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Hello everybody, welcome back to another video. Today guys...

―SeeDeng’s Intro

Charlie Deng, better known online as SeeDeng, is a Roblox YouTuber. He is most famous for his Roblox gameplays. SeeDeng is part of a Roblox YouTuber group called “The Crew”. The Crew contains other YouTubers like Tofuu and Hyper. Like other The Crew YouTubers, SeeDeng has been criticized for misleading content, video titles, and thumbnails.

Second/Fortnite Channel

SeeDeng also has a second Fortnite channel called “Charlie - Fortnite”.


Minecraft & Minecraft Mods

Before Roblox, Charlie played Minecraft Mods and sometimes Minecraft. At first, Charlie played horror-related mods such as SlenderCraft and Herobrine Survival. Charlie later did livestreams on SkyWars, Minecraft Hide & Seek, QuakeCraft, and Minecraft Survival; but Charlie still stuck to SlenderCraft and Herobrine Survival.


When Charlie discovered Roblox, he mostly did Murder Mystery 2 and other murder-related Roblox games, sometimes with other Crew members. When Roblox Jailbreak was released, SeeDeng then did Jailbreak gameplays. As of now, Charlie still plays Roblox Jailbreak, as well as some other games.


  • SeeDeng’s Roblox username is SeeDank.

Subscriber Milestones

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