so much more. He has even done collaboration videos with 'The Sanctus Nex, Lord of Melons'.

Sealboy has even said that he was inspired to do videos by bigger YouTubers like PewDiePie and Nigahiga. He started off his videos filming with an iPod Touch than an iPhone after which he moved onto a webcam and later a video camera.


Sealboy started off his channel with vlogs and his first ever official vlog is titled 'Did I just do a Vlog? - vlog #1'. He put up a video titled 'Celebrating One Year' In which he looks back and talks about how far he's come in just a year.

Games played

Sealboy later moved onto Gaming videos as he wanted his Channel to be more than just Vlogs and this is where he first started playing 'Slender' all the way back in February 2013. Since then He has branched out to games such as Amnesia the first of which titled 'Creepy Start - Amnesia #1. As said before as well as doing solo gaming videos he has also done collaborations with The Sanctus Nex on 'Battlefield'. He has also played 'Surgeon Simulator' and 'Happy Wheels'.


As well as vlogs and gaming Videos he does a weekly game giveaway in which he takes the names from the comments section of the video and puts it through a randomizer to select one name to win the game(s) of that week, so far he has done 12 weeks of game giveaways. Throughout the year Sealboy has also done random videos titled 'The Funnies' which as you can tell are funny little videos, such as 'Harlem Shake - Sealboy Style.

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