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Sean Symons is a YouTube user who is known for his weight loss by walking, mud runs and other videos featuring fitness. His page states that he is a former US Marine, he served in the Gulf War. After his leave from the Marines, he was in a car accident that left him bed ridding for 8 months. At which time he gained a lot of weight and things that were important to him. Sean was then living out of his car began his weight loss journey and started losing weight and video blogging or vlogging.

Since then Sean has got everything back in his life, his main goal on YouTube is to help others get in shape as he did, through various techniques and methods. He is from Hot Springs, AK. and always states as his motto "Remember I always get to stay positive"

Sean has had fitness and other get together with several other YouTube weight loss gurus such as NoahFrog, Winter and other users. He was on a 10K Mile Challenge with a friend on MySpace as well.